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This a is a Campaign report of our adventures.

Return of the Warriors

Act I

The old man twiddles a knob on the computer console. His hair is white with age and he leans on a walking stick. Suddenly the door to the chamber explodes and in rolls two Daleks scraming "Ex-ter-min-ate!" in their metallic voices. "Ex-ter-min-ate the prof-ess-or!!" 

The old man gives a wry smile. "Not today Dalek. Lets see how you handle your own dalekanium bombs." With that he flocks a switch on the top of his walking stick, the base shudders as distant explosions get nearer.

"Un-der at-tack!!" scream the Daleks as the Professor runs down a nearby corridor dodging Dalek lasers, before ducking into a plain cabinet which dematerialises. His TARDIS. The Time Lord, the Professor, sets a new course proud of his efforts against the Daleks when yet another of the dreaded monsters bursts into the Console Room from the interior door. How it got in the Professor did not know, but the Dalek immediately started to open fire. Several laser blasts explode against the TARDIS console, one explosion caught the Professor in the face. Another laser shot the Professor in the arm causing him to collapse to the floor. With blurred eyes he could see dalekanium bombs strapped to the underside of the TARDIS console. With a last surge of strength the Professor hits the emergency materialization control and leaps from the TARDIS as the bombs explode causing the TARDIS to implode into nothingness.

A barrage of laser fire explodes against the hull of the Mandalorian cruiser. The attacking Gar Blade-Wing starfighers are led by Krayl Nor. The Mandalorian turbo-lasers return fire, destroying several starfighters. Krayl maneuvers his ship below the fire-arc of the turbo-lasers, skimming the surface of the starship before releasing several concussion missiles. The engines of the Mandalorian cruisers explode eventually engulfing the entire craft.

While the battle was raging outside, aboard the Mandalorian transport the power grid flickers off, releasing prisoners from their cells, including the Barabel Grieg, the Stenax Shikagorme and the human Darven Dissek. The prisoners waste no time escaping their cells and easily over-power the battle-droid guards. A second wave of guards enters the corridor forcing Darven Dissek to transform into his Were-wolf form! A barrage of laser fire scores a lucky hit against Grieg, the mighty Barabel falling to the floor. Shikagorme grabs Grieg and along with Darven they jump into an escape pod just as a Mandalorian Commando appears to stop the prisoner revolt. As their escape pod rockets aimlessly through space they see the starship explode.

Grieg, Shikagorme and Darven find themselves on an unknown dessert world. They wander in the hope of finding civilization and water, only to be captured by mercenaries!

In the city of Cinnegariith on the planet Gar Mr Squiff takes two off-world technicians to repair the cities shields. Squiff is a most capable tech, and he does not trust the off-worlders, but he needs the device they bring him. Squiff’s fears are correct, the two ‘techs’ are in fact assassins, and the device is rigged. Palace guards are able to kill the assassins, with help from Krayl Nor, but damage to the Palace shield has been done. Suddenly a 7’ blue box materializes in the generator room, and an old man stumbles out. The blue box then appears to implode in on itself, vanishing entirely. Krayl examines the old man, but he appears dead. As Krayl watches the old mans face glows white, contorts, and physically changes before him. The now younger man sits up and grins, “Hello, I’m the Professor, I think, who are you?”

Grieg, Shikagorme and Darven have been taken to the asteroid base of Drongo the Hutt, where they are made to compete in brutal Dool combat contests. Grieg in particular gets much applause from the crowd, but is still very unhappy with his predicament. But a Verpine slave, going by the name of Dougal, offers the prisoners some help.

Act II

A starship exits hyperspace and the red and purple nebulae of the Blood Drift. The starship approaches the planet Gar, descending through its atmosphere before landing in the city of Cinnegariith. Kalek’Kor is the visitor, here to see Krayl Nor. He tells his tail, that he is employed by the Verpine to help free them from Drongo the Hutt, and that he wants Krayl Nor to help him. When Krayl asks why he should Kalek’Kor explains that Darven Dissek is one of Drongo the Hutts prisoners. King Grimgar says Krayl should rescue his friend, advising Squiff and The Professor go with him. Krayl Nor is given command of the starship Jade Dragon.

Krayl Nor, Professor & Squiff pose as guests of Kalek’Kor who has infiltrated Drongo the Hutts elite group. The Warriors soon plot a plan to rescue all the prisoners. The fighting soon starts alongside a full prison break. Drongo the Hutt and his guests flee for their lives, only for Drongo’s starship to explode thanks to a bomb rigged by the Verpine and the Professor. In a final contest the hero’s duel with Drongo’s Nikto bodyguard who is easily a match for Krayl, Grogon, Shikagorme and Draven all together. Nevertheless, the Warriors are triumphant. Drongo the Hutt is dead and the prisoners and Verpine are free.


Fyodos: Armageddon!

Act I - Cult of the Black Dagger

The Warriors of Gar travel to the planet Fyodos to pick up food supplies for the Verpine asteroid city they now call home.

Still in the spaceport district of the Kaled Central Spaceport the hero's witness a Duro girl kidnapped, snatched from her mothers grasp right in front of them. The kidnappers, a group of Nikto, make their escape in a repulsor-van. Krayl Nor acts quickly giving chase in another Repulsor-van, although the Rodian owner of the vehicle was not happy about the hero's driving off without him! The chase went through the city streets with blaster fire exchanged between the vehicles. The Nikto are eventualyl cornerd in an ally, but they put up a fight, attacking with vibro-axe's. The hero's defeat the Nikto, but the girl is gone. Squiff and the Professor easily identify the Nikto as death cultists, members of the cult of the Black Dagger.

Darven, with his enhanced senses, easily track the escaped Nikto into a nearby abandoned warehouse where the 'Priest' is about to sacrifice the girl. The fight is not easy, with the Nikto fighting with skill and deadly poisonous weapons, but the hero's win the fight and save the Duro child.

Act II - War

An alien spacecraft is intercepted by a Republic Cruiser. The Republic Captain greets the new visitors.
"Open all channels, all know languages. Starship, welcome to the Republic."
There is now answer.
"Starship, you are welcome to pass into Republic space, but can you please identify yourself?"
Still no answer. Suddenly a power surge is detected on the alien craft. The Republic cruiser tries to raise shields but is too late. An energy death ray emits from the alien craft vaporising the Republic Cruiser.
Aboard the alien starship a plunger-like extremity activates the navigational computer. "Set-course-for-the-Fy-o-dos-sys-tem," rasps an monotone electrontic voice.

On Fyodos the hero's purchase the goods they need, but Darven is confronted by a female Jedi, Taki'shar, who has orders to take him back the the enclave on Anduron. They also see holonews reports showing political unrest on Fyodos between the Kaled and Tharak governments. When the Kaled Prime Minister is seemingly assassinated by a Tharak spy the Kaled deputy Prime Minister Nieder takes over and declares war on Tharak. Things are getting hot on Fyodos, but as the hero's plan to leave Nieder declares no one is to leave and outsiders who defy their rules or leave the spaceport are to be killed! The hero's decide to risk it, collecting their goods, but they are soon attacked by Kaled forces. Returning to their ship several alien spacecraft can be seen landing. The hero's try to make their escape but are attacked by Daleks! A fight ensues and the hero's destroy the four attacking Daleks. In flight, evading missiles from the spaceport, Krayl discovers an inturder. His name is Travers, a Tharak agent who wants to go to a secret base on the planets moon to launch the remaining missiles at the Dalek Fleet. The hero's agree, but have have to fight past more Daleks. Travers is killed in the fire-fight! Eventually the Professor manages to find the control room and fire the missiles, but it is too late for Fyodos. The Dalek fleet is destroyed, but the planet is devastated by nuclear war.

GM Notes: Fyodos details can be found in the Planets of the Galaxy sourcebook by WEG. By the Rebel Era there are a few primitive settlements, descendants from the survivors of the war.


EPISODE I - Blood Rising


The Heros travel to the planet Stenos where Shik-a-gorme will attend the ceremony of light, an ancient Stenax Noble caste event. When they arrive they find mercenaries attacking the planet, led by a Mandalorian Commando piloting a Basilisk War Droid!

The hero's land in the city and fight past the mercenaries and disarm a bomb left by the mandalorian commando. But he escaped, and he took with him The Goddess, and ancient statue of great religios importance. The high Priest tasks Shik-a-gorme with recovering The Goddess. Investigations lead the hero's to the planet Kintan, the Nikto homeworld deep in Hutt Space.


Arriving at the planet Kintan our heroes do what heroes would do... go to the pub and get smashed! Darven leaves the cantina only to be stopped by two Nikto asking for a "Tribute." This leads to a brawl until Squiff and The Professor break it up.
Squiff, "Why are you brawling with customs officials?"
Darven "Customs? errr.... I just thought they were a couple of thugs!"
Heading out into the city the heroes search for clues for the missing Goddess, leading them to the mighty overlord of Kintan, Romba the Hutt. Only by capturing the leader of nearby Black Dagger cultists will the mighty Hutt offer the information they need.

The hero's make short work of the black Dagger cultists in the residential block, and soon return to Romba the Hutt with the leader captive. Romba is impressed, but let's slip that he already knew they were the ones who killed Drongo the Hutt. Romba assures the PCs he holds them no ill will as Dronga was a menace. The hero's are given the name Treylor.

Darven drives the group north-east towards the swoop track where Treylor can be found. Several hundred bikers and swoop-jockeys can be found at the gathering.

Treylor says he will help, but challenges the PCs to a Swoop Race, a challenge that Darven accepts. The swoop track is challenging, but Darven is surprising victorious! At the encounter Squiff finds himself arguing with a nasty Dug biker. The Dug is mistreating his twi'lek slave girl, but the noble Squiff offers to buy the girl and the Dug accepts.

With the information from Treylor the group head east to find the mercenary camp where the Mandalorian who stole The Goddess is believed to be hiding. Krayl Nor advises caution, but also the direct approach. The group are intercepted and taken th Kastor, the Mandalorian Commando in charge of the mercenaries. Kastor says stealing The Goddess was 'just a job', and offers the info for free, if one of them can match him in the circle of combat - swords only! Krayl Nor accepts defeats Kastor. Kastor, when revived, tells them to go to Nar Shadda, where Toomba the Hutt is auctioning off the artifact.


Our heroes travel to the Hutt world of Nar Shadda in pursuit of The Goddess. They are forced to take several jobs from the Nal'Shey Corporation (NSC) before they can purchase entry into the auction. While on Nar Shadda they get attacked by Bounty Hunters, but get revenge by stealing vital starship tracking software from the Bounty Hunter Guild offices.

Bidding starts on the auction, with bidders slowly dropping out as the price rises, leaving only our heroes bidding against a mysterious cloaked human. As the bidding hits 23,000 credits he turn to look at Squiff from across the room.

"You do not want to bid against me," he says softly, but Squiff hears his words.
"I do not want to bid against you," repeats Squiff. But Professor and Krayl Nor notice the Jedi mind trick and continue the bidding forcing the stranger to show his hand and bid a huge 50,000 credits!

Winning the auction the stranger grabs The Goddess and flees. The heroes are unable to catch up with him, but Taki'shar, their Jedi ally, has put a tracking device on the strangers ship.

EPISODE II - Blood Reign


The Warriors of gar track the Sith Lord Darth Abaddon to the Elrood Sector, and area of space controlled by the Sith Empire.  They land on Elrood where they encounter the Sith apprentice Aztec, an annoying female Zabrak teenager.  Their search reveals nothing, only for the Jade Dragon to be impounded by the Sith along with Taki'shar, Keril and Soola.  Aztec takes them to her master, Baron Harkness, the Mund ruler of Elrood Sector Spaceport.  He says that their ship was taken by a rival Sith Baron, but he can help them get it back, if they help him.  With little choice they agree.

The Warriors travel to the planet Coyn, home world of the infamous Coynites, strong and skilled fighters.  Baron Harkess suspects that Baron Shayde, the Devronian prefect of Coyn plans to extend his control of the sector, and the Warriors of Gar must discover his plans.

Arriving on Coyn the Warriors of gar are treated as guests to Baron Shayde.  The Baron is preoccupied with running the Gladiatorial Arena duels, a very popular Coynite passtime.  Baron Shaydes fighters very rarely lose, and he has amassed a fortune through the fights and gambling.  While investigating it is noticed that a large contingent of Devronian Mercenaries are on Coyn, and Baron Shayde and the coynite General who serves him are both obviously not trustworthy.  Grieg, Darven and Shikeagorme join the gladiators and befriend several of the Coynites.  Aztec tells the professor of her suspicions about the Devronians.  

The suspicions are soon proved correct.  Our heroes discover that Baron Shayde has been lacing the Coynites drinks with an adrenalin spice, improving their combat ability.  But if this is revealed then the Coynites will be dishonoured and declared Af'harl, and would have to swear loyalty to the Baron, meaning the entire planet would be his slaves rather than employees.  And the Baron has brought in the Devronian Mercenaries to help take control of Coyn.  However, the Baron's plan fails after our heroes reveal the plan to the Coynite population.  The Coynites turn against the Devronians who attempt to flee, and Baron Shayde is executed!  The Coynite General Nash who helped the Baron is declared Af'harl, but he manages to flee.  The events here cause major unrest between Coyn and Devron causing the two worlds to go to war.

Baron Harkness arrives and thanks the Warriors of Gar, and agrees to keep his bargain and reveal who has the Jade Dragon and their friends.   Before he can reveal the information Darth Abaddon appears with several mercenaries.  He opens a holo- communication with his master, Lord Bloodaxe, a powerful Sith Lord.  Lord Bloodaxe is angered at how his plans have been interrupted.  He then gloats that their heroes attempts to stop him have failed, revealing that The Goddess is in fact a powerful Sith artifact that will give him the power to conquer Gar, and be declared Dark Lord of the Sith.  Lord Bloodaxe then orders Darth Abaddon to kill them all!  But the Sith Warrior is not quick enough, Darven draws his rifle blasting Darth Abaddon in the face, while Grieg, Shikeagorme and Krayl easily take care of the mercenaries.

Act II

Aztec unlocks Baron Harkness's computer files to reveal the location of the Jade Dragon, the planet Derilyn.  This world has a very high security.  The plan is simple, use Baron Harkness's computer codes to send a shipment to Derilyn, with everyone hiding in the containers!

The Warriors of Gar manage to fight their way into the base where the Jade Dragon and their friends are being held.  they fight off Sith Soldiers as well as Dark Side Adepts before eventually blasting clear of the planet.  

All is not over a Sith Battle Cruiser attempts to intercept.  Darven makes the calculations in a record time and the Jade Dragon disappears into Hyperspace towards the Blood Drift and the planet Gar where they must warn King Grimgar of the impending attack form the Sith.


Episode III - Attack on Gar

To be concluded...






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