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Type Terrestrial
Terrain Forest, Mountain
Temperature Temperate
Hydosphere Moderate
Gravity Standard
Length of Day 22 hours
Length of Year 350 days
Sapient Species Human
Planet Function Colony
Tech Level Space
Population 10 Million
Spaceport Starbridge - Standard Class
Government Representative Democracy /Imperial Governor
Major Exports Low Tech
Major Imports High Tech, luxury items
System Aldis
Star Aldis




Once a small industrial colony in the days of the Old Republic Aldis is now all but forgotten.  It's existence is by a mere footnote in Imperial records.  Nevertheless Aldis does have a serving Imperial Governor, Governor Chavekk.  Chavekk is the duly elected Prime Minister of Aldis in the first place, so his appointment as Imperial Governor only goes to strengthen his position as ruler of Aldis.

The first thing travelers notice when approaching Aldis is the lack of Aldis?!  The entire system is shrouded by a strange gas cloud that has not been identified, not that scientists are eager to look into the matter.  The gas cloud, or in reality, Mists of Ravenloft, can not be passed.  The planet can not be approached or left.  Aldis is now all but cut off from the rest of Galactic civilization.



The Mists 

Where the mists come from no one knows.  Any force user will tell you though that they are the hand of evil.  The embodiment of the Dark Side.  The mists can appear anywhere, any planet, and whisk away any individual or group to Ravenloft.  Likewise they can expel anyone, though this rarely happens.  Entering the mists is not recommended.  Once you are enveloped by the mist you become blind but for the gray black haze of the mist.  If you don't find your way out breathing soon becomes difficult as the mists start to cling to your throat, fill your lungs, and slowly, painfully suffocate you.  Or worse.  The rumors of abominations that walk from the mists are more based in fact than fantasy.



Life on Aldis

There are many towns and villages spread across the planet.  Most notable are Sin City and the spaceport Starbridge.  The populous of Aldis carry on with their lives.  It is true that since the mists enveloped the planet that all manner of dark foul creatures have crawled from the shadows of the eternal night.  Although most decent folk dismiss such dark going on as folk law and fairy tales, deep down they know the truth.  No one openly speaks of the dark crimes, and the police and media often cover up strange and violent murders.  Is this the choice of the authority, or the will of Ravenloft?




Starbridge is the only spaceport on Aldis.  It is Standard Class, although this fact is now rather redundant as no ship can come or go.  Before the mists Starbridge dealt mainly with cargo ships carrying low tech items from the many factories dotted around the city.  Nightlife is poor, with no bars or cantina's worth a mention.  The casino did at one time attract a large crowd due to the very low gambling tariff and unlimited stakes.  There is a large central library which the Slayer and her friends have found useful on many occasions with many books dating back to the times of the ancient Jedi.  It is a wonder that any of these books survived at all, but Palpatine's Jedi purge was bound to miss the odd information store.



Sin City

Sin City is the only other notable city on the planet.  It has no spaceport facilities and a minimal industrial district.  Instead Sin City's trade comes from it's nightlife, something Starbridge will never take away from it.  Tacky neon signs line the streets advertising bars, casino, peep shows and sex shops.  Sinister's Casino is the most famous rendezvous in Sin City, with the smooth Mr.Sinister always watching from behind the scenes. There is no law in Sin City except for Sinister's Law.   There are also plenty of very shady establishments hidden in side alleys, of which there are a lot in Sin City.  Sin City's building are mostly tall blocks, closely nit together.  One final note about this wretched hive, the population.  This is the only place on Aldis where the Demon's can frequently be seen in the open walking the streets.  



The Good Well if you want somewhere to hide you couldn't do any better, what with the mists cutting off the rest of the galaxy.
The Bad Well those mists are also a big negative.  Once here, if you make it through, you're trapped here.  Not to mention all the Vampires and demons running around.  This is not a safe place.
The Ugly Keep on the good side of Governor Chavekk.  Even better, keep as far away from him as you can.  If you do end up on Aldis head for Starbridge Spaceport, and stay there, it's the safest place.

Oh yeah, I hear my old rival Tarrant is supposed to be held up somewhere on Aldis.  Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, you double crossing nerf-herder!

Torm's Planet Guide


Governor Chavekk

Capsule: There is one man that can pass through the mists, Chavekk.  He often travels to Coruscant on official business, his shuttle docked on a secret landing field away from and towns and villages so as not to cause attention.  Chavekk can control the mists.  How no one knows, but Buffy is suspicious.  A few (player's) believe that Chavekk is a Vampire.  Buffy witnessed Chavekk standing in front of a mirror, his reflection was there, but transparent.  He has also shown no revulsion to the usual Vampire frailties (sunlight, garlic, running water).  He has shown powerful hypnotic powers, powerful enough to sway even a Jedi.

There was an event, during the days of the Republic, where a Dark Jedi, supposedly aligned with Chavekk murdered many Senators on Coruscant.  The Dark Jedi was killed as Jedi attempted to apprehend him.  When accused Chavekk claimed to be under the Dark Jedi's influence.  There was no evidence against Chavekk, therefore no charges were brought and he remained on the Senate as Aldis representative.



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