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D6 Unique Jedi Abilities

"As shown in the Star Wars novels and comics many Jedi prove to have a unique abilities.  These manifestations of the force can make a Jedi powerful in a single area.

For example; Nomi Sunrider can take away force powers, Bastila is a master of Battle Meditation, and Anakin Organa-Solo superb with technology." - Dee Von Zarachkas, Jedi Master


A Jedi may choose one of the following abilities once all of their force skills reach 3D.

A Jedi will only ever have one of these abilities and may not change abilities.

These unique abilities allow a Jedi (not any other force using religion) to combine his own skills with force powers.

eg. The Jedi Healer has 4D Medicine & 3D Control. He will roll 4D+3 (NOT 7D). If his Medicine was 3D & Control 4D he would roll 3D+4.


Jedi Healer - Medical + Control, or Control + Med when using Accelerate Healing

Jedi Pilot - Piloting & Gunnery + Sense

Astrogator - Astrogation + Sense

Linguist - Languages + Sense

Detect Truth - Always knows when being lied to. (Player must ask 'is he/she lying?')

Beast Language - May roll Languages to understand animals.

Beast Control - Beast Riding + Control

Truth Teller - Opponent will always believe the Jedi provided the Jedi is telling the truth.

Jedi Tech - (Technical skill) + Sense

Combat Jedi - Lightsabre Combat is free and always 'up' (no multiple action penalties) which does not have to be rolled for (Warning - this can prove very powerful!)

Jedi Shadow - Hide/Sneak + Sense

Detect Aura - Can tell if someone is Good or Evil.

Strong Will - Willpower + Control for any Willpower checks & Control/Perc. + Willpower to resist attacks

Detect Temporal Shifts - Can tell if time has been altered (not applicable for many campaigns)

Droid Telepathy - May telepathically link with droids. (this may freak droids who are not expecting it!)

Detect Hologram - Player must ask 'Is this a hologram?'

Communicate with Nature - Over to GM's with this one.

Detect Sith Artifact - Player gets a warning as they go to touch any Sith artifact, weapon or otherwise.

Destroy Sith Artifact - Up to GM's how this works. An Alter roll may be needed.