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Star Wars Miniatures


Battle for Naboo

Side 1: Naboo - 200 points

Any Naboo forces (inc. Padme)

Any Republic Jedi

Side 2: Separatists - 200 points

Any Separatists only


Mini Battlefront

This idea is based off the Battlefront computer game.  In the game you get reinforcements from your command posts.


Variant 1: "Wipe them out, all of them!"  First side to eliminate the other.

Variant 2: "Just hold 'em off for a few more seconds."  First side to control all Command Posts at the end of a round.

Varient 3: "Stand by, stand by..."  There is a set number of rounds, at the end of the final round the winner is the one to control the most Command Posts.  On a tie the winner is the one with the highest point total of characters still in play.





Warriors of Gar Star Wars Miniatures Stat Cards



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