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"The Jedi were guardians of peace and justice." - Obi-Wan Kenobi

"Their fire has gone out of this Universe.  You my friend are all that is left of that ancient religion." - Grand Moff Tarkin


Grand Moff Tarkin was wrong.  Many Jedi died in the Emperors purge of their order.  A few fell to the Dark Side, some have hidden themselves away, much like Kenobi did.  Then there are those that continue the fight.

The Force Alliance is the Warriors of Gar unofficial Jedi Council.  Though their ranks are made up of a few Jedi, they will accept any Light-Side force users into their secret council, Jedi or not, such as the Ewok Shaman Greyfur.  The Force Alliance cannot act in public so must keep their society a secret, from the Empire at least.  They operate from many worlds, though their base of operations is in the Tapani Sector within Pelagian space.


The Jedi Council is over-seen by three Jedi Masters, Dee Von Zarachkas, Savant and Master Te.


The Force Alliance is broken into three distinct sections, the Jedi Masters, the Force Alliance War Council and with the third, The Assembly, being a collective of everything else including intelligence, training and supply.  


The Jedi Masters

These are the individuals who lead the fight against evil.  Although their main goal is the downfall of Emperor Palpatine and his agent, Darth Vader, their activities are not limited to the Empires evil.  Other power mongers and Dark Siders are at work in the galaxy and it is the Jedi Masters who must make the decisions.  The Force Alliance numbers are low and they must work in secret so it is often a matter of who is the greater evil.  Tough decisions for a Jedi to make.


The Force Alliance War Council

The War Council deals primarily with the threat of the Empire and is the primary contact with the Rebel Alliance.  It is notable that Vice-Admiral Minhg is not an actual member of the Force Alliance, even though he has limited force abilities, and Colonel Dax has no force powers whatsoever.  Through Minhg and Dax the Force Alliance am able to pass on vital information to the Rebellion, with the Rebellion being the main source of information for the Force Alliance.


The Assembly

Everyone else falls under the Assembly.  Duties include supply of goods and information, as well as providing the Force Alliance with operatives for special assignments.  The Assembly also deals with the training of Padawans, although training is not provided for those not willing to follow the Jedi Code.  Individuals like Greyfur can not learn from the Assembly without giving up his Ewok Shaman customs, something he is not prepared to do.



Player Characters of the Force Alliance


Dee Von Zarachkas (pron. zarakas)

Character Type Jedi Master
Race Human
Age 60
Quote "You must do as you feel is right."
Player ID Ugavine

"Good day fellow gentlebeings. I am Dee Von, and no, I have no desire to 3D people through tables. I am Jedi, but I grow old and my powers weak.  Yet I cannot sit by and watch the Empires evil any longer.  I have foreseen the future.  There will be A New Hope.  A New Jedi Order.  My time has passed.  I just hope to make a difference until the day I join the force."

Dodge 5D Alien Races 4D+2 Beast Riding 2D+1
Melee Parry 4D Cultures 5D+1 Starship Piloting 3D+1
Lightsabre 8D Bureaucracy 4D+1    
    Languages 5D    
    Survival 5D+2    
    Jedi Lore 4D+2    
Bargain 4D+1 Climb/jump 3D+1 First Aid 4D
Command 4D+1 Stamina 4D+2    
Hide/sneak 4D+2        
Search 4D+1        

Equipment: Lightsabre, staff, comlink

Capsule:  Dee Von is an old school Jedi.  He served during the Clone Wars.  During Palpatines uprising.  Vader was killing the Jedi, and Dee Von knew he could not face the Dark Lord of the Sith on his own.  Letting the force be his guide Dee Von hid.  He knew that his time to fight would come.  Dee Von had a problem.  His powers were great and Vader could sense his presence from across  the galaxy.  Dee Von in his attempt to hide turned his force powers upon himself and tried to dampen his own force powers.  Disaster.  What he was doing had not been tried before and Dee Von was distraught when he lost his ability to use the force altogether. At least he would no longer be a threat to Vader and his Emperor.  

Over the passing years Dee Von's powers slowly returned, but the once powerful Jedi Knight was reduced to a Padawan.  He learnt of the Rebel Alliance, and then of the destruction of Alderaan.  Dee Von knew that now was the time to act.  Joining the the Alliance Dee Von fights for freedom and Justice in the hope that once more the Jedi Order can be formed.  Dee Von Zarachkas has recently been secretly involved in the formation of the Force Alliance.

Quirks / Odd abilities: in restaurants with a group Dee Von always gets the tables.

GM notes:  by the way, I created this character back in around 1989.  I only started watching wrestling about 1995, so the name Dee Von is purely coincidental.





Character Type Jedi Master
Race Human: Amazon
Age 2 million years !!!
Quote "I use the force only for defense, and I defend myself by kicking your ass!"
Player ID Dreadtech


Capsule:  Savant keeps very much to herself.  She is usually found in the company of Colonel Dax.




 Jo’din Northstar

Character Type Minor Jedi / Nun
Race Twi'lek
Age mid 20's
Quote "Aren't you glad you brought me along."
Player ID Ugavine

"Hello.  I'm Jo'din, hi.  It's good this isn't it.  If you didn't know, I'm a twi'lek.  I grew up on Ryloth and now I help my friend in the Rebel Alliance.  You wouldn't believe the things this Empire does.  They're terrible.  I mean, well, terrible.  Why they would want to be so cruel I don't understand.  Isn't it better just to be nice to people?"

"Oh screw this nice girl crap!  Let's face it, the Alliance is making no impact on the Empire.

That's why I'm joining up with the NEW BLOODAXE ORDER!"

Blaster 4D Cultures 4D Astrogation 3D+1
Dodge 5D+1 Languages 4D Starship Piloting 5D
Melee Parry 6D Planetary Systems 3D+2    
Melee 4D+1 Survival 4D    
Lightsabre 7D        
Bargain 3D+2 Climb/Jump 3D+1 First Aid 4D
Command 4D+2 Stamina 4D+1 Security 4D
Hide/Sneak 4D     Lightsabre Rep. 3D+1
Search 4D+1        
Willpower 4D        
Control 5D Sense 4D+1 Alter 4D+1

Force Points: 2

Unique Jedi Ability: Truth-Teller

Equipment: Lightsabre, comlink, survival suit, medpac

Capsule:  Jo'din Northstar is a minor Jedi, but her powers are growing.  She is a truth-teller, which means that provided she tells the truth, which she always does anyway, people will believe her.  Jo'dn grew up on Ryloth in a convent.  Jo'din is a nun.  She started developing force powers when she reached puberty, and fearing that the Imperial search for Jedi would lead to the convent Jo'din fled Ryloth to save her sisterhood.  Jo'din has since joined the Alliance where she serves as a very effective agent, despite her naivety.  Jo'din just can not understand the concept of the Dark Side.  She can not understand why anyone would want to be bad, let alone evil.



Character Type Jedi Knight
Race Auororro-tang
Age approx. 40 standard years
Quote "May the force be with you dude."
Player ID Ugavine

"Dude.  I'm, Gravin.  I'm the coolest Jedi dude you'll find in the Warriors of Gar."

Blaster 7D Alien Races 4D Astrogation 3D
Brawl Parry 5D Bureaucracy 3D+1 Starship Piloting 5D
Dodge 6D Languages 4D+1 Starship Gunnery 3D
Melee Parry 5D Planetary Systems 3D+1 Repulsorlift Op 3D
Lightsabre 11D Technology 4D    
    Cultures 4D+1    
    Streetwise 3D+1    
    Survival 5D    
Bargain 4D+1 Brawl 5D+2 First Aid 4D+2
Command 6D Stamina 4D Security 3D+2
Hide/Sneak 4D+2        
Search 3D Martial Arts (A) 2D    
Battle Awareness 3D        
Willpower 3D        
Control 10D Sense 10D Alter 8D

Force Points: 9

Unique Jedi Ability: Droid Telepathy

Equipment: Lightsabre, blaster pistol, space suit, medpac, thermal detonator, small starship

Capsule:  Bounty Hunter, to rebel soldier to Jedi.  Gravin is one of the most powerful Jedi within the Rebel Alliance.  Keeping that power a secret has proven very difficult.  Gravin's people are techno phobic, except for a few outlaws.  Gravin was one of these outlaws, and left his world aboard a passing starship.  He loves technology and little gadgets and even has a multitude of settings on his Lightsbare.




Character Type Ewok Shaman
Race Ewok
Age 60
Quote Coatee chah tu yub nub
coatee chah tu yahwah
coatee chah tu glowah
allay loo ta nuv
Player ID Ugavine

"[translated from Ewokese] Ahh... the Great Tree Spirits have spoken, it was our destiny that we should meet.  The Tree Spirits have brought you here so I can guide you on your path to greater knowledge of the Star Wars RPG.  But guiding need, you do not.  Look around you.  Look around the Sithspawn's Lair.  Arrrghh!  Beecha wawa!  The Sithspawn!  Run away.. save me oh Great Tree..."

Dodge 5D+2 Survival 3D+2
Melee 4D+1 Cultures: Ewok 3D    
Thrown Wepaons 4D+2        
Hide/Sneak 7D+2 Climb/Jump 3D+1 First Aid 4D
Search 7D+2 Stamina 3D+1    
Sense 2D

Force Points: 3

Special Abilities: Search by scent +1D

Equipment: Spear, healing satchel, knife, magic stones, bag of apples (or other fruit)

Capsule:  Like nearly all of the Ewoks roaming the galaxy Greyfur left Endor stowed away on a ship.  This ship was the Scorpio, owed by the rebel free-runner Darrow.  Greyfur was slowly growing old on Endor.  He had already chosen an apprentice to take over as his tribes Medicine Man, and passed on most of his knowledge.  His time on Endor was done.  Upon leaving Endor Greyfur has found a new leash of life.  Although he is often the calm, wise old Shaman that he once was on Endor, he often gets so excited by this new amazing galaxy that he acts like a Wokling.  Not a violet person by nature.  In a fight he usually resorts to throwing sharp pieces of fruit, any left over afterwards can then be used to make a very nice salad from a recipe his mother taught him.

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