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Black Sun

One of the most infamous of all.  Not so much a secret society but a secret underworld criminal syndicate who arm stretches across nearly every civilized planet in the galaxy.  While the general populous hear snippets of news from Holonet News reporters (who usually go missing very shortly afterwards, if not before the story goes out) the general view is that Black Sun does not exist.  How could it?  How could such a huge and powerful organisation exist without common knowledge?  Exists Black sun does.  Led by the charismatic Falleen Prince Xizor and controlled by a council known as Vigo's, Black Sun rules the galactic underworld.

(see Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook by WEG for more details)


Justice Action Network

The Justice Action Network, or JAN as they like to be known, are a Rebel extremist group originating from the Tapani Sector.  To the JAN there is only one thing of importance, destroying anything and everything that is Imperial.  Though the original JAN were extreme terrorists small factions of anti-Imperial, but not Rebel Alliance, groups have appeared across the galaxy with slightly more morals.  One of the latest such groups calling themselves the JAN are led by the ex-Bounty Hunter known as Bail Ohmar.  Along with a small splinter group of ex-Rebels this group of JAN dedicate themselves to destroying all Imperial military targets.  Their current impressions upon the Empire are minimal.

This group were formed after a botched Rebel mission caused Bail Ohmar to be sent to Kessel.  From within a jailbreak was made and Bail Ohmar amazingly escaped with a group of fellow Rebels.  Angered at the way the Rebel Alliance shrugged off the botched mission and their capture, the group, though still members of the Rebel Alliance, take every opportunity to be involved in high aggression assignments.  They have no leader and do not have any formal meeting zones or schedule.  They simply know who each other are and go out of their way to help each other help bring down the Empire.



Mecrosa Order (see Lords of the Expanse box set by WEG for more details)


The Force Alliance

This recently formed group came about in an attempt to reclaim the stability brought to the Jedi by the Jedi Council.  Though thought to be extinct, there are still a handful of Jedi in hiding throughout the galaxy just as Obi-Wan Kenobi was and Yoda still is.  The Force Alliance is led by Dee Von Zarachkas and Savant, both students of Jedi teachings.  The Jedi way is not the way of the Force Alliance however.  The Force Alliance is made up by anyone with Force abilities, despite their religion, but loyal to the Light Side.



StarGate Command is a secret operation of the Rebel Alliance.  This group has access to an operational Hypergate (or Stargate) very similar to those found in the Gree Enclave.  Connecting to millions of other 'gates in other galaxies the mission of the SGC is to make peaceful contact with other nations on behalf of the Alliance of Planets to build up trade relations in the hope that an ally, technology or knowledge can be found to help them fight the Empire.


"Dude, you mess with the SGC, you mess with a Lexgar!"


The Loag assassins of the Elrood Sector were believed wiped out by the Jedi many years ago.  Whether the current Loag are the remnants of the original group or a new faction taking the same name is unknown.  What is known is that this secret society of Merise assassins are formidable opponents and versed in every way of death.  The Loag have several safe-houses hidden throughout the Elrood Sector and operate in the utmost of secrecy.

A recent failed assassination attempt on the High Lady of House Pelagia, Lady Savant Mattherson, is believed to have been made by the Loag.  In normal circumstances the Lady would not doubt have been killed despite her bodyguards, but the circumstances surrounding the High Lady are far from normal. (see the Tapani Incident)



Time Bandits

If you want the Time Bandits to do things the hard way, raise some hell and kick some ass, give me a Hell Yeah!  HELL YEAH!!!  Despite their infamy the Time Bandits are a secret society.  The Time Bandits are a mercenary group controlled by the Celestial Intervention Agency, who themselves are a secret society of the little known Time Lords of Galifrey.  The Time Bandits HQ is in Crix City on the second moon of Caldon, on a redundant time line some 150 years before the end of time! Despite the Time Bandit HQ existing on a redundant time line recent meddling by their adversaries, the NBO, has led to the occasional paradox hitting Crix City.  These time wakes send a shock-wave throughout the city causing insurmountable damage.  The Time Bandits are powerless to stop the effects of these paradox's and rely on luck to keep their HQ standing! 

The Time Bandits operate a number of Time-Ships, from a TARDIS to a time-travel equipped repulsor-tank, to the more often used Time-Gate.  Their missions are usually to correct the effects caused by time-meddlers, such as the NBO. 

The Time Bandits have no leader as such but rely heavily on the knowledge of Dr. Ugavine.  Prerequisites to being asked to join the Time Bandits are usually the ability to kick ass and generally be a bad ass and be able to hold your own in a fight.  Unfortunately sanity is not a requirement and lack of sanity most certainly seems to be!!!

  "Did you hear what he said?! Insanity!  I'm gonna' get my mom to kick his ass!"

"Minion, you don't have a mom."

"I don't?"

"No.  You're a cyborged clone construct, you moron!"

"I don't have a mom?  Right!  I'm gonna' kick his ass for that!"



New Bloodaxe Order

"Hey, we're not so secret.  But if you keep messin' with us we may have to take down the Warriors of Gar again!  So back off or I might just have to kick your ass!"

Originally the NBO stood for New Bandit Order as Nash and Machismo, and occasionally the Renegade, would meddle in time forcing the Time Bandits to put things right, often at their peril.  Recently though the NBO has a new leader, Queen Tetris Bloodaxe of Gar.  Now the NBO stands for New Bloodaxe Order, and with an alliance with Ares, God of War, may just bring the NBO their first major victory, conquering the Blood Drift.

"Shhh!  Bossko here.  What Miss Bloodaxe bitch there doesn't know that the TIME BANDITS are about to get involved in this whole Warriors of Gar Vs. NBO thing.  And we're not on the side of the NBO."


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