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Draygons are a clone race of humanoid dragons. They usually stand eight feet tall, twelve feet to their folded wing-tips. Their torso is covered in green scales as tough as any armour with their arms, legs and head having tough green skin. They are a winged race and can fly much faster than they can walk. They also have the ability to 'fly' in space, although scientists are not sure how they do this, and require no space-suit or breath mask to survive in harsh vacuum conditions.

Draygons can be split into three categories: Ints (Intelligents), Drones and mutants. An Int is what is referred to when reference is made to a Draygon. A drone, although looking identical to an Int to a human, is merely a creature. A drone is a non-sentient ferocious animal. Mutants refer to all other forms of Draygon which tend to be few in number and will be explained further on.


Draygon Int ( D6 )

Dexterity 3D Knowledge 2D Mechanical 2D
Perception 3D Strength 7D Technical 1D

Special Skills:

Dexterity:  Fire Breath

May breathe a stream of fire once per round up to 10 meters

Damage: 5D (target may be set alight - GM discretion)

Dexterity: Flying

This skill replaces dodge while airborne.

Special abilities

Space survival

Draygons have an internal oxygen producing system and take no ill effects from exposure to a vacuum or breathed poisons.  A keen observer will notice that a Draygon will always be flapping it's wings while in space. This is necessary for oxygen to be produced. If a Draygon was somehow restrained from flapping it's wings or caught in a small space, like a cave on an asteroid, then it would soon suffocate as would a human.  Of course trying to stop a Draygon flapping it's wings is not an easy task.  Draygons suffer no ill effects of the extreme hot or cold temperatures of space.


Draygon Int ( D20 )

Personality:  Fierce, aggressive and remorseless.  

Example namesDuke, Crax, Armageddon, Inferno, Maul

AgeAs a newly created clone species the lifespan of a Draygon is unknown.

Draygon Species Traits

Ability Modifiers: +7 Strength, +5 Constitution, -4 Intelligence, -4 Wisdom, -4 Charisma

Large Sized -1 to Defense

SpeedBase Speed 12.  flying speed 20, in space 50.

Flying:  A Draygon can fly at speed of 20 in an atmosphere and at a speed of 50 in space.

Temperature Resistance:  Draygons make no saving rolls against adverse effects of temperature.  They can survive extreme hot and cold conditions.

Fire Resistance:  A Draygon is immune to fire damage.

Oxygen:  A Draygon does require oxygen to breath.  They do however have an internal oxygen system allowing them to breath in variable atmosphere conditions and in space.  In order to breath 'internally'  the Draygon must constantly flap it's wings.  When resting in no oxygen environments a Draygons wings will still beat, even if sleeping.

Fire Breath:  A Draygon may use it's fire attack once per combat round as an attack action.  This attack has a range of 10 meters and causes 1D6 damage  (See RCB for catching fire rules page 287).

Claws & Fangs:  A Dryagons Claw or bite attack causes 1D6+ Str Mod. unarmed damage, critical 20.

Natural Armour:  The toughness of a Draygons hide gives it a DR 6.

GM notes: It is strongly recommended that Players are not allowed to play this species.


Example Draygons

Draygon: Adult Int Draygon, Thug 1; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Def 18 ( +2 Dex, +0 Class, +6 Natural); Spd 10m; VP/WP -/19; Atk +8 melee (1d3+7, punch), -1 ranged (4d8, crit 19-20, Blaster [Cannon]); SQ Tainted; SV Fort +6, Ref +2, Will -1; SZ M; FP: 0; DSPs: 6; Rep: +0; Str 24, Dex 14, Con 19, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 8.

Equipment: Blaster Canon (4D8, Crit. 19-20)

Skills: Intimidate +3, Read/Write Basic, Speak Basic, Spot +1, Survival +1, Swim +11

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Endurance, Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, simple weapons)  

Tough Hide: DR 6


Draygon (Tough): Adult Int Draygon, Thug 4; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Def 19 ( +2 Dex, +1 Class, +6 Natural); Spd 10m; VP/WP -/19; Atk +11 melee (1d3+7, punch), +2 ranged (4d8, crit 19-20, Blaster [Cannon]); SQ Dark Side; SV Fort +8, Ref +3, Will +0; SZ M; FP: 0; DSPs: 24; Rep: +1; Str 25, Dex 14, Con 19, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 8.

Equipment: Blaster Canon (4D8, Crit. 19-20)

Skills: Intimidate +6, Pilot +5, Read/Write Basic, Speak Basic, Spot +1, Survival +2, Swim +12

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Endurance, Starship Operation (capital ship), Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, simple weapons)

Tough Hide: DR 6



Draygon Drones

Dexterity 3D Perception 3D Strength 7D

Special Skills & abilities as above


Draygon Background

Draygons were created by the bastard creation Drangal (see entry on Drangal). Drangal was able to use acquired cloning technology to create thirteen prototype Draygon clones. These beings have now become known as 'The Thirteen' or Genesis Draygons. They were created by scientists kidnapped by Drangal and his devoted followers. Of all the Draygons produced since only The Thirteen have free will and independent though, not counting the females (see entry on Draygon Females). The Thirteen were also programmed with all of the genetic engineering knowledge of the genetic scientists that created them. Drangal killed the scientists as soon as he was sure that The Thirteen would be able to achieve his true goal, that of creating a super race in his own image.

The First Generation Dragons were born. The Intelligents (Ints) proved very successful with the Duke and Crax taking on key roles as Draygon Warlords. In those early days the Republic was near collapse, but still Drangals army was too lacking in numbers to be anything more than a real threat to the galaxy. The Draygons were still able to conqueror several small worlds including the high industrial world of Iskalin IX. The Draygons over mined the planet in their haste to build more warships. Soon the planet collapsed and broke up. The Iskalin asteroid belt is now the centre of the Draygon Empire and the most heavily defended Draygon System.

As time progressed the state of the galaxy changed and Drangals army had to deal with the growing armies of Palpatine, no one would dare call Palpatine the Emperor in the presence of a Draygon or Drangal. But there were many flaws in the Second Generation Draygons. The Thirteen had been sent into exile by Drangal, fearing that they may revolt against him, and the new Draygon geneticists were not very competent with many mutations arising. It was at this time however that Drangal realised that he needed a Dark Jedi to fight against Vader and the false Emperor. This was when Vakan, soon to be known as the Dark Lord Draykmihr, would stand at Drangals side.

The Third, Forth and fifth Generation Draygons were created around the time of the Battle of Yavin. By now the Draygon were seen as a threat, and the Empire, Palpatines Empire that is, soon set aside warships to deal with the Dragon threat. Now the Draygons had enemies from every side. The Empire, the Alliance, the Hutts and numerous independent worlds. The Draygon Empire was falling.

Approaching the time of what would become known as the Battle of Hoth Lord Darth Vader's fleet encountered a Draygon War fleet. The Draygon's were out gunned by the Super Star Destroyer 'Executor' but they did not flee. The 'Dragon Fire' was the lead Draygon warship, Drangals flagship, and Drangal refused to flee. The Empire with superior firepower and tactics obliterated the Draygon fleet. The remnants of the Draygon fleet crashed on a small moon where Lord Darth Vader himself led the assault. The Draygons were outflanked, and in a mighty melee Darth Vader swung his crimson bladed Lightsabre slaying the Draygon Emperor. Drangal was dead. The Draygon Empire had fallen.

Beyond the Battle of Endor

Despite the great loss of their Emperor and eighty percent of their forces the Draygons did survive. Their secret cloning facility, despite being sabotaged by Alliance operatives, was still working. The Warlords Duke and Crax survived. A new Warlord also came to the forefront of the Draygon forces, Armageddon, a mighty red scaled Devil Draygon (see entry on Draygon Mutants).

With their Emperor long dead the Draygons slowly became independent. The Duke was far more reasonable that the power mad Crax and bloodthirsty Armageddon. This led to a split in Draygon forces. The Duke fled with only a handful of ships, until eventually making peace with the New Republic. The conditions of which were that he would settle his people on a moon and only defend his own territory. To leave their home system would break the terms of the New Republic truce.

Crax and Armageddon joined forces. They sought out The Thirteen hoping to improve their strength and fighting ability. It was not long before the New Republic had to divert a considerable number of warships to deal with the Draygon threat, just as the Empire had had to do all those years ago.

Sex and reproduction

Draygons are all clones and are unable to reproduce by any other means. It is for this reason that they guard their cloning facilities and genetic engineers very closely.

It is important to remember that Draygons are asexual. They do not have a sex. They do not have sex. Other races will often refer to the Ints as male due to the confusion caused by a class of mutants being referred to as female (see entry on Draygon females).


Draygons are a carnivorous race. The Draygons do not give recognition to any species but their own. All other races are seen as meat, creatures to be conquered, killed and eaten. In most capital ships and in Draygon bases Draygons will keep food stores. All prisoners are taken to the food store (see Draygon Mothership)


Draygon Mutants

Cloning and Genetic Engineering can sometimes be a hit and miss science. The Draygons were created in a rush and as such many mutants have been created. Most of these failures die shortly after their 'birth'. Several mutations however have shown stability and as such these semi-regular mutations have been recognised by the Draygons as an asset. A weak mutant may be left to die, but is never killed. Draygon do not kill their own kind. Below are a few mutants, but others have been bred eg. Aquatic Draygons (have gills & webbed feet).

Devil Draygons

Stats as Draygon Int except with Strength: 12D

During the cloning process a new clone is given an adrenaline based injection too boost strength. At this time the new clone is liable to die if special care is not taken to stabilise it. Occasionally the new clone will reject the stabilisation measures, but somehow survive, but this is very rare. In this instance the new Draygon's skin and scales will turn red and the individual will be endowed with great strength. However, the life expectancy of Devil Draygons is very short. The one such Devil Draygon that appears to be in good health is the Warlord Armageddon.


Black Draygon

Stats as Draygon Int.

Control, Sense & Alter: 5D

Character Points: 5

Force Points: 2

One reason why Palpatine's Empire and the Alliance should fear Draygons above all other reasons is the creation of Black Draygons. With black skin and scales, and glowing red eyes these evil creations are Dark Side force users.

GM Note: A Black Draygon will only ever use Dark Side force powers, or perform force actions that give a Dark Side Point.



Dex: 2D+1 Know 1D Mech: 1D

Perc: 1D+1 Str: 1D+1 Tech: 1D

Special Skills:

Dexterity: Fire Breath

May breathe a stream of fire once per round up to 3 meters; Damage: 3D+1

Dexterity: Flying

Draycons always fly as their legs are too weak to support their weight.

A Draycon could be best described as a Draygon embryo, which is pretty much what it is. It is a small, scrawny imitation of a Draygon standing no more than half a meter tall. During cloning if a geneticist deems that a clone is dying or unstable it will be abandoned, removed from the clone tank and left to die, but not killed as Draygon never kill their own kind. Occasionally these failures survive without any more growth. They flutter around Draygon starships and fortresses acting as messengers.


Regeneration Draygons

Stats as Draygon Int.

A regeneration Draygon may roll for natural healing after every round, making them extremely hard to kill.


Female Draygons

Dex: 3D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 4D Str: 6D Tech: 1D

Special Skills:

Dexterity: Flying - This skill replaces dodge while airborne.

GM Note: 'female' Draygons can not breathe fire.

Space survival - as Draygon Ints, but are required to be in true Draygon form.


A Draygon 'female' has it's true form and a humanoid form. Occasionally it will have many other forms, but all will be human female in outward appearance. While in human form the Draygon loses the use of it's wings (there is no half-form) and loses 2D from it's Strength Attribute (but not skills).

Although referred to as female due to their outward appearance, and the fact that they are capable of simulating having sex, the Draygon female is still not strictly female but asexual. The Draygon 'female' is also not a mutant. The few females were created as consorts to the Draygon Empress Glasyana. They do not have the mind programming that the other Draygons do and are more cunning and devious. They are often used as undercover operatives.

GM Note: Players should be allowed to play a Draygon 'female' although it would be recommended that they a only have one human form. The PC could genuinely be interested in joining the Rebel Alliance (or what other group you are running) or could be an infiltrator.


Apocalypse Draygons

GM Note: The Apocalypse Draygons (or Draygon Munchkin) should be used if the PC's not be scared of regular Dragons anymore. A Coynite or Gammorean would probably have the upper hand against a Draygon, but would find it a lot more difficult to challenge an Apocalypse Draygons. For this reason Apocalypse Draygons are not included in regular Draygon continuity.

Dex: 3D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 3D Str: 9D Tech: 1D

Special skills and abilities as Draygon Int.

Creation of Apocalypse Draygons

  • Crax eventually finds one of The Thirteen Genesis Draygons who is a able to increase the strength of a new batch of Draygons.
  • They are a large batch of Draygon mutants.
  • A meddling time traveller wishing to see the Draygons cause galaxy wide destruction travels back to the Draygons creation and alters the original Draygon genetic code.


Generations of Draygons

Each new clone batch is classed as a new Generation.  A single Generation may have been produced over a long length of time.  The most notable difference in generations is not noticeable with the naked eye, but at a genetic level.  Draygon genetic scientists are constantly trying to perfect the Draygon genetic structure.  What flaws Draygons may have is being kept very secret and all attempts to discover such genetic defects has so far proved ill-fated.

Exact numbers on the size of each batch are unknown.  The Draygons are believed to have several secret cloning facilities across the galaxy.

1st Generation 20% Ints, 70% Drones, 10% mutants.  

Only 0.5% of mutants survived.

Clone rate 60% successful

Notable 1st Gen: Duke, Crax


2nd Generation 20% Ints, 75% Drones, 5% mutants

2% of Mutants survived

Clone rate 70% successful

Notable 2nd Gen: Armageddon


3rd Generation 70% Ints, 15% Drones, 15% Mutants

12% of Mutants survived

Specially engineering Mutants were successfully created including Black Draygons and Female Draygons.

Clone rate 93% successful

Notable 3rd Gen: Fireball (aka. Inferno), Anthrax, Poison, Lockjaw


4th Generation 50% Ints, 50 % Drones

Clone rate 12% successful.

A disastrous batch of Draygons no doubt caused due to their attempt to cleanse the genetic pool of the defects causing Mutants.

Failure of this batch played a considerable part in the defeat of the Draygon Empire


5th Generation 100% Ints

Clone rate 95% Successful

With the genetic pool cleansed the Draygons start to repopulate their Empire.

Notable 5 Gen: Warlord Carnifex


6th Generation 60% Ints, 40% Drones

Clone rate 92% successful.

This is the largest batch of Draygons ever grown, by order of Warlord Carnifex.


Apocalypse Draygons These monsters were created out of time and are not considered to belong to any Generation of Draygons.




Notable Draygon's

Emperor Drangal

(although not technically a Draygon)

The exiled deranged scientist Hieuielllish was exiled from his own dimension/galaxy. Forced to exist as a mortal he continued his evil twisted experiments in genetics. His goal was to create a super race. One such 'Frankenstein' experiment created a single creature, DRANGAL. Drangal escaped, but was nothing more than a maniacal beast. Hieuielllish attempted to recover his creation, but was killed while defending his fortress against Republic forces.

Drangal wound up on the desert world of Tatooine, how, no one really knows for sure. He was found by Klatak, a champion Dool fighter employed by Jabba the Hutt. As an amusement Jabba threw the beast into the Dool arena. It killed the Gammorean Gladiator champion. At first Jabba was appalled, and order the beast slain, but whenever anyone made any aggressive action against it Drangal killed them. Soon Drangal was Dool champion and Jabba's favourite.

Drangal changed. It turned out that his mind was not really that of a beast, but of a deranged child, and the child was maturing. And Drangal's intelligence was increasing at a dramatic rate. He took charge of many of Jabba the Hutt's operation including leading a group of pirates known as Phoenix. He started to grow too powerful. The pirates became loyal to Drangal, and the beast turned on his Hutt masters, so the Hutt's set him up. Jabba gave away Drangals location to the Republic navy who were able to engage Drangal in starship combat. The battle was a long one. Drangal had become a genius in command and had built himself a small fleet with the money he had stolen. Eventually the Republic forces were victorious, sending the Phoenix starship with Drangal in command hurtling into a nearby sun. Drangal was thought dead.

Drangal survived. His skin and scales burn off by the flames of the sun, but somehow he survived. He escaped his fiery doom and set out to conqueror the galaxy. He still had many pirates loyal to him and with their help they kidnapped several of the galaxies top genetic engineers to create a race in his own image. It was the birth of the Draygon Empire

Dex: 3D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 3D* Str: 10D** Tech: 2D

Brawl Parry: 10D, Dodge: 5D, Aliens: 5D, Planets: 4D, Streetwise: 8D, Survival: 14D

Technology: 6D, Piloting: 5D, Bargain: 6D, Command: 8D, Command:Draygons: 10D+2,

Con: 5D, Search: 6D, Brawl: 12D, Lifting: **, Stamina: **,

* Despite his flashes of genius Drangal is quite insane. Any attempt to make a force attack on Drangal can bring about a random effect. Usually, however, it simply turns him into a rage.

** Drangal's Strength code is simply to reflect his skill dice and how much damage a mere swipe from the beast would cause. Exactly how strong he is has never been put to the test. But he has in the past toppled AT-AT walkers, torn holes in the hull of Star Destroyers and survived a fall into a sun. PC's really shouldn't want to get into a fight with this guy! For a more random damage use (1D20)D6.


Duke of Draygons

Dex: 3D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 3D Str: 7D Tech: 1D

Draygon Int.

Heavy Weapons: 7D, Dodge: 5D, Flying: 7D, Brawl Parry: 8D, Survival: 6D, Streetwise: 7D

Planets: 6D, Starship Tactics: 7D, Piloting: 5D, Bargain: 5D, Command: 8D, Search: 6D

Brawling: 9D, Lifting: 10D, Stamina: 9D, Security: 4D,

The Duke is a First Generation Draygon. If there is such a thing as a level headed Draygon then it is the Duke. The Duke is totally loyal to Drangal, but will not cause needless pain to prisoners. He is also the only Draygon to see other species as individuals, and not as prey. In the later years of the Empire after Drangals death, and the release from Drangals mind programming, the Duke and Crax came to blows, the first Draygon civil war. Due to only having a few loyal to him the Duke eventually fled and requested asylum within the New Republic. The Duke and his followers settled on a harsh world with no sentient inhabitants, which they renamed Dragon Home. Bound by his agreement with the New Republic the Duke was never to leave Dragon Home.


Crax, Warlord of Draygons

Dex: 3D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 3D Str: 7D* Tech: 1D

Draygon Int.

Heavy Weapons: 9D, Dodge: 6D, Flying: 7D, Brawl Parry: 9D, Survival: 5D, Streetwise: 4D

Planets: 5D, Starship Tactics: 6D, Command: 7D, Search: 6D, Brawling: 11D, Lifting: 12D, Stamina: 10D, Demolition's: 6D

* +1D natural Armour

Crax, like the Duke is a first Generation Draygon. Placed in command of the Draygon starfleet Crax is a viscous commander who takes pleasure from the total destruction he causes. He has also been known to play with his food, slowly tearing the limbs off the poor human whom he intends to feed upon. His scales also have a tint of red after ordering the genetic engineers to splice his DNA with that of a Devil-Draygon to increase the toughness of his hide.

After the death of Drangal, Crax and Armageddon went on a galactic rampage of destruction.


Armageddon, High Lord

Dex: 3D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 3D Str: 12D Tech: 1D

Devil Draygon

Dodge: 5D, Flying: 5D, Brawl Parry: 6D, Survival: 6D, Streetwise: 3D, Planets: 5D,

Starship Tactics: 5D, Command: 7D, Search: 5D, Brawling: 12D, Lifting: 12D, Stamina: 12D,

A Sixth Generation Devil-Draygon Mutant. Taller and more powerful than other Draygons, this red scaled nightmare is a true terror amongst Draygons. Armageddon came to power after Drangals death, where he allied himself with Crax a set about the destruction of galactic society.


Draykmihr (Vakan), Dark Lord

Dex: 4D Know 2D+2 Mech: 3D

Perc: 3D Str: 3D+1 Tech: 2D

Genetically enhanced human

Lightsabre: 8D, Blaster:6D, Dodge: 6D, Survival: 6D, Streetwise: 7D+1, Piloting: 6D,

Gunnery: 6D, Command: 6D, Search: 6D, hide/sneak: 5D, Con: 5D, Brawling: 7D,

Stamina: 7D, Security: 4D, Computers: 5D, CONTROL: 8D, SENSE: 7D, ALTER: 9D

Vakan was once nothing but a petty street punk leading a small gang of swoopers called the Dark Warriors. He had minor force abilities and his natural aggression and hatred of society led to the Dark Side. He soon found that the Dark Warriors wanted nothing to do with him. He killed most of the gang and roamed the galaxy until being offered the opportunity to become a Dagger Commander by the Duke. But the Duke was following the Emperor Drangals twisted plan to even the score with the false Empire and it's Dark Side servant Darth Vader. An ancient and thought forgotten ritual was used to bring forth the spirit of a long dead Sith Lord known as Draykmihr. Draykmihr used Vakan as a vessel for his spirit, sur pressing most of Vakan's own will. He was not impressed by Vakan's weak frame and attempted to genetically enhance Vakan's body. An experiment which failed, leaving Vakan a twisted combination of human and Draygon.

Occasionally Vakan's personality will surface. He is no longer the young man of hatred that he once was, but a weak soul begging for freedom from his now terrible existence.


Nemesis, Lord of the Apocalypse Draygons

Dex: 3D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 3D Str: 9D Tech: 1D

Apocalypse Draygon

Dodge: 5D, Flying: 7D, Brawl Parry: 8D, Survival: 4D, Streetwise: 7D

Bargain: 6D, Command: 7D+1, Search: 6D, Brawling: 10D, Stamina: 12D

The Apocalypse leader is one of cunning, unusual in a Draygon. He is willing to make deals with other species too further his own goals. He is also willing to break such deals at a whim.


Poison & Anthrax

Dex: 3D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 4D Str: 6D Tech: 1D

Female Draygon.

Dodge: 6D, Flying: 6D, Planets: 4D, Aliens: 5D, Streetwise: 6D, Technology: 5D, Survival: 6D

Bargain: 5D, Command: 6D, Con: 7D, Hide/sneak: 6D, Search: 6D, Persuasion: 6D,

Brawl: 7D, Stamina: 7D, Security: 5D, First Aid: 4D

In a bid to expand the Draygon Empire a party of three Draygons, Poison, Anthrax and Lockjaw, were sent into the realm known as Otherspace. Their mission was to map this new expanse and locate viable targets for conquest. They were also to find new technology that the Draygon Empire may use.

Unfortunately the trio have no way of returning to realspace. Their contact with the Charon was unsuccessful. Despite their survival, the arachnids showed too much initiative for the Draygons. The original mission may have also backfired, for if they ever find a way into realspace the Charon have targeted the Draygons for examination and extermination.

Poison did come close to finding a way back to realspace when she met with a small group of rebels who had the misfortune to crash in Otherspace. The rebels were all but willing to return Poison to realspace until her treachery became apparent.



Dex: 3D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 3D Str: 7D Tech: 1D

Draygon Int.

Dodge: 5D, Flying: 5D, Brawl Parry: 5D, Survival: 4D, Piloting: 5D, Astrogation: 5D

Search: 4D, Security: 4D, Computers: 4D, Starship Repair: 3D+2

Accompanying Poison and Anthrax was Lockjaw. He is nothing more that a thug, sent to keep check on the 'females'.


Empress Glasyana

Very little is known about the Empress Glasyana. She was supposedly a beautiful woman with demonic traits of horns, wings and forked tail. The rumour goes that she was a powerful being from a higher dimension. Others say she came from a parallel universe similar to Otherspace known as the Demon Realm. She was 'summoned' as a consort to the Emperor, but the two had little contact within their own Empire. It was Glasyana who commissioned the genetic engineers to produce the 'female' Draygons for her sick carnal pleasures. There were other rumours saying that she had magical powers and could even grant wishes, all unsubstantiated. Whatever became of the Empress Glasyana is also a mystery. It is known that she disappeared, again rumours say killed, shortly before the Battle of Hoth.


Draygon Ranks

Drangal made up the Draygon rankings system, and as Emperor chooses to alter it as he sees fit.

Emperor (Drangal)

Empress (Glasyana)



Dark Lord

High Lord




Dagger Commander




Dagger are also referred to as Non-Draygon. The term Non-Draygon does not apply to other races, but to those other races that serve the Draygon Empire. Of those servants the Dagger are the warriors. Clad in Powersuit Battle-Armour with an array of weapons most are pirates and cut-throats, some of whom served Drangal in the Phoenix Pirates. The Dagger work as crewmen on Draygon starships, or as guards on Draygon bases and captured worlds. They Guard the slaves and 'food stores'. Despite the fanatical, genocidal nature of most Dagger they still only rank at the bottom of the Draygon hierarchy.

Dagger Warrior

Dex: 3D Know 1D Mech: 2D

Perc: 2D Str: 3D Tech: 1D

Blaster: 5D, Dodge: 5D, Armour Weapons: 5D

Heavy Blaster Rifle (6D)

Dagger Armour

Provides full cover +2D to resist all damage. Dexterity skills -1D due to bulk.

Wrist Cannon (4D+1)

Flame Thrower (5D)

Grenade Launcher (5D) [with 5 grenades]



Most of Draygon Technology is stolen. Their Warships are crudely made and most of their weapons to open to jury rig rules for possible malfunction.

Draygon Blaster Cannon

Skill to Use: Heavy Weapons

Range: 20 / 40 / 60

Damage: 7D

Capsule: A Draygon Cannon is a large cylindrical weapon and very heavy. A Character must make a Difficult Lifting roll in order to be able to use it. The early Draygons used these weapons but later generation relied solely upon their physical fighting prowess.


Draygon Constructs

Drangal began to question sending his drones to their deaths as front-line troops. He ordered a project to be set up to produce a more expendable non-draygon soldier. Several Draygon Constructs were built, all were deemed as failures. They were created on a framework of a Dragon drone body minus the wings, and heavily cyborged. The result were a batch of freaks. The Mark I was a failure and died shortly after its creation. The Mark II was too dangerous and would not obey orders. It was locked in a cell where it probably still is to this day. Remember, Draygons do not kill their own. The Mark III was a more human approach. It was even field tested in a small campaign, where the Draygon forces were defeated by the untimely arrival of Coynite Mercenaries. The Mark III construct was destroyed. Xzaakrys, the Mark IV construct survives, but has been deemed a failure. After the failure of the Mark IV construct the project was abandoned.


Xzaakrys, Mark IV Draygon Construct

Dex: 4D Know 2D Mech: 2D

Perc: 3D Str: 6D Tech: 1D

Blaster: 6D, Dodge: 5D, Brawl: 7D, Stamina: 7D, Lifting: 7D, Starship Piloting: 4D

Special abilities:

Natural Armour (+1D)

The Mark IV construct requires oxygen, but will not die without it. The Mark IV construct can survive 1D hours without oxygen. Then it loses 1D from all skill per 30 minutes until it's Stamina reaches zero. At this point it goes into a comatose state, but will revive when placed into a breathable environment.

Xzaakrys, the Mark IV construct was already deemed a failure. That was before the incident that freed him from the Draygons. A small team of operatives from the Rebel Alliance had managed to escape the food store and were trying to get out of the Draygon base at the heart of the Astro Seas. They hid in the medical bay, where the Mark IV construct was strapped into an upright chamber. The bumbling rebels were captured by the Draygon doctors, and were about to be put to death when the Mark IV had other thoughts. Breaking free of it's restraints the Mark four opened a can of whoop ass on the Draygon doctors and joined the rebels in their escape.

How exactly the Mark IV construct was named Xzaakrys is not clear. He is a simple minded being with a child like sense of wonder. Always ready for a fight, but very protective of his friends. A question that has yet to be answered yet, although he attacked the Draygon doctors, would he again be capable of attacking another Draygon. What exactly was in the mind probes that the Draygon gave him?


Playing Draygons

It is not recommended that players play regular Draygons. Firstly they are really too strong to use as a player-character. Secondly their devotion to the Emperor Drangal and his plan to conqueror the galaxy make them tricky to role-play.

Play Xzaakrys, the Mark IV Draygon Construct (see adventure hooks)

Play a female Draygon.

These are the most likely to be found in whatever campaign you are running. As they do not have the Draygon mind-programming they could feasibly be helping the Rebels Alliance, the Empire, Bounty Hunters, Pirates, Smugglers, the list goes on.

Female Draygons will probably be ashamed of their heritage, often choosing to keep to their human guise. They are very affectionate, but could also be very promiscuous. A female Draygon, you must remember, is *not* female, they are still asexual, but they are more likely to take on female personalities. They may also start to despair at the fact they can not have any children.

Play a Draygon Mutant

Discuss with your GM. The appearance could be similar to a regular Draygon. Maybe less Strength if used as a PC.


Adventure hooks

The Astro Seas.

The PC's try to destroy the Draygon base at the heart of the Astro Seas.

First they would have to avoid the Draygon starship patrols. Then fly through the extremely dense asteroid field. PC's should be able to land on the asteroid and find an airlock. (the map from Strike force: Shantipole is perfect for the Draygon base).

The PC's must plant the explosives and get out.

On their escape they come across the medbay and Xzaakrys, the Draygon Construct who helps them to escape.


Trapped on a planet under Draygon control the PC's must avoid being rounded up as food.

A local rebel leader suggests that the PC's somehow sabotage the Draygon Mothership.

PC's must find a way into the Mothership and a way to destroy it.

However, with things seemingly under control an Imperil fleet arrives to retake the planet and it looks like they will destroy the Mothership before the PC's can escape.

Otherspace revisited

The PC's after hyperdrive malfunction end up once more in otherspace.

They find a derelict capital ship and decide to investigate for spare hyperdrive parts. There they fins a beautiful woman who asks to accompany them. Eventually she introduces her comrades, Anthrax and Lockjaw. She is Poison.

The Charon arrive. They assault the wreck knowing that there is someone aboard. The PC's may be surprised to find the Draygons fighting on their side against the Charon.

Lockjaw is presumed killed, only to return later in the adventure as a mutated Charon Construct!

After the PC's repair their ship to return to realspace Poison becomes more aggressive and tries to steal the ship forcing the PC's to fight off the three Draygons while escaping before more charon return.

Sith Revenge

The Dark Lord Draykmihr knows the location of Xanos, an ancient Sith stronghold.

A Jedi in the players party receives a premonition of this. The PC's, after investigation, are able to track the Draygon's to the world of Xanos, which is in a decaying orbit around a dying sun.

There they find Draykmihr trying to open a Sith tomb.

To complicate matters Imperial ISB agents arrive on Xanos.

The PC's end up working with the ISB, who no doubt betray the PC's, to stop Draykmihr opening the tomb.

The Jedi is forced to confront Draykmihr. The two duel as the sun goes supernova forcing all to escape with haste!



15 years before ANH Drangal is created by the twisted genetic engineer Hieuielllish.

Drangal escapes and is found by Jabba the Hutt's henchmen on Tatooine.

14 years before ANH Drangal competes in the barbaric Dool fights. He is undefeated.
12 years before ANH Drangal joins the Phoenix Pirates as a boarder.
11 years before ANH Drangal takes command of the Phoenix Pirates but Jabba the Hutt betrays him to the Republic. The starship Phoenix is destroyed, its remains with Drangal on board career into a sun.
10 years before The cult of Dagger emerges. A Pirate group who worship Drangal as their god.
8 years before ANH Drangal returns. He captures several of the galaxies most renown genetic scientists and forces them to create a race in his own image.
7 years before ANH The Thirteen are created.

The First Generation Draygons are created.

Drangal sends The Thirteen into exile.

5 years before ANH Second Generation Draygons
1 year before ANH Third Generation Draygons

First appearance of the Empress Glasyana

1 year after ANH Vakan is possessed by the spirit of the Dark Lord Draykmihr.

The first Female Draygons are created.

Draygon Construct project.

2 year after ANH Fourth Generation Draygons

The Empress Glasyana disappears, presumed dead.

Darth Vader kills the Emperor Drangal

The Draygon Empire falls.

8 years after ANH Draygon Civil War.

The Duke asks the New Republic for asylum.

Dragon Home becomes the home of the Dukes Draygons.

9 years after ANH Crax and Armageddon become enthralled in a war with the New Republic, but are outnumbered.

Crax seeks out The Thirteen.

Draygon number dwindle as Draygon clone tanks are destroyed by New Republic forces.

10 years + after ANH Rumours of Drangals return...?