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25,000 years before the events of A New Hope the galaxy was in disarray.  There was no policing of the space-lanes, and no such thing as Hyperspace.  The Hutt criminal empire was strong, but there was another.  The feared Warlord, Xim the Despot terrorised the galaxy.  His powerful War Droids virtually indestructible against the primitive weapons of most planets.  Yet there is hope.  A small religious sect has formed an order of Knights to defend peace and justice throughout the galaxy.

Sithspawn Speaks:

None of the information presented in the Foundations of the Republic section is official.  These are my own interpretations of events invented for my campaign.


Xim the Despot

For several decades the galaxy was under the dictatorial, and murderous control of the infamous Xim the Despot.  Xim's crimes, although 25,000 years ago, are still talked about in Imperial tap-cafes.  Xim built himself an army of near unstoppable War-Robots.  with his army he swept across hundreds of star systems.

Xim is an evil man, his crimes and tortures making even a Hutt sick.  Physically Xim was a tall human with long black hair and long moustache and beard.  He enjoyed lifes luxuries which he took without mercy.  Gems and women were his, and whole worlds paid in blood for opposing his word.

Xim would eventually be defeated at the Third Battle of Vontor by Kossak the Hutt.  Unknown to Xim Kossak the Hutt had made an alliance with the Klatoonians and Nikto that increased his army to numbers greater than Xims.  Despite Xims defeat his legacy survives even into the days of the Empire.


Blasters 9D+2 Bureaucracy 4D Astrogation 7D
Brawl Parry 8D Planetary Systems 7D+1 Beast Riding 5D
Dodge 8D Survival 6D+2 Ground Vehicles 4D
Melee 10D+2 Streetwise 5D+2 Starship Piloting 4D
Melee Parry 8D Technology 9D+2    
Heavy Weapons 6D        
Bargain 5D Brawling 8D Security 10D
Command 8D Stamina 7D Computers 7D
Con 6D Swimming 4D+2 Starship Repair 5D
Search 5D Lifting 6D Droid Prog/Rep 11D
Hide/Sneak 9D     Demolitions 7D
Indimidation 8D     Weapon Repair 6D
        (A) Droid Eng. 6D
        (A) Weapon Eng. 2D




Warbot’s of Xim the Despot

In this era Xims War-Robots are a miracle of modern technology.  Standing nine feet tall Xims War-Robots tower over most opponents.  Each War-Robot is a bipedal machine with thick reflective armour.  Each machine is equipped with heatbeams, particle dischargers and pulse cannons.  These War-Robots are the core of Xim the Despots army and the most formidable warriors in the galaxy.

Armour Weapons 5D     Piloting * 3D
Melee Parry ** 5D        
Heavy Weapons 4D        
Intimidation 5D Brawling 5D Security 3D
    Lifting 6D    

* Pilot Drone only

** Can use own arms for Melee Parry


Heatbeams (damage: 3D - increase damage +1D each round until a maximum of 7D)

Particle discharger (damage: 6D - max. range of 15m)

Pulse cannon (damage: 4D+2)




State of the Galaxy

During this time period there were a lot less planets known to the galactic civilisation.  A handful of worlds had reached a technological point where interstellar travel, though slow, was a reality.  Of these early races were the Humans from the Core Worlds, Deverons, Duro, Gree (though their society was now much in decline even now), the Devine Celestials and the Hutts. 

Criminal Underworld

The Hutts have always been corrupt.  Galactic bullies and criminals.  As soon as space flight was a possibility the Hutts formed pirates to raid shipping for supplies and slaves.  For many years, and many years to come, the Hutts would dominate their worlds through fear and power.  Yet, despite their immense power the Hutts found an enemy in another even more diabolical Crime Lord, Xim the Despot.  Xim terrorised the space lanes.  His technology was amazingly advanced, his weapons deadly and his War Droids nearly invincible.  Soon Xim would begin his terror of Hutt controlled worlds bringing about a Galactic Criminal War.


Campaign Idea - The Knightly Order of Jedia

The PC's are refugees from a planet devastated by Xim the Despot.  They escaped in a damaged Starship and were saved by The Devine Celestials on their way to the planet Caldon, where they were going to trade with the Knightly Order known as the Order of Jedia.  Once there the PC's are told that several members of the Order of Jedia are traveling to the world of Coruscant where a meeting of planetary leaders will take place.  The planet leaders intend to form a Galactic Republic in a way to police the galaxy and protect themselves from attacks from the Hutts, Xim the Despot and other alien invaders.  The PC's travel with them to Coruscant, a PC force adept may be invited to join the Order.  The PC's should play some crucial role in helping form the Republic, possibly by fighting off an attack from Xim's War Droids.  Over time the Jedia Knightly Order would take a key role in protecting the galaxy, it's Knights becoming known as, yep you guessed it, Jedi.




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