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Starships of the Galaxy


The Aztral Entity

Owner Azra Mayne    
Type Lantillian Short Hauler Size Medium
Crew 2 Consumables 6 Months
Passengers 6 Cost 30,000 cr.
    Cargo 85 m tons

Pilot's Station Port Repulsor Engine 21  Galley
b Co-Pilot Station 10  Vestibule 22  Tech Shop
Shield Operator 11  Main Computer & Life Support 23  Access to Gun turret
Sensors/Communications 12  Starboard Stabiliser 24  Main Engineering
Entry Ramp 13  Escape Pod 25  Foyer/Entry elevator
Azra's Quarters 14  Starboard Repulsor 26  Engineering Station
Darven's Quarters 15  Primary Ion Drive & Hyperdrive
Port Stabiliser 16  Cargo Hold
Passenger Bunk 17  Airlock hatch
Passenger Bunk 18  Crew Lounge
Passenger Bunk 19  Common room
Refresher 20  Medbay


Hyperdrive Multiplier x 6
Hyperdrive Backup x 12


Shield Points  50
Hull Points 150   DR 10
Weapons Turret Laser Canon  fire control +5  damage 4d10x2 
  forward Ion Cannon  fire control +5  damage (special)   



The Jade Dragon

Owner Krayl Nor    
Type Feree Shipyards Light Transport Size Medium
Crew 2 Consumables 3 Months
Passengers 6 Cost 120,000 cr.
    Cargo 40 m tons

Entry Ramp 2 Nav Computer 3 Cockpit
4 Medbay 5 Common Room 6 Captain Room
7 Cargo Bay 8 Cargo / Workshop 9 Crew Quarters


Hyperdrive Multiplier x 5
Hyperdrive Backup x 10
Max Speed Attack


 +10 (Armour)
Shield Points  200
Hull Points 200   DR 20
Weapons Turret Laser Canon (forward)  fire control +4  damage 2d10x2 
  Turret Laser Canon fire control +8  damage 4D10x2




Gar 'Blade-Wing' Starfighter

Type Gar 'Blade-Wing' Starfighter
Crew 1
Passengers 1
Size Tiny
Consumables 1 day
Cost 119,500 credits
Cargo 50 kg


Hyperdrive Multiplier None
Max Speed Ramming
Initiative +2
Maneuverability +2


Shield Points 10
Hull Points 120   DR 5
Weapons Laser Canon (forward)  fire control +4  damage 4d10x2 
  Concussion Missile [ 8 ] (forward)  fire control +4  damage 8D10x2




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