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Warriors of Gar



Time Bandits

The Time Bandits are a small group of warriors working for the Celestial Intervention Agency, a secret division of Time Lords.  It is the role of the Time Bandits to seek out time meddlers and saboteurs who would tamper with the space/time Vortex.  The Time Bandits use an array of technology to time-travel.  All of their vehicles are fitted with time-travels devices, and a time-portal can be opens from the command center of Time Bandit HQ in Crix City.  Crix City exists on one of the moons of the planet Caldon in the far future.  Until recently Crix city existed on a redundant time-line, unaffected by events of the past.  However, since the meddling of the NBO Crix city is often rocked by paradox's shaking the very foundation of the universe.  A Paradox, or time-wake, will often change things.  Building and even people may be different.  Such time-wake's have been known to even affect members of the Time Bandits.


The Time Bandits rarely stay in one time for long, and the very nature of there existence will often fade from memory from those they have met.  As it is pretty much impossible for anyone to keep in touch with them only Time Bandits have Time Bandits Sympathy.

Joining the Time Bandits

You either are or you aren't a Time Bandit.  It has been surmised by Dr. Ugavine that the Time Lords may have some hand in selecting Time Bandits.  I is known that the Time Lord powers allow them to alter a persons memories, so it is believed that it is the Time Lords who really select the Time Bandits.  From an individual aspect, you simply want to join.  You cannot join the Time Bandits without having met them, or at least have a method of traveling through time to Crix City.

Leaving the Time Bandits

Provided you don't go to work for the New Bandit Order the Time Bandits really couldn't care less.  Most Time Bandits have other jobs in other times anyway.  You lose only -1 point of Time Bandit Sympathy if you leave.  You will however lose all Time Bandit sympathy if you join their rivals, the New Bandits Order.  

Time Bandit Prestige Class



New Bandit Order

The NBO are a small group of renegade Time Travelers.  They have no set goal, that has yet been revealed, other simply causing trouble.  They are a street gang who travel through time led by the af'harl Coynite Nash and his buddy Machismo.  Despite their constant interfering they never reveal their modes of time Travel.  The NBO have a big grudge against the time Bandits.  They seem to go out of their way to cause problems for the time-traveling hero's, while the Time Bandits spend a great deal of their time correcting the mess caused by the NBO.


The New Bandit Order are nothing but thugs with little trust even for one another.  

There is no NBO Sympathy.

Joining the NBO

Disgruntled Time Travelers seem to be the key to join the NBO.  Should you wish to join their faction you must prove yourself, often by beating up on your former friends.  Despite the thuggish nature of the NBO they are NOT killers.  They have no problem roughing up their adversaries, but never deliberately set out to kill anyone.  Changing the time-line so someone doesn't get born, hell that's fine.

Leaving the NBO

If you choose to leave the NBO you can guarantee that the remaining members will track you down to give you a beating.  Like joining, the best way to leave the NBO is to beat up on one of their members.  Attacking Nash or Machismo is a sure way to get kicked out (and severely beat up!)



D-X Wilcats

This Bounty Hunter Guild was formed by combining the forces of several smaller Guilds, Guild Dredd, Guild Destiny, Guild Xeen and Guild Wildcats.  The Four Guilds, and D-X Wildcats, are not part of the Bounty Hunter Guild but have a working relationship with them.  D-X Wildcats specialise in kidnap retrieval, though they do take up other bounties.  Although registered with the Empire they hold little sway with the Imperials.  They do have contacts within House Pelagia of the Tapani Sector and even contacts within the Rebel Alliance.  D-X Wildcats am only a small guild and currently only take up small bounties.

Guild Masters - Merlin Dredd, Destiny, Astra Zeen, Jewel. 


Working with D-X Wildcats gives the characters Bounty Hunter Sympathy.  This may be used when dealing with other Bounty Hunters of different Guilds with GM discretion.  This Sympathy would count against the characters if dealing with members of Guild Wraith.

Joining D-X Wildcats

Sponsorship from an existing member of D-X Wildcats is first required.  Approval will then need to be made by one of the four Guild Masters.  There is usually a trial period which normally lasts for three contracts.  If the new Hunter has proved themselves they will be given a full contract with the Guild.

Leaving D-X Wildcats

D-X Wildcats see themselves, rightfully, as a business.  Staff come and staff go, they can't expect someone to remain in this dangerous occupation.  Someone leaving D-X Wildcats loses -1 point of Bounty Hunter Sympathy.  If someone leaves to join Guild Wraith their Sympathy rating will count against them when dealing with D-X Wildcats in the future.



Guild Wraith

Most Bounty Hunters tread a fine line with the law, relying on their Guild to get them out of trouble with local officials or the Empire.  Guild Wraith have such a strong relationship with the Empire they rarely care much for local planetary laws.  They also have little use for the Bounty Hunter Creed.  They prefer to take their prey the easy way, dead!  Their permits allow them to carry weapons even on Imperial world where weapons laws are strict.  Guild Wraith operate out of Rodia.  They have strong ties with Empire and with House Melantha of the Tapani Sector. Guild Wraith tend to take on Imperial Bounties and bounties posted by Hutt criminal syndicates.  Their Guild Master is a Defel simply known as Master Wraith.  This shadowy figure is rarely seen outside of Guild Wraith offices.  Due to several run-ins with the Bounty Hunter Guild D-X Wildcats they have strong rivalry with this guild. 


Members of Guild Wraith receive Bounty Hunter Hunter sympathy.  This sympathy bonus will count against them when dealing with members of Guild D-X Wildcats, the Rebel Alliance or House Pelagia of the Tapani Sector.

Joining Guild Wraith

A Bounty Hunter must be sponsored by two other members and pay a joining fee.  He will then be tested before final approval by the Guild Master.  Ex-Imperials and Ex-Imperial Bounty Hunters are welcomed into Guild Wraith.  

Leaving Guild Wraith

A lot depends on the circumstances of you leaving the Guild.  If you leave on good terms then only -1 point of Bounty Hunter Sympathy is lost.  If leaving is unpleasant then all Bounty Hunter sympathy is lost and you may find yourself at the wrong end of a blaster the next time you run into a Guild Wraith member.  Guild Wraith would be furious if one of their members were to join D-X Wildcats or the Rebel Alliance.

Guild Wraith Faction Prestige Class

Use Bounty Hunter Prestige Class, but at 10th Level they also gain the Deadly Strike Class feature (RCR page 272).  

GM note: Members of Guild Wraith should be kept as NPCs.



New Sith Order

Era:   950 years before the Battle of Yavin

The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane was not the only Sith Lord that survived the battle of Ruusan.  In fact for many years Darth Ravage had been secretly forming his own sect, the New Sith Order.  Darth Bane may have made the new decree, there can be only two, but he should not try telling that to Darth Ravage, the new self proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith.  Darth Ravage's sect live on the hidden world of Mondeon where his Sith Lords rule.  Darth Ravage himself was killed by a Jedi, but Ravages spirit lives on, trapped inside his Citadel hidden in the Mondeon mountains.  Slowly Darth Ravage gains strength and builds his Sith army.  It is the goal of the New Sith Order to bring order to the galaxy.  Darth Ravage despises chaos and anarchy and has set his first target as Hutt Space.  Darth Ravage sees the Hutts as unruly, their sector of space rife with crime and chaos.  Darth Ravage has already, secretly, started to infiltrate Hutt syndicates.  And while he targets the Hutts, he grows in power so that one day he may be able to challenge the Jedi.


Working for Darth Ravage gives Sith Sympathy.  Darth Ravage  has spies and agents throughout the galaxy, especially throughout Hutt Space.

Joining the New Sith Order

Many join the New Sith Order without realising it.  The faction never refers to itself as anything, yet, as the mere mention of the Sith would bring Jedi swarming like mynocks to a power cable.  Most members of the New Sith Order are pirates who don't even realise their master is a Sith Lord.  The only time someone will become aware of the Sith is if they are even taken back to the planet Mondeon where the existence of the Sith is common knowledge.

Leaving the New Sith Order

You may leave if you die.  Slowly and painfully.  In other words, no one leaves the New Sith Order.  Space travel from Mondeon is closely monitored, only a few Dark Side Marauders are permitted to leave the world besides Darth Ravages agents.  If someone were to successfully escape the bonds of the Sith they would be hunted down and killed without mercy.  Or worse, they may be take back to Mondeon to face Darth Ravage where their death would be slow and agonising.  Leaving The New Sith Order results in the loss of all Sith Sympathy.  Members who leave without knowing they were working for the Sith in the first place are often allowed to go, though they often have a nasty accident shortly afterwards.



The Draygon Empire

Formed by the mad genetic creation Drangal the Draygon Empire has only existed a few years.  In that time they have already destroyed many worlds, including the total destruction of Iskal IV, the asteroids remains have since become the Dryagons home.  Shortly after the Battle of Yavin the Emperor Drangal is slain, but the Draygon Empire grows stronger under the command of the Duke and Crax.  Recently a small faction of Draygons under the command of Armageddon, an immensly strong Devil Draygon, have formed an alliance with the Tapani Sector and allowed to settle on a small world.  Their treaty prevents them from killing Tapani citizens or attacking any other races, this is in exchange for the added defense value they give the Tapani Sector.


By becoming a Dagger, a loyal Draygon follower, you gain Draygon Sympathy.  Most Dagger will be pirates and thugs.

Joining the Draygon Empire

The only way to join the Draygon Empire to to become known as a Dagger.  The Dagger are often nothing more than cut-throats and pirates who have joined to reap the rewards of the Draygons massacring of worlds.  In exchange for their freedom and wealth the Dagger work as crews on Draygon starships handling more mundane day-to-day tasks that a Draygon cannot be bothered with.  Dagger can be from any Class.  Eventually a Dagger may become an Elite Dagger.  The Elite Dagger are equipped with combat powersuits and often fight alongside their Draygon masters.

Leaving the Draygon Empire

A Draygon can never leave, it is against their genetic programming.  A Dagger can choose to leave the Draygon Empire.  If they remain loyal to the Draygon Empire they lose only -1 point of Draygon Sympathy.  Those who turn their back on the Draygons lose all Draygon Sympathy.  As Draygons pay non-Draygons very little attention they would not care if a Dagger left them.



Rebel Alliance of the Warriors of Gar

From across the galaxy a handful of people have been brave enough to stand up against the evil galactic Empire.  The planet Alderaan paid the ultimate price when the Empire destroyed the entire planet with their super weapon, the Death Star.  Rather than cause these Rebels to run for their lives it instead made their spirit stronger and give even more reason to fight on.  Rebels come from all walks of life, but unite under the common goal of wanting the Empire gone.  Several worlds have formed together to force the Alliance of Planets, more frequently referred to as the Rebel Alliance.  The Rebel Alliance are poorly equipped, but the sheer skill and determination of the Rebels makes them a threat to the Empire.  Small bands of indipendent Rebels do exist.  These small cells, as they are referred to, may have little or no contact with the Alliance if Planets and are often poorly equipped and under-manned.  (see Rebel Alliance Sourcebook and Hero'd Guide by WOTC)


Joining the Rebel Alliance gives the character Rebel Sympathy.  Sympathy usually has to be earned, often by some action that is against the Empire.  Rebel Alliance sympathy may also be used on the planet Gar in Kingdoms friendly to the Rebel Alliance such as Lexgar, Darkhammer and occasionally Bloodaxe.

Joining the Rebel Alliance

Working for the Rebel Alliance is a dangerous thing to do.  The Rebel Alliance admits they need all the help they can get, but the Empire is doing everything in it's power to seek out and execute any and all Rebels.  Trust is also very important.  The Empire's agents may well try to infiltrate a Rebel Cell, so you don't just join the Rebel Alliance, you earn your place.  Being a Rebel does not mean you have to be a fighter though.  Infochants, technicians and labourers are still needed to keep the Rebel movement going, and it's secret factories running.

The Warriors of Gar

There seems to have been an influx of Rebels join recently form the planet Gar.  This backwater world has proved to breed strong and noble warriors.  As these warriors leave their home they are soon exposed to the brutalities and evils of the Empire.  It is therefore no wonder that these bave warriors choose to join the Rebel Alliance.

Leaving the Rebel Alliance

The Rebel Alliance does not like it's members leaving, but it happens.  Sometimes the fight is just too tough and demanding.  Ex-Rebels who defect to the Empire though may well be placed on Rebel posted Bounty lists though.

Faction Prestige Class

Warrior of Gar (Garbarian Only)


Force Alliance

The Force Alliance exists as a secret society within the Rebel Alliance and within House Pelagia of the Tapani Sector.  Despite the rumours that the Jedi are extinct, and that "their fire has gone out of this universe", the Jedi live on.  Hunted by the Empire assassins and the Emperors Dark Siders, the Jedi have gone into hiding, but have never forgotten their role as guardians of peace and justice.  An underground Jedi Council has been reformed, with the aid of none other that Jedi Master Yoda.  The Jedi Council is led by Master Savant and Master Zarachkas.  Unlike the Council that served the Old Republic the Force Alliance accepts all force users, even those who do not follow the Jedi path, into their number.  Alongside the few remaining Jedi their are Light Side Witches and even an Ewok Shaman.


The Force Alliance are not eager to let people know of their existence as their numbers are not yet string enough to survive even a small Imperial assault.  Most individuals who have Force Alliance Sympathy will either be members of the Rebel Alliance or House Pelagia. 

Joining the Force Alliance

The Force Alliance is a secret society.  The only way someone will learn of their existence will be in the Force Council wishes it and asks you to join them.  Only Light Side Force users will be asked to join the Force Alliance. 

Leaving the Force Alliance

The most likely cause for someone leaving their number would be if a member fell to the Dark Side, though this has not yet happened.  The Force Alliance keep a watchful eye on all members to prevent such things from happening.  Should someone wish to leave for other reasons they would not be stopped.  A character leaving the Force Alliance still retains their Force Alliance Sympathy.



Rebel Alliance - Project: Stargate

The Stargate project is a Rebel Alliance secret.  Several months back a Rebel strike team unearthed the ancient Stargate.  The Stargate was eventually decoded by Doctor Ugavine Junior and is capable of linking up to other Stargates.  Travel between Stargates is nearly instantaneous, even tough the other stargate may well be the other side of the galaxy, or even in a different galaxy.  The Rebel Alliance specially selected several Special Ops teams for this project.  The two primary teams are SG-7 under the command of Lt. Page and SG-17 under the command of Captain Lexgar.  The aim of this project is to attempt to find another source for supplies, find safeworlds for the families of alliance operatives and to even seek out allies.  Nothing ever goes to plan.


Other than the teams and soldiers posted to the Stargate Project only a a handful of trusted Rebel Officers know of the Stargates existence.  Sympathy for the Stargate teams is treated as Rebel Sympathy.

Joining Project: Stargate

The Rebel Alliance High Command has selected several team made up of some of the Alliances most trusted and dedicated officers and soldiers.  Most of the members of Stargate teams have served in special Ops and are the best in their field.  Only by being posted to Project: stargate by Rebel Alliance High Command can you join this elite group. 

Leaving Project: Stargate

Project: Stargate is top secret, and as such the Rebel Alliance does not wish rogue operatives selling off information about the Stargate.  Although the Rebel Alliance usually allows people to walk away that is not so for members of the Stargate team.  At special request a member of the team may be transferred off the project, though their activities will always be scrutinised.  Should someone try to leave the Project and defect to the Empire or other questionable group they would be tracked and brought back into Alliance custody unless they could guarantee that the Stargate was kept a secret.



Phoenix Pirates

The Phoenix Pirates are a band of cut-throats under disputed leadership.  The two beings who are more often than not acknowledged as running the Phoenix Pirates are Kochang and Kanbu.  Both individuals are heartless killers.  The Phoenix Pirates are very well equipped and even have their own capital warship that could easily better a Victory Class star Destroyer in combat.  The Phoenix Pirates operate in the Outer Rim avoiding Hutt Space and having as little contact with the Empire as possible.  Indirectly the Phoenix Pirates answer to Jabba the Hutt, and are therefore secretly run by the criminal syndicate Black Sun.


Sympathy for Jabba the Hutt gains sympathy from the Phoenix Pirates.  Though pirates are not big on sympathy.  Any Phoenix Pirate Sympathy bonus's only apply with a minimum of 50 credits, and a minimum of 500 credits if dealing with Kochang or Kanbu.  

Joining the Phoenix Pirates

The Phoenix Pirates numbers have dwindled recently.  Some have been scared off but vicious competition, other by the increased threat of the Empire, and some simply because the Phoenix are not making as much money as they used to.  Therefore joining the pirate band is easy, but the first few runs are dangerous.  Newcomers almost always get given 'boarder' duties, meaning they are the first to board target starships and therefore first in the line of fire of the security troops.

Leaving the Phoenix Pirates.

Leaving the Phoenix Pirates is common.  Many pirates make a run for it when they get shore leave, but Kochang and Kanbu really couldn't care less.  There's no use having someone on the ship who could jeopardise things, but venting any frustrations or final comments to Kanbu would most certainly be a death sentence.  Pirates who leave the Phoenix lose all their Pirate Sympathy unless they go to work for Jabba the Hutt in some other role.  If the pirate continues to work for Jabba the hutt they retain all Phoenix Pirate Sympathy. 



Order of Viper

In the Beginning there was nothing.  Void.  Then, in a time paradox, Viper traveled back through time and caused the Big Bang that created the Universe.  Viper is the creator and the first goddess.  Many predict that Viper will some day travel forward in time and cause the Big Bang that destroys the Universe (though the Time Bandits swear that Dr.Ugavine will be the one to cause that!).

The Order of Viper worship the creator of the Universe, Viper.  They have learnt much about their goddess.  Her love of tanks, of beer, of wearing pink punk clothes and of causing very large explosions.  Oh, and her use of a very big Mallet.  The Order of Viper can be encountered throughout time and on many worlds.  Though the practices on each world vary this section details the most common practices of the Order.  How society views the Order also differs greatly from world to world.  A world of law and order see the worshippers of Viper as deviants and criminals.  The Jedi perceive them as a small misguided cult.  On post apocalyptic and anarchic worlds the Order of Viper are often seen as Devine leaders.


Sympathy is gained when Joining the Order of Viper or by aiding the Order in some way.  This sympathy can be used when dealing with other members of the Order and with the Time Bandits.  As Time Bandits are revered by the Order all Time Bandits Sympathy is Doubled when interacting with the Order of Viper.  Priests of the Order of Viper may increase their Order of Viper Sympathy to a maximum of +8.

Joining The Order of Viper

The Order of Viper can be found throughout the galaxy throughout time.  To join the Order you must agree to their rules, or break their rules (yes that is contradictory) and take the sacred Oath.  Quite often the Priest of the Order may require some kind of act of devotion to accept someone into the Order.  This normally requires blowing something up.  Using explosives, driving tanks, drinking beer and wearing the colour pink are all trademark features of the Order of Viper.

Leaving The Order of Viper

Fuck Off then!  Who cares.  The Order of Viper really does not care if devotees come and go.  That is the whole foundation of their Order.  Members leaving the Order retain their Order of Viper Sympathy unless they join the New Bandit Order, in which case they lose all of their Sympathy.




Kooks could be considered a race in one respect, although calling them a Faction would be a lot more accurate.  Throughout the galaxy millennia of evolution has produced some odd races, from the four arms of the Besalisk to the two heads of Troig.  Some of the more mundane races have been either jealous, inquisitive or slightly mad, but have gone to great lengths to mimic these aliens.  Over the years simple surgery has brought about a whole range of oddities.  Simple aliens have additional limbs, even heads, grafted onto their bodies.  This process was crude for many years, until a few years before the Clone Wars when a Kaminoan by the name in Min Lee Lee Lee perfected the procedure.  Despite being a great surgeon, Min Lee Lee Lee will only perform his operation on Kooks.  

Kooks are an odd bunch.  They often throw elaborate parties, usually to celebrate the addition of a new limb or to simply try and meet someone stranger than themselves.


Only other Kook gain any Kook Sympathy.  Any sympathy bonus is at +1 if at a party.

Joining the Kooks

To join the Kooks you have to become a Kook.  The only way you become a Kook is by having unnecessary surgery performed, usually to add an extra limb.  There is no formal gathering of Kooks although many can be found on the moon known as Zone 162 where Min Lee Lee Lee has set up home.

Leaving the Kooks

You can't really leave the Kooks.  Being a Kook is a social thing.  Even if you have corrective surgery to remove any of those added limbs you are still a Kook, although you lose -1 point of Kook Sympathy due to others finding it harder to recognise you as a Kook.



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Character portraits -   Time Bandit: Bossko B., D-X Wildcats: Gizmo, New Sith Order: Vicious Vile,

Draygon Empire: generic Draygon, Rebel Alliance: Bail Ohmar, Force Alliance: Dee Von Zarachkas,

Stargate: Bom-Bad, Phoenix Pirates: Kochang.

All artwork copyright Ugavine