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Warriors of Gar Legends

Classic Star Wars campaigns and resources for WEG D6 and SWOTC D20

Below you will find reference to many of our old adventures and characters.  Yes, it's a bit of a mess but it's been added to on and off
for over 20 years.  Those pages will not longer be updated.  Instead I will be focusing on the new content above, but may well
re-edit some of the old info and adventures into the new sections.

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Alien Races

Warriors of Gar Campaigns New Starships Star Wars Miniatures

Beyond the Blood Drift Campaign

Characters of the Warriors of Gar

New Equipment

A few random RPG additions Planets Guide Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

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Rogue One fan Sourcebook - WEG D6

with artwork by WEG artist Darren Calvert

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