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Two thousand years before the events of A New Hope and the galaxy breeds a different kind of hero.  Let the Sithspawns Lair introduce you to those brave Warriors who would fight for peace, freedom and justice in the galaxy, and no doubt screw up along the way.

Welcome to the latest

Warriors of Gar Campaign


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Noble Caste

A Warriors of Gar alternate history of the Stenax

In the days of the Old Republic the Stenax  race was split between the two Castes, the Nobles and the Lower. While the Lower Caste (as depicted in Star Wars Gamer #1 by WOTC) lived in the low mountains and on the ground the Noble Caste built great cities on their mountaintops.  Several cities have private docking bays, but the only true starport is High City, a floating station that moves around the planet.  The Stenax Nobles were welcomed into the Republic, but this would eventually be their undoing.  When the Blood War erupted the Stenax made a treaty with King Grimgar of Gar, Beyond the Blood Drift.  This instantly made the Stenax a target for the Sith. The Sith declared all out war against the Stenax Nobles.  High bounties were offered for their corpses, drawing the fiercest Bounty Hunters from across the galaxy.  The Sith fleet bombarded the planet destroying every Stenax City.  By the time of the Galactic Empire the Noble Caste Stenax are extinct, only the Lower, primitive, Caste now remain on Stenos.  

Physical DescriptionPhysically Noble Caste Stenax are identical to the Lower Caste with only Stenax themselves seemingly able to tell them apart.  Luckily the Noble Caste will tend to be clothed in more advanced clothing making them identifiable to an outsider.

Cultures:  The Noble Caste have built their cities high on the mountaintops of Stenos, far away from the Lower Caste.  Their culture is broken down into Clans ruled by a High Duke.  Other ranks include Duke, Lord, Count.  Noble Caste without a title are referred to as Clansman.  Security officials and bureaucrats usually carry the title Chieftain.  It should be noted that females hold a secondary status in Stenax society with only few holding titles.  Disputes between Clans is always resolved through combat.  Single combat between the clans champion fighter settles most disputes.  Rarely nowadays do feuds escalate into wars, though they are not unknown.  The Noble Caste honour close combat and frown upon the use of modern energy weapons.

Personality Stenax are a surely lot.  Yet unlike the Lower Caster it is easier to get the attention of Noble Caste Stenax, though they can be easily angered if they suspect any insult.  What constitutes an insult to a Stenax is personal to them, so basically they can choose to take anything said to them as an insult, making diplomacy a tricky task. 

Language:  Stenax, Basic

Age:  Child 1-8; young adult 8-18; adult 19-50; middle age 51-140; old 141-200; venerable 201+ 

Species Traits

Ability Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -4 Charisma, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom

Medium Sized: No modifier

Speed:  Base Speed 10 meters.

Species Abilities

Bonus Feat: Infamy

+2 species bonus on Listen, Search & Spot checks





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