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May the force be with you intrepid traveler.

The setting is 4000 years before the heroic deeds of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa and the dark sins of the Emperor and the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.

Several years have passed since Jedi Knight Nomi Sunrider took the mantel of Jedi Master and head of the Jedi Council.  At last the galaxy was at peace, the threat of the Sith extinguished, the Hutts kept firmly under control.  Yeah right!

The Warriors of Gar TOTJ Campaign focuses on the Jedi who live on the Jedi Academy world of Aldis.  This mountainous forestry world is a relatively new Jedi learning establishment.  The young Padawans were not prepared to deal with their first assignment.  An assignment even their Jedi Masters had not foreseen the events of.  

The Sith live.  A previously unheard of Sith Master calling himself the Mandarin has set events into motion that couple topple the balance of power in the galaxy.  If the forces of darkness are not stopped the Republic could fall and the Jedi wiped from the face of the galaxy.  Now is the time the galaxy needs heroes.


The Player Characters


Tar'quin Northstar

Character Type Mercenary
Race Twi'lek
Age 34
Quote "Jedi.  Sith.  I'm the guy with the gun"
Player ID Ugavine

"Good Morning, or evening.  I am Tar'quin Northstar.  No, I'm not a Jedi.  I'm the hired help.  Lightsabres may be fine for Jedi, but my blaster has got me out of a lot more scrapes than a laser sword ever could."

Blaster 6D Survival 3D Starship Piloting 3D
Dodge 6D        
Grenade 5D        
Command 4D Brawl 4D+1 Weapon Repair 3D
Hide/Sneak 4D+2 Stamina 4D+2    
Search 4D        

Equipment: Blaster Rifle, comlink

Capsule: Tar'quin was once a money driven mercenary.  He eventually wound up being hired by the Jedi Council.  He has since been kept on retainer, often going of missions alongside the Padawan Salo and The Scorpion.  Since the birth of his daughter, Ki Northstar, Tar'quin takes less risks.  He is no longer the money driven cold man he used to be.  Although being in the company of Jedi could also be the cause of his change of nature.

Tar'quin is a an ancestor of Jo'din Northstar who, many years in the future, will serve in the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the evil Galactic Empire.




Character Type Jedi Shadow - Padawan
Race Human
Age 30
Quote "Not very sporting to fire on an unarmed opponent."
Player ID Ugavine

"Good day gentlebeings.  Isn't it a good day?  No, it rarely is nowadays.  The Sith, the Darkness.  It hides all around us.  It's cold grip tempts our very soul.  Well yours maybe.  I hunt down the evil.  I am the evil to evil.  Scary, isn't it?"

Dodge 4D        
Melee Parry 4D        
Lightsabre 5D+2        
Con 5D Climb/Jump 4D+1    
Hide/Sneak 5D        
Search 5D        

Capsule: Salo is human, an a man of few words, and when he does speak he rarely has good things to say.   His work as a Jedi Shadow makes his path a delicate one.  He is close to the Dark Side but has the willpower to never cross the line.  He is still a Padawan and yet to go fully undercover.  Most of his assignments so far have been espionage and spying on Dark Side cults.  He is a master of stealth, almost invisible as he walks through the shadows.



Character Type Jedi Padawan
Race Human
Age 32
Quote "On Ryloth a Bantha Burger is still a Bantha Burger, but they call it Le Bantha Burger."
Player ID Ugavine

"Well you can join the Sith an' you can join the Dark Side, but if you do mutah-fukka then your ass is the proverbial grass an' my lightsabre is goin' to do the cutting.  Do you catch my drift you Dark Side mutha fukka!"

Lightsabre 6D        
Dodge 5D        
Intimidate 3D+2 Brawl 6D    
    Stamina 5D    

Capsule: Poet is from the Jedi school of hard knocks.  His techniques are often frowned upon by the Jedi Council, but he gets results.  Unlike most Jedi he was not trained from a child.  He was discovered by the Jedi Masters at the age of eleven on the streets of Brentaal, and was already showing strong usage of the force.  Normally the Jedi Council would not have trained a boy so old, but his determination to learn about the force, and his outspoken attitude had to be controlled.  Poet was trained as a Jedi.   Unfortunately his outspoken attitude has not been dulled.


Cole Cash

Character Type Time Traveler
a.k.a. Grifter
Rank Warrant Officer
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 35
Quote `Bodyslide`                       
Player ID Dreadtech

"Ahh, home at... huh, what?  Emperor Chirpa?  Darth Logray?  I'm guessing I got the wrong time-line again.  Guess it's back to the Jedi.  Bodyslide."

Avoid Melee 4D+! Alien Races 3D+1 Astrogation 3D+1
Blaster 7D Languages 3D+1 Beast Riding 3D+1
Brawl Parry 4D+1 Planetary Systems 3D Ground Vehicle Op 3D
Dodge 6D History 4D+1 Repulsorlift Op 3D
Grenade 4D+! Survival 4D+1 Starship Gunnery 3D
Thrown weapons 4D+1    Bodyslide 5D Starship Piloting 5D
Melee   Streetwise 4D Starship Shields 3D
    Technology 3D+2    
Bargain 3D Brawl 6D Computers Prog/Rep 4D+1
Command 4D+! Climb/Jump 3D+2 Droid Prog/Rep  
Con 3D+2 Stamina 5D First Aid  
Gambling 4D Swimming 3d+2 Repulsorlift Rep  
Hide/Sneak  3D+1     Security 5D
Search 3D+2     Starship Repair  
Willpower 3D        
*Awareness* 3D+1        

Force Points: 2

Equipment: Heavy Blaster Rifle, pistol, lightfoil, grenade, medpac, datapad

Capsule: Cole is from the far future.  He was accidentally sent back in time to the Rrebel Era by Graymalkin and its guardian Provadance. Graymalkin is a machine, a space station, that exists in every point in time.  However when Cole got back to his own time it no longer existed.  Now Cole travels the time line by 'body-sliding' to Graymalkin, a form of teleportation, then to any point in time he wantst to go to.

Cole spent six mouths in the Rebel Era as part of Team 7, but then Cole found out that other time-travelers were trying to change history.  With the help of Provadance, a Jedi Master, Cole went after them picking up others a long the way.  Cole and his group ended up 4000 years in the past.  With the aid of the Jedi Council of that era and his group Cole is trying to stop these travelers and maybe restore his own time line.

There is every possibility that Cole's predicament is a result of the meddling by the...

Game Notes

Bodyslide - Cole has a Bodyslide skill (Mech).  Cole can only bodyslide a number of people equal to his die code ie. skill 5D, he may bodyslide five people, himself and four others.




Character Type Jedi Padawan
Race Nikto
Sex Male
Age 25
Quote "I hope we don't have to fight him!" *
Player ID Ugavine

"Hello my friends.  I am Jedi Padawan Kaled'Kor... oh just call me Nikky, everyone else does.  I have spend my life in the service of the Jedi.  Helping to bring peace and justice to the galaxy.  There is much evil to fight.  Exciting isn't it.  Oh, err.. adventure, excitement, a Jedi craves not these things.  Right Silent Bob?"

Dodge 5D     Repulsorlift Op. 3D
Melee Parry 6D        
Lightsabre 6D+2        
    Stamina 4D+2 Security 4D

Capsule:   Nikky, as he is known to his friends, is a young Nikto Jedi Padawan.  Nikky has not had much time away from the Jedi Academy.  The one time he was charged with investigated attacks on a small village he ran into an out of time Lexon Lexgar.  The village was saved but Lexon did make the Jedi look a tad pathetic on the battlefield.

* taken from an adventure where Lexon Lexgar got transported back in time.  While the Jedi were pussy-footing around deciding what to do Lexon single-handedly took out the monsters attacking the town.  Warriors of Gar forever.



Character Type Combat Jedi
Race Human
Age 20
Quote "Don't even think it!"
Player ID Guardian

"Alright.  My name is Guinan.  Well, I'm a Jedi Knight, a combat Jedi.  That means I'm the one who gets sent into the thick of the action.  Fun eh?"

Capsule: There is little to tell about Guinan.  Like all Jedi he was taken into Jedi care from an early age.  He has trained as a Combat Jedi and can wield two lightsabres just as well, if not better, than most Jedi wield one.



Jadar Temple

Character Type Minor Foce Adept
Race Human
Sex Male
Age 38
Quote "Are you cool with da' force sucka!?"
Player ID Darkhammer


Blaster 7D+1 Survival 3D+1 Beast Riding 3D+1
Dodge 6D     Starship Piloting 3D+1
Search 3D Stamina 4D Security 5D
Comman 3D     Starship Rep 5D+2
Hide/sneak 3D     Weapon Rep 4D
Con 3D     First aid 4D
        Droid Prog/rep 4D
SENSE 2D        

Capsule:  This character belongs to Ivan Darkhammer and no information is available.



The Scorpion

Character Type Tough Native
Race Human
Sex Male
Age 27
Quote "Finally... the Scorpion has come back to Coruscant!"
Player ID Ugavine

"Finally, The Scorpion has come back to the Sithspawns Lair.  And it's about time too.  What do I find?  Sith Lords?  Time Bandits?  NBO?  Well I'll tell you what Mr. Darth Vile, hey, I see you have a double ender?!  Well I say you take you double ender, shine it up real good, turn it sideways, and shove right up you red and black dark side jabrone candy ass!"

Dodge 4D+1 Survival 2D+1    
Bows 5D        
Melee 6D+1        
Wrestling 5D        
Search 4D+1 Brawling 6D    
Charm 4D+1 Stamina 5D    

Equipment: Longbow, black powder pistol, sword, rope, firelighters

Capsule:   The Scorpion come from a primitive backwater world.  He was saved by the Jedi when most of his tribe were wiped out in an unknown attack.  The Scorpion has sworn to serve the Jedi in a hope that one day he will find those responsible for killing his people.




Character Type Bounty Hunter
Race Predator
Age unknown
Quote "..."
Player ID The Bitch



Blaster 5D Survival 3D    
Dodge 5D        
Melee 5D+2        
Hide/Sneak 5D+1 Stamina 6D First Aid 3D
Search 5D        
Intimidation 5D        

Species Ability: Search +1D+2

Equipment: Blaster Rifle, Force Pike, medpac, jet pack, wrist blades, vibro-blade

Capsule: Prell is what you would typically expect from a Predator.  Despite his race being known throughout the galaxy little is known of their origins or even homeworld.  The Predators are a strong race of hunters utilising high technology with natural instinct to track their prey.  Prel was saved from death by a Jedi, so now to repay that debt he has sworn to serve the Jedi order.



Agents of the Dark Side

The Mandarin Sithspawn, Sith Master

The mysterious Mandarin.  Several months ago the Mandarin appeared on the scene.  His apprentice, Lord Insidious Vile was sent to retrieve a sacred Sith Battle-Mask from a recently excavated temple discovered on a moon on the edge of the colonies.  A small team of Jedi were sent to guard the excavation.  The Jedi were successful, fending off the Dark Lord of the Sith.  Returning to Aldis the Sith Mask 'disappeared'.  In reality it was taken by Master Kahn, a Devronian Jedi Shadow Master, and given to the Madarin Sithspawn as a gift to prove loyalty, and aid his infiltration into the Siths ranks.  What Master Kahn did not realise was the mistake he had made.  The Madarin was a Sithspawn.  A mutant twisted creation of the Dark Side.  His body had been devastated and he now only existed through his WILL alone.  The Mandarin had learnt of an ancient Sith Armour that could house his spirit and strengthen him.  He had acquired the armour and the Mask was the final item he needed, and now he had it.  The Mandarin's reign of terror was just beginning.  The Mandarins tricked the Jedi in believing he was returning to the temple for another artifact.  It was a trap.  The Mandarin's Sith starfleet ambushed the Light of the Republic, a Jedi star cruiser, and destroyed. it.

Now with the Jedi shaken the Mandarin attacked more worlds to cause more trouble for the Republic.  His random attacks left the Republic confused.  One such attack was upon an Industrial world in the colonies.  Here the Mandarin was testing out his new weapon, provided by his new ally, The Chancellor.

The Sith Engine.  This fabled device is a huge machine capable of all manner of evil deeds, in theory.  Measuring over fifty meters in length and breadth is is a mass of wires, tubes, levels, gauges, pistons, transformers, super computer circuits, clone chambers and more.  The Mandarin had found this device, apparently created by the ancient Sith, with the aid of the Chancellor.  With the Chancellor's guidance the Sith Engine was able to produce Scarabs (like in The Mummy).   These foul creatures were loaded into torpedo's and fired at the target planet.  The test subject.  With combined fire from concussion bombs the Scarabs did their job, devouring the population.  Another victory for the Mandarin.  

The Truth about the Sith Engine - It doe not work!  It's a fake, created by the Chancellor.  The mysterious Chancellor saw his opportunity to manipulate the Sith to do his foul deeds.  How he came across the Scarabs is a mystery, but now the Mandarin foolishly trusts him.  Unfortunately for the Jedi and the Republic the Chancellor is a lot more devious, clever and dangerous than all of the Mandarin Sithspawns power!



Lord Insidious Vile

Dark Lord of the Sith

Insidious Vile is a nasty piece of slime.  Slime in the literal sense.  Vile is a Mire.  However, Vile has forsaken his shake-shifting ability, now spending his time as apprentice to the Mandarin Sithspawn.  Insidious Vile is a master of the double-bladed lightsabre and martial arts techniques.  He is not very smart but is a seasoned warrior.  Despite giving up his shape-shifting ability, something seen as against their society, Vile still accepted by the Mire.  This acceptance is more through fear.  Fear of his Dark powers, for they are great.  Insidious Vile manipulates the Dark Side of the Force with amazing ease and subtlety. 



The Chancellor

The Chancellor is not who he claims to be.  

The Chancellor is in fact the Renegade, a member of the troublesome New Bandit Order.  The Renegade has been manipulating events.  It is his plan that the Sith and the Jedi will destroy one another leaving the Republic in ruin, just right for him to step up as savior, and ruler of the galaxy.




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