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Welcome to the Rebel Alliance STARGATE Project

Several months ago a Rebel team discovered the existence of an ancient Hypergate, or Stargate.  Although their existence was not so much a mystery, but the discovery of a working one was a surprise.  And when Doctor Ugavine Junior managed to decode it, once he'd had his cup of tea, and it was not that difficult as he'd once built one for a school project, a new galaxy of adventures was awaiting our intrepid hero's.

The Stargate is the gateway to a network of gates spanning across several galaxies.  A Stargate requires a Dial Home Device, DHD, in order to input the co-ordinates of the gate you want to go to.  The gateway is one way only and can only be shut down from the originating DHD.  Something must be passing through the Stargate for it to remain active, although a strong radio signal is enough to keep the gateway open.  Gate addresses are based on ancient star charts, the gates themselves were created by a race simply known as the Ancients. It is believed that the maximum length of time a gateway may be maintained is 35 minutes, though this could change in exceptional circumstances. 

When a Stargate is activated a small 'fountain' erupts from the gateway.  At this point the gateway is still forming and contact leads to instant death.  As does the closing of the gateway while in transit.


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