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Ugavine Speaks:  Thank you for checking out my D20 Source material.  The information on this page is ready for use in the Star Wars Role-Playing Game.  

I'd better say a few things about this section though. Several of the Prestige Classes presented here may be of nothing more than an interest, such as the Time Bandit & Warrior of Gar.  These Prestige Classes were designed specifically for my own RPG group, The Warriors of Gar.  

I would also like to point out that it is the policy of the Sithspawns Lair that no copyrighted material is printed without express permission of the copyright holder.  Therefore you will not find any rules information here that appears in any officially licensed sourcebook.  Where I have presented skills, feats or class features that already exist in published material I shall endeavor to give book and page numbers as reference, but I will not re-print the rules here.

All Feats and Class Features that are referred to here come from either the Star Wars Core Rulebook or the Hero's Guide.

So sit back and enjoy.  

Force and all, Ugavine





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