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Heroic & Prestige Classes - D20

Time Bandit

Operating in secret (supposedly) on behalf of the Celestial Intervention Agency, a secret division of Time Lords operating above the Laws of Time, are the Time Bandits.  Their primary goal is to apprehend time meddlers and rogue time travelers that could cause harm to the space/time vortex or create untold paradoxes in the future, perhaps shaking the existence of the universe itself.  The Time Bandits operate out of Crix city on the moon Shaldon of the planet Caldon.  Crix City exists near the end of time in a redundant time-line that cannot be effected by paradoxes.  It is a sprawling metropolis of sin, degradation, and all that is left of races as time draws to a close.  The Time Bandits are mostly, though not all, muscle.  They have the strength and firepower to crush opposition, even though their numbers are small.  They usually operate as a small team of 3-4.  Time Bandit members are taken from any time.  some were chosen by the Celestial Intervention Agency, others volunteered.  Means of time travel varies.  Most Time Bandits vehicles, from starships to tanks, are equipped with time-drives, or failing that they rely on a time portal that is operated from Time Bandit HQ.




To qualify to become a Time Bandit a character must fulfill the following criteria: 

Attack bonus: +8

Feats: a minimum of 4 weapon proficiencies.

Special: Must be a member of the Time Bandits.

Not essential, but it helps:  Raving mad!  Mentally Insane!  or simple bloody coo-koo!!!


Game Information

Vitality: 1D10 + Constitution modifier

Class Skills: Astrogate, Computer Use, Demolitions, Disable Device, Entertain, Hide, Intimidate, Pilot, Search, Spot, Survival.

Skill Points at each level:4 +Intelligence modifier


Class Features

Starting Feat: Weapon Focus, Starship Operation (Time Machine)

Time Sense:  In a situation where events have changed due to a meddlesome time traveler, or if a time device is in operation nearby the GM may allow the Time Bandits to make a Time Sense roll.  The Time Bandit uses his WILL saving modifiers for this roll.

Time Trauma:  Time Bandits are fearless warriors.  They rarely stand down to anyone and are always ready for a fight.  It has been surmised that the reason behind this fearlessness and the erratic personalities of most Time Bandits is caused by some kind of mental trauma brought on by continuous time traveling.   Time Bandits gain +4 to WILL save against any fear checks eg. Frightful presence.  If the Fear force skill is used against a character with Time Trauma add +4 to any penalties (ie. penalty should be -6 it become only -2.  If the penalty is only -2 the Time Bandit will then GAIN +2 bonus and no doubt laugh out loud at the Dark Sider as they proceed to kick his ass).

Level Base Attack Fort. save Ref. save Will save Special Defence bonus Reputation
1 +1 +2 +1 +1 Starting Feats +1 -1
2 +2 +3 +2 +2 Time Trauma +2 +0
3 +3 +3 +2 +2 Intimidation bonus +2 +2 +0
4 +4 +4 +2 +2 +3 +1
5 +5 +4 +3 +3 Time Sense +3 +1

Variation (1): New Bandit Order

The New Bandit Order operate in opposition to the Time Bandits.  They are trouble makers and time meddlers who care for nothing but the chaos they create.  Replace Time Trauma with Coward.

Coward:  The NBO will run rather than fight.  They may when fighting defensively and fleeing they gain a +4 bonus to Defense and a speed increase of +5 cumulative with any other bonuses.  They suffer -2 to all attack actions when employing this class feature.

Variation (2): Time Traveller

For whatever reason the character has found a means of traveling though time.   Replace Time Trauma with History (see Time Lord below) and the Intimidation bonus at level 3 with Bonus Feat - Skill Emphasis.