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Weapons of Gar

Energy weapons are very rare on the planet Gar, and only tend to be sold by off world travelers. Their cost will be at least 300% higher than Galactic standard prices.  Kings, Nobles and Knights will often be armed with an energy weapon but the common weapons of Gar are medieval swords and axe's.   The average commoner rarely can afford a meal let alone and outlandish blaster.

Most weapons can be bought from most small village markets, although their quality tends to be poor (they will always break on a Wild '1').  Kings will without fail have a well stocked armoury in their castles, employing the best weapon smiths in the land.  Weapons crafted by royal weapon smiths will last longer, be stronger and cause more damage than the cheaper village equivalents.


Axe 50 Str +1D / Str +3D
Club 5 Str +1D
Dagger 10 Str +1 / Str +2
Mace 75 Str +1D / Str + 3D
Rapier 65 Str +1D Melee +1D
Short Sword 30 Str +1D
Spear 15 Str +1D Thrown Weapons +1D
Sword 50 Str +1D / Str +2D
Warhammer 80 Str +2D



Quarterstaff 10 Str +1D
Flail 35 Str + 1D+2
2 Hand Weapon Normal cost +40 Normal damage +1D




Buckler 40 Str +1 Melee Parry +2
Left hand Dagger 30 Str +1 Melee Parry +1 (may use without off-hand penalty)
Net 5 n/a Net Str: 4D+1, or Difficult DEX. to escape
Sai 65 Str +2
Sword Breaker 75 Str: +2

Opponents weapon breaks on a successful parry (This does not apply to two-handed)

Shield 20 Str +1 Melee Parry +1D / +2D



Short Bow 15 2D+2
Normal Bow 20 3D+1
Long Bow 30 3D+1
Crossbow 40 4D
Crossbow Pistol 55 3D+1
Throwing knife 10 Str +1D
Throwing Axe 15 Str +2D
Bolas 10 Str +1D Will stop opponents attack regardless of causing damage
Black Powder Pistol 200 2D+2 Takes 1 round to reload
Blunderbuss 350 3D+1 Takes 4 rounds to reload



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