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Rebel MAIN





Welcome to the glitz and glamour of the Tapani Sector.  The high life and wild life are order of the day for the noble men and women of the sector.  

From the plotting of House Mercetti to the secret Rebel supporters of House Pelagia, political intrigue is only the start of high life adventure.

 Lady Savant Mattherson


Lady Savant  Mattheson was born the daughter of Lord Mattherson, a powerful noble within House Pelagia.  Savant has a sister but never knew her mother, who died when Savant was very young.

As a teen Savant was wild and rebellious.  For a few months she left the Sector, joining up with a band of petty pirates.  On their first 'big haul' everything went terribly wrong.  The Imperial Cargo Ship they attacked was carrying a cryo-genically frozen clone, of who was not important at the time.  The pirates took their haul and ran.  In the chaos the pirates were attacked by Imperial crack forces, decimating the pirate group.  The cryo-chamber on the shuttle was disturbed and the clone awoke, but again this did not seem important at the time.  With her pride bruised Savant escaped the Imperials unnoticed and made her way home.

Recent events have turned Savants life upside down.  The Mattherson family were thrust into the public eye when Lord Mattherson was elected High Lord of House Pelagia following the House High Lords death, in somewhat suspicious circumstances.  The cause of death, or should that he the assassin, was never found.  A few months later and things were getting hot around House Pelagia.  With the destruction of Alderaan the Rebel Alliance needed friends, and Pelagia was welcome.  Lady Savant herself, already a House Trouble-shooter, was to become an active Alliance member.  Things only get more complex.  Savant started to be plagued by dreams, sometimes nightmares.  These dreams would not always happen while she slept, but sometimes while she was awake.  Doctors could find no health reasons, and Savant kept secret her latent force abilities!

The Empire was growing strong, and House Melantha were putting pressure on the Empire to disband House Pelagia.  Then another tragedy struck.  An attempt was made on the life of Lord Mattherson.  Although he survived he fell into a deep coma that the galaxies top doctors could not seem to wake him from.  House Pelagia needed a new High Lord, and quick.  The voting took place and Savant was rather surprised to be named the High Lady of House Pelagia.  Lady Savant was now a person of real. importance within the Sector.

The dreams continued until a mysterious man eventually identified himself.  He called himself The Sovereign.  Sovereign Palpatinne.  It didn't take Lady Savant long to figure out that he was the clone she had freed during that botched raid with the pirates.  Only he now had some backing.  He was accompanied by an Imperial Grand Admiral, Kaine, though Imperial records did not record the existence of such a Grand Admiral.  Soon events started turning around in the Tapani Sector.  Another mysterious death, this time the Sector High Lord.  The vote was made and Lady Savant became the High Lady of the Tapani Sector.

Dodge 5D+1 Bureaucracy 6D Starship Gunnery 2D+2
Blaster: Stun Gun 5D+1 Cultures 4D+1 Repulsorlift Op. 3D
    Alien Races 4D+1    
    Survival 5D    
    Languages 4D+2    
Bargain 4D+1 Stamina 4D Computer Op. 3D
Command 5D Swimming 3D    

Equipment: Stun Gun (5D), pocket computer, medpac, comlink, haliat perfume, expensive clothes

 character type



 House Pelagia






 "Bloody House Mercetti!"

 player ID






















 Lord Aragorn


Lord Aragorn and his Sabre Rakes have got a bit of a reputation around the gala balls of Pelagia.  A reputation that they are not to be messed with.  Gate-crashers beware, Aragorn and his 'rakes are better than local security.  At his next birthday Aragorn will be thirty and be called on to take on his families business responsibilities.  Until then, lets party!

Recent events have caused a big change in the life of the Baron Aragorn.  High Lady Savant granted Aragorn the title of Lord and placed him in charge of House Pelagia shortly before she disappeared.  Lord Aragorn is now coming to terms with actually doing some work in between his social affairs.

"Hey, I don't care much about politics, Tapani, Galactic or otherwise.  But if it's a party you're after, Aragorn's your man.  Me and my chums are the best Rakes in the Sector and have got the biggest balls around.  And if Mercetti want something to prove, tell them to bring it on and we'll see whose got the balls!"

Quirks / Odd abilities: Taste for beautiful speeders and fast women... or is that the other way round?!

Blaster 5D Alien Races 3D Repulsorlifts 5D
Melee Parry 6D Bureaucracy 4D Starship Piloting 5D
Dodge 5D Streetwise 5D    
Lightsabre 6D+2 Technology 4D    
Thrown weapons: Knife 6D+2    
Bargain 5D Brawl 4D Computers 3D
Con 5D Stamina 4D+1 Security 4D+1
Gambling 5D        
 character type



 House Pelagia






 "I'm not just leering at scantily clad women, I'm working!"

 player ID







 Lord Tarrant 'Richdale' Ford

Capsule: The Viscount Ford has only recently returned to the Tapani Sector.  His great-grandparents were members of House Calipsa, although his grandmother was a Pelagian noble.  Having only recently learnt of his Pelagian heritage the Viscount has traveled to the Tapani Sector and the world of Pelagia.

GM Note: The above capsule is false.  If you have visited the planet Aldis page (Buffy/Ravenloft X-over) then you may notice that Viscount Vincent Rosavelt Ford bears a remarkable resemblance to the gambler and con artist Tarrant Ford.  This is Tarrant.  The cocky trickster thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the Tapani nobles enough for him to make a few easy creds.  Though when the time comes Tarrant is going to find it hard to run away from the high life of the Tapani Sector.

Recent Events: A member of the Tapani historical records department took a blood sample from 'Viscount Ford' only to reveal that he was in fact the sole heir to the Richdale estate of House Mercetti.  The Richdate family estate was very rich, leaving Tarrant with a bit of a problem.  House Pelagia had secretly placed a death mark on the head of any member of the Richdale family, and Tarrant knew this.  Apparently it was the Richdales that sold out Pelagia to the Empire all those years ago, and there was still much resentment in House Pelagia.  Tarrant eventually chose to accept his rightful Lordship, and the credits that went with it, at the cost of nearly half the estate to House Pelagia.  Tarrant, or is that Lord Richdale now, is still treading a fine line.  He is a Mercetti Lord who socialises with Pelagian nobles.  Tarrant is not stupid, and he is totally aware that things can go awry very quickly in the Tapani Sector, after all, it was never his intention to remain in Tapani.  Tarrant has secretly been depositing credits in an off-world bank in another name.  Tarrant currently has a cool five million credits to fall back on when things get too hot in the Tapani Sector.

 character type





 Human (Corellian)




 "Maybe we can make a deal?"

 player ID







Still a young woman, but a tough and fierce warrior and member of the elite Mistryl Shadow Guard.  Why exactly she has sworn her loyalty to Lady Savant is still unknown, but where Lady Savant goes, her loyal protector follows - though you might not always see her!



Blaster 5D Survival 3D+1    
Dodge 6D+2        
Melee Parry 5D        
Brawl Parry 5D        
Shock-Whip 7D        
Zenji throwing needles 7D        
Hide/Sneak 4D Brawl 5D Security 2D+1
    Climb/Jump 3D+1    
    Stamina 4D    
    Martial Arts (A) 1D+1    

Equipment: Hold-Out Blaster, Vibro-Blade, Blaster Rifle, comlink, climbing spikes (Climbing +2D), Mistryl Shock-Whip, Zenji Needles.

 character type

 Mistryl Shadow Guard


 Lady Savant






 "Now ask me if I care!"

 player ID





The Tapani Incident 


When the Pelagian High Lord Mattherson falls ill it becomes the fate of his daughter, Lady Savant Mattherson, to take over the rule of House Pelagia.  A scientific expedition uncovers the former Prince of Tapani, Shey Tapani, frozen in a hyper-statis chamber.  Shey Tapani is soon elected leader of the Tapani Sector in an attempt to unite the feuding Houses.  Shey Tapani takes a wife, Lady Savant Mattherson, only for Shey Tapani to die under mysterious circumstances, leaving Lady Savant as the ruler of the Tapani Sector.  Despite objections from all but House Cadriaan the Emperor backs Lady Savants rule. It should be noted that the brief return of Shey Tapani is now apparently forgotten by all in the Tapani Sector. 

The Lady Savant has meanwhile made an alliance with the mysterious Sovereign, who turn out to be Sovereign Palpatinne, a clone of the Emperor that Lady Savant herself actually freed in her younger rebellious days while working with a band of Pirates.  With the backing of the previously unheard of Grand Admiral Kaine it was in fact the Sovereign that was controlling the Sector.

Things heat up in the Sector when the Draygon warlord Armageddon arrives in the Sector looking for a world to settle. Lady Savant makes a deal with the Draygons, under advisement from the Sovereign, only for the Draygons to betray her and side with House Mercetti.

GM notes: You will note that the Tapani Incident campaign did not just include the Tapani player-characters but other Eras, eg. Rebels & Bounty Hunters, as well.


Major NPC's

 Sovereign Palpatinne

Capsule:  Several years ago, before the Battle of Yavin, the Emperor was coming to end of his life in his current body.  As he always did, Emperor Palpatine, through his mastery of the Dark Side of the Force, performed the agonising, yet essential mind transfer into a new clone body.  Occasionally, very rarely, something could go wrong.  The clone rejected the emperors essence.  In that instance the Emperor was nearly destroyed, but he managed to transfer his spirit into the body of another clone.  When the Emperor regained his senses he discovered that the clone that had rejected his spirit was still alive, and had absorbed all of his knowledge, memory and power.  Emperor Palpatine was intrigued by such an occurrence, but did not have the time for further examination, his Death Star plans were waiting for his approval, and there were other matter of importance.  The clone, Palpatinne, was placed in Cryogenic Stasis, but even this would not contain a being of the Emperors power.  Therefore the Stasis chamber was surrounded with rare Strata Gems that could, in large quantities, absorb the Force from a user, making them mundane.

Palpatinne was to be transferred to Mount Tanis, the emperors secret keep on the remote world of Gar.  However, the transfer of a large quantity of Strata Gems could not go unnoticed, and a small pirate group planned to hit the Imperial shipment, unaware of the dangerous cargo.  The Pirates were led by Captain Durrell, a rebel privateer with the rouge Lady Savant Mattherson, of the Tapani Sector, serving as his second-in-command.  The initial attack was successful.  However, an Imperial Star Destroyer arrived and destroyed Durrells' pirate Frigate.  A couple of pirates escaped with enough Strata Gems to make them rich for life, not that Lady Savant really needed any more money.  But even the loss of a couple of the small gems was enough to upset the balance of Palpatinne's tomb.  The rouge clone escaped.

Sovereign Palpatinne

With all of the Emperors power and knowledge, the clone Palpatinne also inherited another trait from his creator, the unrequited desire for total galactic conquest and domination.

 However, this desire for evil does not go unquestioned by Sovereign Palpatinne.  He knows that his evil acts are nothing more than the will of the Dark Side.  Or more precisely the Emperor's will.  Palpatinne tries constantly to break the hold that the Dark Side has over him, but his manipulation of the Dark Side of the Force only bind him more tightly into the downward spiral of darkness.

With the Dark Side guiding him the Sovereign now has an agenda, to replace Emperor Palpatine and become Emperor himself.  The Sovereign has created his own army of Clone Stormtroopers.  He has enlisted the aid of high ranking Imperial Officers as well as the Imperial Inquisition and of other races such as the dreaded Skull.  Sovereign Palaptinne has also built an astoundingly large space fleet in a very short amount of time, contracting several shipyards Beyond the Blood Drift.  He has a couple of Imperial Class Star Destroyers, many Victory Class Star Destroyers and a Super Star Destroyer at his command.  The pride of his fleet however is his Sovereign Class Star Destroyer, built with prototype plans stolen from the Emperors own starship designers on Coruscant.  This vessel he keeps secretly hidden Beyond the Blood Drift, waiting until the time to strike comes.

The Sovereigns first move was to obtain a Cloning Facility, which he did, and set up base on the planet Berea in the Elrood Sector.  His first target is to be the rich Tapani Sector.  He has already replaced millions of Imperial Stormtroopers with his own clones.  By triggering Imperial descent within the Tapani Sector the Imperial War Machine will move in to maintain order.  Unwittingly sending the Sovereigns own troops into the Sector, where he would then take control.  There would be opposition from the House's of tapani.  From the Imperial loyal Mercetti and from the Rebel sympathizers Pelagia, and the original plan was to wipe out both of these House's, and build a new House from the remnants of them. 

But plans change...

There is a light in Sovereign Palpatinne's dark heart, in the form of Lady Savant Mattherson of House Pelagia in the Tapani Sector.  She was the one that The Sovereign credits with releasing him from his tomb at the hands of the Emperor.  So, against the recommendation of Grand Admiral Kaine, the House's of Tapani are to remain.  Not only that, but the Sovereign wishes to make Lady Savant head of the Sector.  A move that could cause much descent from all directions.  Even the great powers of The sovereign may not be able to pull off such a feat.

Stats: see Emperor's stats in Dark Empire Sourcebook

Force abilities: The Sovereign has a unique, and extremely powerful, ability; he can make unlimited Force uses in a combat round and is not limited by distance for any ability.  Eg. he can control the minds of millions of people all at once!

 character type

 Clone Emperor






 5 years


 "I see everything."































The Empire

Grand Admiral Kaine

Grand Admiral Kaine is an enigma.  A charming and charismatic man with an unknown military history.  It is known that he is a noble, a Lord, of House Mercetti, but any record of his career has been erased.  Not only that, but Imperial Center have no record of him either, so why does the Emperor allow the recognition of this rouge Grand Admiral.  At last count there were twelve Grand Admirals, not including Thrawn.  Kaine is also not one of the twelve, yet his orders hold the greatest of power over the Imperial fleet.

Grand Admiral Kaine has had one failure recently, failing to anticipate the actions of a group of Rebels, led by Colonel Dax, during their escape from the planet Berea in the Elrood Sector.  The rebels took the Grand Admiral hostage, but their vehicle was attacked by the Sovereigns Imperial forces.  Mortally wounded the Grand Admiral has survived, but at a cost.  He now walks with a limp and the aid of a walking stick due to injuries to his right leg.  His lower right arm was also lost, the Grand Admiral now having to make do with a cyborg replacement.  These injuries have made him resentful towards the Rebel Alliance, whom he had no malice towards before.  Due the The Sovereigns lack of foresight Kaine also holds some doubt in his heart with regard to the Sovereigns master plan.


Admiral Xoth

Admiral Xoth is a military man through and through.  He has worked his way up through the Imperial ranks.  He has earned the right to be an Admiral.  Admiral Xoth does not fully understand the events regarding the Sovereign.  The truth being that the Sovereign has clouded Xoth's mind regarded his breakaway Empire.

Xoth was born on Chadrilla, and has always been loyal to the Emperors New Order.  He holds doubt in his mind with regard to matters of The Force.  He is a bit confused with a lot of the recent espionage work he has been called upon to perform, but the Emperor has ordered that he obey The Sovereign, or so he believes, so he will perform his duties to the utmost of his ability.

Of all of the Sovereigns commanders it is Admiral Xoth who could be the most valuable, but also the biggest threat to the Sovereigns plan.


Captain Orkon

Captain Orkon is totally oblivious to the Sovereigns grand plan.  A loyal servant of the New Order, Captain Orkon still lives in the hope of early retirement or promotion to Admiral, although he knows his career has not been strong enough to go beyond his current rank.  Orkon is not a strong man, and not a happy man.  He often comes across as grumpy and in a bad mood.  This is partly because he knows he is stuck in his current post patrolling the Rimma Trade Run.  Although he doesn't mind the trips out to the distant Tapani Sector.  He does mind the occasional forays where he is required to travel Beyond the Blood Drift.  He also has a disdain for the Tapani Sector who's nobles care not for ones rank below that of an Admiral.  To them he is but a commoner, so whenever in the Sector he will often remain aboard ship, finding excuses to avoid attending events, which will no doubt be attended by Grand Admiral Kaine anyway.


Inquisitor Nothos

One branch of the Empire that has declared loyalty to the Sovereign are the dreaded Inquisition.  The Imperial Inquisitors are now all under the command of the Sovereign.  Inquisitor Nothos has been very active in making sure that other Imperial branches, such as ISB do not suspect the Inquisition.

Nothos is a cold heartless man with no respect for life other than his own.  He has embraced the New Order of the Sovereign whom he believes a more capable man than the Emperor.   His torture techniques are from a nightmare.  The Sovereign has made Inquisitor Nothos a  more visible figure in his Empire, to instill fear and obedience into his army. 

Captain Reinheart - Captain of the VSD II Scimitar.  An ex-pirate and personally chosen by the Emperor, for reasons only known to the Sith Master.

Captain Akal Zed - (See Elrood Sector SB by WEG)

Captain Tanda Pryl - (See Elrood Sector SB by WEG)

Grand Moff Ravikk - Grand Moff of many sectors along the Rimma Trade Route including Tapani, Elrood, Kathol and the Blood Drift.  (Note - this is not the same Ravikk from the Otherspace adventure, I have merely used the name).  Tavik is a tall thin man with a long face with a high brow and exaggerated facial features.  Grand Moff Ravikk also holds the title King Ravikk Bloodaxe, though he has little dealings with his homeworld.  

In recent campaign events Ravikk did return to Gar to claim his throne.  After a short-lived rule there was an uprising against him.  Though this would have been easily crushed Ravikk was arrested by ISB for misappropriation of Imperial funds in his personal vendetta against Gar.

Moff Gustavu - Moff of the Tapani Sector. (See Lords of the Expanse box set by WEG)

Moff Villis Andal - Moff of the Elrood Sector.  (See Elrood Sector SB by WEG)

General Afren Hul - Governor of Derylin in the Elrood Sector. (See Elrood Sector SB by WEG)

Silas Fel - Imperial Dignitary serving the in Tapani Sector.  Silas Fel monitors Tapani politics reporting back to Moff Gustavu and the Emperor.  Grand Moff Ravikk is included in all communications from Silas Fel but the dignitary rarely has direct dealings with the Grand Moff.  Silas Fel is a thin gaunt looking man of great age.  He is extremely manipulative, often dropping nuggets of information into conversations with the Tapani Lords with just enough information to instill a little paranoia.

ISB-14 Commander - this mysterious Imperial agent has made only a brief appearance in the campaign (and the players don't even realise it).  The nameless ISB-14 Commander is the most deadly ISB officer in the Empire.  His skills are unparalleled throughout the galaxy.  He is a soulless killer genetically modified by Imperial surgeons.  Rebel intelligence reports on the ISB-14 Commander simply read 'Unknown.'

Demise - Imperial ISB Agent.  (see the Empire page)

Lord Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith - with the location of Luke Skywalker still evading Imperial agents Darth Vader grows more impatient.  As a distraction the Emperor sends Darth Vader to the Tapani Sector to investigate possible treason and rebellion amongst the noble Houses.  The Emperor is merely toying with Vader and testing him.  The Emperor has not informed Darth Vader about the Sovereign, and it is the sovereigns powers that continue to distract and block the Dark Lord.


Guild Wraith

Guild Wraith are an Imperial sponsored Bounty Hunter Guild.  Wraith get first priority on most bounties throughout the Empire.  Their Guild is galaxy spanning.  Guild Wraith are renown for being heartless Bounty Hunters who will often go for the easier kill rather than retrieve bounties alive.  Guild Wraith could not care if this goes against the Bounty Hunter code.

Guild Master Wraith - Defel Guild Master.

KaalíKrayíTais the Bloody af'harl - One of the most fearsome Coynites in the galaxy.  This dishonoured warrior is a brutal bloodthirsty combatant.

Zara - An Amazon Warrior from the Amazon Isle of Gar.  Zara is a cool tactician and a skilled fighter.  She knows when to back from overwhelming odds, and when to go for the kill.

Silver - ex-Guild D-X Wildcats armourer.  This silver haired with an ample bosom turned traitor on D-X Wildcats to go serve with Guild Wraith.

Zarek Koln - A true Mandalorian Commando revived from suspended animation after several hundred years.  Zarek Koln is a cold killer working for the money.

Campaign Update - Zarek Koln was recently killed by the Mistryl Shadow Guard, Vixen, of House Pelagia when the two had a confrontation in the Tapani Sector.

Death Machine - War-Robot build by the traitorous Silver.


The Underworld

Tye - many years ago a Klatoonian pirate named Barardak rose through the ranks of Jabba the Hutts criminal Empire.  He had all but his own freedom.  With his freedom he could have risen to become a Vigo in Black Sun.  Instead Jabba cut him down, reducing his responsibilities to menial tasks like guard duty.  What Jabba did not know was that Barardak had already removed his slave implant.  He fled Jabbas employ and created a new identity, Tye.  Wearing a discarded Imperial TIE fighter pilot flight suit Tye is forced to start his criminal empire from the bottom.  He has two close allies, The Space Cowboy and Supa Nova, a Gammorean ex-gladiator.  Tye can be cold if he needs to, but is not an unreasonable man.  His current schemes are primarily gun-running with a occasional foray into shipping slaves.

Space Cowboy - the Dressellian pirate and smuggler is a close ally of Tye.  Though a low profile individual he has a reputation as a gambler in many a casino throughout the galaxy.  Most of his sabacc opponents do not know the dark side to the Cowboy's career.

Supa Nova - once a great Gladiator in the underworld Dool arenas he was bought and freed by Tye.  Few men are brave enough to dare challenge Supa Nova to a fight.

Callahan - See Pirates and Scoundrels

Rum Yees - See Pitares and Scoundrels


Black Sun

Wumdi - The Black Sun Vigo has his hand in many corporations in the Corporate Sector that also stretch to Tapani and along the Rimma Trade Route through to the Elrood Sector.  Mr. Wumdi, as he is known in Tapani, is considered an honourable businessman.  In truth Wumdi has his hand in many criminal enterprises.  He is also dealing with the disgraced peer Lord Drax of House Mercetti.

Zaltar - assassin, smuggler and pirate.  See Pirates and Scoundrels.


House Mercetti

Lord Jonathan - An exceedingly rich, even by Tapani standards, Lord who lives on the small industrial world of Nyssa.  Jonathan is a young Lord, not yet thirty years of age.  Despite his amazing business knowledge he is a weak man.  He loves nothing better than watch holovids or play holo-vid games.  Jonathan becomes embroiled in Sector affairs after being manipulated by Lord Drax and the Draygon Lord Armageddon.

Lord Drax - a disgraced Mercetti Lord who has recently returned to the the Tapani Sector with dreams of conquest and power.  Lord Drax is in fact a Sith Lord descendant from the Sith linage of Darth Ravage, not of Darth Bane.  He is sworn to oppose Darth Banes decree, therefore oppose Darth Sidious, The Emperor.


House Melantha

Lord Bal Jasset - (see Lords of the Expanse Box Set by WEG)


House Reena

Kyle, Reena & Reemo - Melanthan Sabre rakes.  Lord Kyle and his wife Lady Reena are seemingly always accompanied by Baron Reemo.  They frequent nearly every Gala Ball in the sector, invited or not.


Draygon Empire

Lord Armageddon - Armageddon is a Devil Draygon, a mutant with great strength.  It is said he has the strength greater than even a Rancor.  With the death of the Draygon Emperor, Drangal, the small Draygon Empire collapsed, it's force split.  Armageddon seized command of a large faction of Draygons.  After months traveling in space attempting to avoid conflict with the well equipped Imperials Armageddon was contacted by Lord Drax.  Together they plotted.  Armageddon would first attack a small Reena outpost, then beg for sanctuary within the borders of the Tapani Sector.  Under advisement from the Sovereign, and with the belief that Draygons presence would strengthen Tapani Lady Savant agreed to allowing the Draygons a small moon in Reena space.  Reena, along with the many anti-alien protestors, were not happy with this arrangement, but surprisingly the vote was cast to accept the Draygons.


The Tapani Incident: ACT ONE

Episode One: Riches to Rags

Era: Bounty Hunter

Player-Characters: Destiny, Tarc, Killcrazy, Jewel,

Noble of Pelagia defects to the Rebel Alliance, chased by Guild Wraith.

Cut-away - Aboard a small Imperial Space Station deep within the Tapani Sector a beautiful woman nervously checks both directions of the long metal corridor. The only doors are those of the turbo lifts at each end of the corridor. Sure it is safe she kneels down before an R2 astromech droid and inserts a data chip. She stands. She is a tall blonde haired woman dressed in the finest, and most expense, clothes the galaxy has to offer. She is a noble of House Pelagia. She pats the R2 unit. It beeps, then rolls off down a side corridor. The Lady approaches the nearest turbolift. Itís doors slide open and she enters. She turns, and as she activates the lift controls the opposite turbolift doors slide open. The Lady hurriedly and repeatedly prods the turbolift controls. In the other lift is a tall bronzed Amazon Warrior dressed in battle armour complete with a headpiece made from a skull. She stares down the corridor. Itís too late. As the turbolift doors close Lady Valentine knows she has been seen.

Cut to an outdated cargo ship that is supposedly carrying foodstuffs from the Outer Rim territories. Deep inside the specially converted cargo hold rebel technicians prepare X-Wing starfighters for combat.

Within the Briefing room General Hans Giger hands over to General Riekeen, a large lady whose starfighter tactics are renowned throughout the Rebel Alliance.

"We have learned that the small Imperial supply post on the edge of the Tapani Sector is in fact a listening post which threatens our allies within House Pelagia. For this reason House Pelagia dare not act in this matter and have asked for our help. We can hardly refuse considering the amount of information that has come from our Tapani allies.

The plan is hit and run. Six X-Wings will approach the station at full throttle. Your Torpedoes will be of no use at range due to a minimal, but effective, particle shield. You need to close to within five units to attack. The Station itself is unarmed but does house a Squadron of 12 TIE fighters. A Flight of four fighters is on patrol at all times. It will take only a minutes though for the others to be readied.

I want you in and out. Forget the TIEís. This mission is not the time to scratch up head counts.

Any question?

Good luck. And may the force be with you."

The six X-Wing starfighters come out of hyperspace at the right time.  Destroying the beacon is easy, but the Empire manages to scramble eight TIE fighters.  The dogfight is short, but Zaladines' X-Wing is shot sown, exploding into a fiery ball.  Then, unexpectedly a Star Destroyer appears from Hyperspace.  IT is the Victory Class Star Destroyer, Scimitar.  Captain Reinhardt orders his fighters to attack, but the five rebel ships disappear into hyperspace before they can be engaged.

"Sir," says an ensign, addressing his Captain.

"What is it?" snaps Captain Reinhardt, a small unkempt man, especially for an Imperial Officer.

"Scanners are picking up a life sign.  It appears to be the pilot of the rebel starfighter.  He must have ejected."

"Excellent," sneers the Imperial Captain, "Bring him on board.  Notify detention I want an Interrogator droid standing by."


Cut to the planet Procopia, capital world of the Tapani Sector.  The streets are filled with people preparing for celebration.  Tomorrow is Tapani Day, in celebration of Prince Shey Tapani who ended the wars of the Tapani Sector many centuries ago.

A small group of Bounty Hunters from Guilds Dread & Wildcats alight from the transport onto Estalle Island, the most prestigious place in all of Tapani.  With a mere 200 credits expenses the hunters are already broke with docking fees and transport fees.  Unarmed and armourless the four Bounty Hunters are in an alien world, a world where a single out of place comment can be more damaging than a Death Star.


The Bounty Hunters must provide safe passage for a Pelagian Lady whose cover as a Rebel spy has been blown.  The Bounty Hunters make several contacts around the island before meeting with the Lady.  The complication is that the Lady demands that she be present during the evenings festivities.  The Great Gala Ball is a very prestigious event, one that will be attended by all Houses and the Empire.  Rival Bounty Hunters also seek the Pelagian Lady, just to make things a little tougher on the hunters.


Episode Two: Welcome to the Elrood Sector 

Era: Rebel

Player Characters: Fury, Gallandro, Anya, Taboo, Lifeline

Events on Coyn. Rebels accused of murder.

The Empire is slowly tightening its grip of the Elrood Sector through taxes and control of corporations.  Alliance high Command has therefore decided to send a small group of operatives into the Sector to set up a Cell.  their first contact is a Coynite noble who is sympathetic to the Alliance cause.  

Upon arrival at the Coynites manor the PCs find him dead.  Murdered!  The local authorities turn up almost immediately and instantly jump to the wrong conclusion that the PCs are the ones to blame.  The Rebels must track down the murderer to clear their name, and more importantly convince the dead Coynite nobles heir that they are not murderers so they can gain his support for the Alliance.

This campaign should be tough.  The Coynites are honourable warriors, but deadly, warriors.  They will not as a rule aid the Rebel Alliance as they see them as terrorists.  The PCs must also be careful not to break any local customs on Coyn, for that could result in a duel to the death.



Episode Three: Elrood Sector Hunters 

Era: Bounty Hunter

Player-Characters: Destiny, Tarc, Killcrazy, Jewel, Methos

Hunters go the Refuge City, Kidron.

A seemingly harmless secretary has quit Galacti-Corp Mining, a large and powerful Corporation based in the Corporate Sector.  However, she has taken with her information that could implicate a Corporate Director of criminal dealings.  The Corporate director in question is Wumdi, otherwise known as Vigo Wumdi of Black Sun.  The Bounty hunters have little problem tracking down the girl to the City of Refuge on the planet of Kidron.  Then the problems start. Wundi, who is not the PC's employer, has hired Guild Wraith, a rival Bounty Hunter Guild, to bring her to him.  The PC Bounty Hunters are also oblivious to the fact that Bounty Hunters are extremely unwelcome in the City of Refuge.  Fortunately the attention of the people of the City of Refuge is aimed at Guild Wraith, allowing the PCs to get the girl to safety (after some persuasion) and the information to their employers at Radell Mining corporation based on the planet Elrood. 



Episode Four: From Tapani with love

Era: Tapani

Keep two rival soon-to-be-weds from killing each other. 

Two rival Cadriaan families are to be joined through the marriage of  Lord Faraday and Lady Lucia.  The marriage is primarily a business arrangement of the families.

Lord Faradayís father owns a large shipping business, while Lord Lucia, is the owner of a large starport facility in Tallaan. This marriage will unit the families and the businessís. But despite both parties being rich and good looking they can not stand the sight of each other. Despite their respective fathers and families interests they are both going to go out of their way to prevent the marriage.

The PCs are called on to act as chaperone for the bride and groom.  Each go their separate ways and the PCs must keep both alive and make sure they turn up to the wedding.


Assassin (hired by Lucia)

The hit-man is a member of the Loag from the Elrood sector and is very competent. He attacks at night, breaking into Lord Faradayís mansion. Even if captured, the assassin must not reveal who hired him or disgrace the family.

Accident - starship accident (arranged by Lord Faraday)

By bribing several low-life techs a small bomb is planted on Luciaís starship. The bomb detonates the ship comes out of hyperspace.  The explosion rocks the ship crippling the engines. The ship dives out of control heading towards the planet.

PCís must FIX the ship and pilot it up safely.

Two-timing (arranged by Lady Lucia)

Being the glamour type Lady Lucia arranges a date with Sir Kal Islington, a Knight.  She goes to the most public spotlight restaurant so all of the media see them together.PCís donít have to interfere here, but they can.  Media reporters are crowding the Lady and PCís must get her out - Limo chase!  Police see PCís speeding & give chase

Pirates (arranged by Lord Faraday)

Returning to her home pirates attack Lady Luciaís ship.  PCís are actually rescued by Imperial Captain Orkon.

Going on a long vacation (arranged by Lady Lucia, interfered with by Lord Faraday)

Lady Lucia sneaks off for a long vacation to Coruscant but Lord Faraday makes sure that Silas Fel, the Tapani representative Imperial Dignitary knows, so she is called for duty.

Bureaucracy, Bargain, Command & Persuasion are needed here.

The PCís end up at the Royal Court with Silas Fel - but they will learn little.  The PCís get a glimpse at Prince Xizor and get to be in the presence of the Emperor as Lady Lucia is summoned before him.  At the Court of the Emperor HRH decrees that Lady Luciaís shipyards be used to Construct Star Destroyers. Silas Fel to arrange the contracts.  Lady Lucia tries to object, words failing, looks at the PCís (really, really bad idea to back talk the Emperor)

Yacht Race (Lord Faraday, interfered with by Lady Lucia)

Lord Faraday enters the annual Tapani Challenge space yacht race.  Lady Lucia arranges for another competitor to try to Ďtake-outí Lord Faraday.

Skills: Archaic starship piloting (may not use standard Piloting), Climbing, Lifting, Astrogation.

Craft: Archaic Space Yacht Reproduction

Crew: 8

Pass: 0

Scale: Starfighter

Speed: 2

Hull: 1D+2

Man: 2D+1

The Rules - The ship must make five hyper-jumps, but must travel to the designated jump point before jumping into hyperspace. The tactic is to come out of hyperspace as close to the jump buoy as possible.

Once out of Hyperspace the craft must open its solar sails (Lifting: 10 Climbing: 10)

The ship then races to the jump point: Piloting skill check (moderate)

Navigate the buoy Piloting + Man. : 3 Moderate rolls

Astrogation difficulty: 30 (the number the astrogation misses the difficulty by determines space units away from target buoy)


The Wedding

The big day arrives and hopefully the two loveless birds are still alive.  It is a grand affair with many nobles attending.  Only encounter is that a PC catches bouquet.


Episode Five: Loag 

Era: Tapani/Bounty Hunter

The House Pelagian Troubleshooters learn that a Bounty Hunter has been hired by the Mercetti Lord Drax to recover a rare Gree artifact.  A second Gree artifact, dating back over 20,000 years, has been bought at auction by Lord Jonathan of Mercetti for the sum of 14 million credits.

The PCs must sneak into the office of Lord Jonathan to steal the artifact.  In doing do the PCs learn that Lord Drax and Lord Armageddon are involved.  The artifact is in fact a key to an ancient Gree Hyper-gate.  Only the Hyper-gate that Drax wishes to open is a portal to a dark dimension where he intends on resurrurecting the Draygon Emperor Drangal.  Even though the PCs have the one key they know that Drax has another.  They must track Drax to one of the moons of Caldon to shut down the Hyper-gate before Drax can unleash a terrible evil into the galaxy.


Episode Six: Operation Elrood: Industrial Intrigue

Era: Rebel

This is the published adventure Operation Elrood by WEG.  The only change is that on the planet Dega the Rebels discover a Clone Facility.  The Empire also learns of this and the Rebels must choose to destroy it if they don't want it to fall into Imperial hands.


Episode Seven: Hunting Grounds

Era: Rebel/Tapani

This is a modified version of the published Hunting Grounds adventure by WEG from the Lords of the Expanse Box Set.  This presumes that the Rebels managed to take several of the cloning chambers they discovered on Dega.  They must meet a contact, arranged by the Rebel Alliance to sell the tanks. This is where the PCs first learn of the Sovereign Palpatinne.


Episode Eight: Derilyn

Era: Rebel

A small group of the Rebels must get by the Imperial blockade on Derilyn after receiving a priority message from a contact there.  It turns out that there is a clone facility on a nearby moon (either the clones tanks they sold or the Empire acquired some more).  

The Rebels are taken to a factory that makes Stormtrooper armour and weapons.  The armour is shipped off-world, and the returning transport is manned by Stormtropers.  The PCs must hide aboard the transport to discover what is happening.  The transport goes to an uncharted moon in the Elrood nebula where the Empire has a cloning facility.  The PCs must escape the moon and alert the Alliance.  The Rebel Alliance then send in a quick-strike starfighter squadron to destroy the base.  All the while the Rebel PCs must contend with a Gand Findsman who is tracking them.


Episode Nine: Black Sands of Socorro

Era: Tapani/Bounty Hunter

The PC nobles of House Tapani are contact by a member of the secret Force Alliance. It seems as though Imperials from the Tapani Sector have been seen on the distant smugglers world of Socorro.  The PCs travel to Socorro where they are require the help of the Desert Baron, Balíalítor.  Bal'al'tor is a charmingly ruthless man, and the criminal despot of the Socorro deserts.  Bal'al'tor will attempt to slow down the PCs but will avoid any direct confrontation.  

The PCs nobles should have a contingent on servants with them, one being Rane, an expert on desert survival.  Rane is a thin pale skinned man wearing a leather strapped survival suit.   During the adventure several servants are killed. Rane is always the one who 'discovers' the victims but no hard evidence or motive can be found to blame him or anyone else.  The cause of death is also unknown.  Rane also goes missing most evenings without explanation, and he gives none. 

When the PCs discover the Imperials, led by Admiral Xoth, they find an ancient Sith burial tomb.  Rane is the one that frees the Sith spirit.  The PCs can turn on Rane but it is no use.  Rane is in fact a Dark Side Doppelganger created by the Sovereign Palpatinne.  Once the Dark Side Spirit is freed, for what purposes only the Sovereign knows, Rane is left to be killed.  If he is not killed he will eventually fade into nothing as the Sovereign no longer has use for him.


Episode Ten: The Kidron Incident - Krynoid Invaision

Era: Any

A renown botanist has discovered an alien seed in the frozen wastes of Hoth.  The seed is returned to the home of his master, Lord xxx of House Calipsa.  Lord xxx is obsessed with plants and especially with discovering a new breed.  When the pod defrosts is comes to life, self-germinating.  It spores, infecting a member of Lord xxx staff turning them into a mutation half human half plant.  Soon nearby foliage was coming to life, attacking, and consuming the Kidron populace.

The PCs travel to Kidron to steal the alien seed.  They arrive too late and must then escape the planet.

The planet Kidron is lost to the Krynoids.  The Empire quarantines the planet Kidron and does it's best to stem any Krynoid growth with orbital bombardments.

This adventure is based on the Doctor Who story The Seeds of Doom.


Episode Eleven: A Knights Errand

Era: Tapani

See Lords of the Expanse Box Set by WEG.


Episode Twelve: Procopian Intrigue

Era: Tapani

See Lords of the Expanse Box Set by WEG.


Episode Thirteen: The Torpedo Sphere

Era: Tapani/Rebel

See Lords of the Expanse Box Set by WEG.

Admiral Xoth, working for the Sovereign, is also on the Torpedo Sphere.  He wants not to destroy it but to steal it for the Sovereign.

Epilogue: Darth Vader arrives in the Tapani Sector.


Episode Fourteen: Dark Lady of the Sith

Era: Tapani

Lady Savant of the Tapani Sector had been getting visions of her mother on a small Tapani moon.  When she got there the whole village, mostly Wookiees, seemed to be hiding something.  Lord Armageddon the Draygon High Lord of House Tapani, knew that the renegade Mercetti Lord Drax was up to something.  Indeed he was.  On this moon was an aged Sith Lord.  If he was to be killed his spirit would pass into his killer.  Drax wanted possession of this Sith Spirit.  Armageddon, and ally of Drax, did not wish Drax to have that much power so sent one of his Constructs to deal with the situation.  Upon arrival The Mark VI construct proved to be homicidal, killing the wookiees he first came into contact with.  The orders came for him to protect the Lady Savant, causing Savant to feel slightly uneasy that this monster was stalking her.  Lady Savant and Lord Drax eventually found the aged Sith Lord, Carrakkabacca, a Wookiee, otherwise known as Darth Carnage, too old to move from his chair.  Drax attacked along with assassins of the Macrosa Order.  Violator received a new order, destroy all Sith!  Violator strode across the cavern of Darth Carnages lair.  Then to the shock of Lady Savant, he stopped by the Dark Lord, and raised his machete, a Ryyk blade taken from a Wookiee, to carry out his murderous orders.  He had to be stopped.  Vixen, the the Mistryl Shadow bodyguard of Lady Savant, leapt into action a threw a Zenzai needle at the Draygon Construct.  The hardened razor sharp needle penetrated Violators armour piercing his forehead.  The monster collapsed, and the Sith Lord died of natural causes preventing Drax from stealing his spirit.  Pelagia had won this round.  Then to the surprise of all Violator sat up and pulled the needle from his head.  He was still alive, but confused.  His mind was silent.  He could no longer hear the orders of Armageddon.  The Zenzai needle had damaged the Draygon mind control receiver in his head and Violator now had free will.  Lord Stone Cold knew that the Tapani Sector was no place for a creature like this, but knew exactly where he would fit it.  With the Time Bandits.

During her time on the moon the wookiees were fearful of Lady Savant.  Eventually Savant would learn that there is a prophecy of a Dark Lady of the Sith, the most evil and powerful Sith Lord ever.  It is greatly hinted that under the tutorage of the sovereign that Savant herself is the prophesied Dark Lady


Episode Fifteen: Attack of Gar

Era: Tapani

During a routine meeting of the High Lords on Procopia King Dargrim Lexgar of Gar enterd the chamber.  He accuses a Tapani Lord of attacking his kingdom on the planet Gar, though he does not know which Lord, or even which House is to blame.  He gives the Tapani Sector one week to hand over the culprit of he will declare war on Tapani.

Initially Dargrims threats are laughed at.  After all, Gar is a primitive backwater world in the far reaches of the Outer Rim.  After investigation the PC's will learn that the Kingdom of Lexgar are part of a formal government on Gar, the Warriors of Gar Alliance.  This Alliance represent Gar on the Blood Council, the ruling body of the Blood Drift Sector.  The Blood Council is powerful in it's own right, but with their treaty with the Empire any war against Tapani and the Empire would side with the Blood Council.  King Lexgars threat now becomes a lot more serious.

The PCs have a lead, the Mondas Mining Corporation on the Mercetti world of Nyssa.  Several characters travel to Nyssa and quiz Caal Vos, President of Mondas.  Vos, if presumed will reveal that he did sent a survey to Gar under instructions of Mr. Wumdi of the Corporate Sector.  After more investigation, and an assassination attempt, the PCs learn about Wumdi's connections with Black Sun.

Another representative travels to Gar to meet with King Dargrim Lexgar.  The PCs are attacked on route by opportunist pirates, but the PCs should reach Gar.  There they meet with the King Lexgar.  Lexgars threats of war are real, and the PCs are reminded that Lexgar also has the forces of the elite Den-Gar Commando's.  During the meeting Queen Tetris Bloodaxe, Queen of Gar and head of the Warriors of Gar Alliance, enters and argues with King Lexgar.  Apparently Lexgar has acted without the consent of the Warriors of Gar Alliance.  So does Lexgar have an army?  Before the PCs leave Sir William, a Knight of Lexgar, secretly tells the PCs that Lexgars threats are real, though he believes the King has been acting odd as of late.

Meanwhile, Lady Savant is called to see the dying Sovereign.  The Sovereign dies and Lord Vader arrives placing Lady Savant under house arrest.  Lady Savant falls ill but recovers.  Lady Savant then learns that she is with child, without the touch of a man.    Lady Savant is summoned to Coruscant.  In a twist to the plot Lady Savant chooses to fake her own death, though not before making Baron Aragorn a Lord and putting him in charge of House Pelagia.  Her first attempt to disappear failed by the untimely arrival of Captain Orkons Star Destroyer.  Lady Savant eventually abandoned her ship, setting it to self-destruct, on her way to Coruscant.

What is really going on?  King Lexgar is ill.  He has lived beyond his years and is suffering a metal illness, but this is being emphasised by the dark powers of Lord Drax.  Drax wants the war.  A war will cause splits within the Tapani Sector.  In the confusion he will be stronger to take control.  The PCs prevent the war by treating Lexgars illness, breaking Lord Drax's hold on the King.  

By order of the Emperor Moff Gustavu will take direct control of sector affairs from now on.  Darth Vader is recalled from the Sector after a lead to the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker.


End of ACT ONE


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