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Agents of the Rebel Alliance

When the Empire destroyed the peaceful planet Alderaan they expected the galaxy would cower in fear.  Instead more worlds rose up against their evil. Unusual alliances were made.  A princess and a smuggler, a senator and a pirate.  Member of the Rebel Alliance come from all walks of life.  Some are strong supporters of the Old Republic.  Others believe in the Jedi, freedom and justice.  While some are simply out for revenge for the suffering the Empire has caused them.  The Warriors of Gar are but a few of those brave heroes.

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Below you will find list of the Warriors of Gar Rebel Campaigns.  

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Shadows of the Force Warriors of Gar
Warriors of Gar Legends Warriors of Gar Saga
Beyond the Blood Drift Stargate Project 
Team 7 Fragments from the Rim
Rebel Alliance Ranks Rebel Soldiers


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Warriors of Gar - Shadows of the Force

Brand new D6 adventure.


Warriors of Gar - Legends WEG D6

Classic Warriors PCs re-created using the D20 system.  Re-playing many of th


Warriors of Gar - Legends Saga Edition

Classic Warriors PCs re-created using the D20 system.  Re-playing many of those classic adventures by WEGs, but maybe with a different outcome this time.

Warriors of Gar

These are a few of our primary player-characters from our adventures set in the classic trilogy Rebel Era.


Rebel Alliance: Stargate

The Stargate project is a secret rebel project.  The Rebel Alliance runs several teams who scour the galaxy, and other galaxies, for new allies and technologies to help them fight the Empire.  The Warriors of Gar Rebels operate under the banner of teams SG-7 and SG-17.


Classic Warriors' & U.N.I.T.

Ugavines Nosferartau Intelligence Taskforce - classic campaign

These are a few of the classic characters from our role-playing past.  Some pre-dating the Warriors of Gar, and some form the now retired RPG group UNIT.  



Existing in a redundant time line in the far future the Time Bandits travel throughout time putting right the wrongs of time meddlers.  In theory anyway.  Most see them as a bunch of lunatic freaks that simply kick ass!  

Watch out for Viper and Bossko!




"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are match for a good blaster at your side!"

- Han Solo



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It should be noted that some players use the picture of a famous movie or comic character to represent their character in-game.  No copyright infringement is intended on any such character.