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Bounty Hunters

Every Bounty hunter has his or her own reason why they take up the profession.  Some are legal Guild hunters, tracking criminals across the galaxy.  Others are freelance, such the infamous Boba Fett, often willing to to ignore laws to capture their prize.  

For more information on Bounty Hunters see Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters by WEG.


  Garcom Race: Garbarian Character type: Bounty Hunter

CapsuleBorn on the planet Gar, Beyond the blood Drift, Garcom was a tough warrior and soon earned the attention of the Den-Gar Commando's who took him in and trained him as one of their elite Order.  Although the Den-Gar are seen as ruthless warriors, Garcom more so.  He enjoyed his work, especially the killing, more than anyone should.  He was also reckless and did ot care for the safety of his team.  Garcom left the Den-Gar before they could push him out, and he headed straight for Nar Shadda whre he easily found work as a Mercenary.  His elite training held him in good standing and he eventually moved to Bounty Hunting, often going after the more difficult and lucrative targets.  but his cruel and sadistic nature would still harm his career with several Guilds refusing to allow him membership.  He remained freelance until being contracted by Imperial ISB to join a team including the Rodian bounty hunter Poncho and led by Lira Vex.  Vex's team were infamous amongst ISB and their success unquestioned until they encountered the Warriors of Gar.  After several failed conflicts ISB disbanded the team.  Garcom disappeared from the limelight for a while, but now he's back.  Garcom is a freelance Bouny Hunter again, and as cruel and sadistic as ever!

Garcom Saga stats: See Threats of the Galaxy Page 16

Garcom mini stats

Faction: Fringe
Cost: 28
Hit Points: 50
Defense: 16
Attack: +10
Damage: 20
Special Abilities: Unique; Grenades 40, Bounty Hunter +4
Command Effects: Adjacent Allies gain bodyguard

In Star Wars minis Garcom is a mid-level shooter.  He lacks real defense, but Grenades 40 gives him decent offense.  His CE is a representation of the character - using others as shields!

  Poncho Race: Rodian Character type: Bounty Hunter

CapsuleBorn to a Bounty Hunter Guild Master on Rodia Poncho's career was set out before he was old enough to hold a blaster.  He was trained to be the best, but somehow he never quite was.  The Guild knew he would always struggle on is own so instead was given lead of a group of petty Bounty Hunters.  Poncho normally leads a group of around six hunters on any assignment.  Through his limited success he was given the chance to work with Lira Vex in Imperial ISB, and alongside Garcom.  He and Garcom, although never friends, would often be seen as a partnership.  But Poncho knew all too well that Garcom would sacrifice him in a whim to save his own life.  After serving his time with Lira Vex Poncho went home to take charge of the family Guild following his fathers death.  But Poncho was not a good leader and was deposed as Guild Master.  He remains working for the Guild and has recently put his team back together.  Poncho is not a subtle hunter, preferring to use grenades to subdue his prey.

Poncho Saga stats - See Threats of the Galaxy Page 16