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Simple Apartment

Small apartments can be found throughout the galaxy from advanced cities, deep space star cruisers to backwater hovels.  A Bed, chair, a small cupboard and a refresher is pretty much all you get.  The cleanliness will depend on the planet you are on and how many credits you are willing to spend.  Similar apartments in Tapani and Tatooine will dramatically varying prices.

There is very little that can be found in a simple apartment that is not on display.  People have been know to fit wardrobes and cupboards with false floors or backs to conceal weapons.  Loose floor tiles also make for a good, if not obvious, hiding place for goods.


Backwater world Prison

Outer Rim and backwater worlds rarely have the high technology of the Core Worlds.  This does not stop criminals from operationg, an neither does it mean there is no law enforcement.  Prisons have to rely more on guards and the physical structure to hold it's prisoners.  In most medieval fortification the prisons are build below ground often causing them to become flooded during periods of heavy rainfall.

Two or three prisoners are often kept in cells together.  Only dangerous prisoners are kept apart.  Guards will rarely patrol in numbers less than two.  Backwater prisons often have a small room where prisoners can be taken for interrogation and even torture.  These rooms will always have an array or torture implements hanging from the walls.  Quite often a skeleton of a former prisoner will hang from a cage to add fear into new interrogated victims.

Cell Doors -  A character will have to make a Strength DC 40 to break such a cell door.  A cell door cannot be opened from within.  Often cell doors are merely bolted.  If they are locked someone outside can make a pick lock roll DC 15.

Cell Bars - A character can attempt to bed the bars to squeeze through.  This requires a Strength roll DC 25 and a Dexterity roll of 10 for small creatures, 15 for medium creatures and 20 for large creatures.  To break the bars requires a roll Strength DC 40.

Prison doors - A character will have to make a Strength DC 40 to break such a door.  Without a key a character can attempt to pick the lock DC 15, but DC 20 if they have no tools.

Guard Post - There will be 1D4+2 guards in the guard post.  If a dangerous prisoner is being held then this will rise to 1D6+2 guards.


Seedy Bar

On every civilised planet an underworld of crime thrives.  Perry criminals, thieves, spice smugglers, infochants, the list could go on, need somewhere to conduct their illicit business.  Often tucked away down a dark side street in the bad area of town these bars and cantinas can be found.  The atmosphere in these bars can be tense.  The guy standing next to at the bar could be wanted for murder, be a rebel against the Empire, or a fearsome Bounty Hunter.  These bars tend to be smoky and dimly lit.  The barman knows better than to sell on information that he may overhear and the muscle at the dooris quite capable of dealing with trouble-makers.

Tables in these bars are often fitted with a sound dampener preventing sound traveling beyond the confines of the table.  A listen check DC 25 is required to hear through a sound dampener, increasing to DC 30 if the clients are sitting in a booth.

For a small fee, approx 50 credits per 1/2 hour, you can hire a private room out back to conduct personal business.

The owner is often in the employ of a local crime boss.  The bouncers will be low or mid-level thugs carrying blaster rifles.  



Small Shop

Although not the place you will find many hero's hanging out, this is one of the most common buildings in the galaxy.  The shop itself could sell anything.  Food, guns, household supplies, clothes.  The list is near infinite.  Small shops like this are the backbone of galactic society.  Often run by an individual with a couple of staff, or by a small family.  These businesses rarely make big money.

Most shops will have a low level of security. A couple of security cameras or spy-droids and a security droid at the door.

Adventure hook - The store can be selling anything, though preferably not weapons.  The PC's call in to pick up a few supplies.  They are pushed aside by two hulking enforcers (Gammorean or Houk), to make way for some small guy.  The PC's over-hear the guy demanding money, possibly breaking a few things.  The shop-keeper pays up, and if not stopped they leave.  If asked the shop-keeper reluctantly tells of a new protection-racket in the area.  Heroic PC's should want to put an end to this operation A-Team style.



Luxury Apartment

These apartments are found on the rich worlds of the galaxy, primarily on Core Worlds like Coruscant and throughout the Tapani Sector.  Expensive to rent and even more expensive to buy.  Owning a luxury apartment is a sign of status, and the level you are on can also reflect such status.  An apartment on level 5 will not be as expensive, or hold the same status, as an apartment on level 300.  The number of servants you have tending the apartment will also be a factor in price and status.  

Generally luxury apartment blocks have a maid, cleaning service, high security and doorman to welcome guests.  Further servants must be hired independently.  Security to these buildings is high with guards and security droids on a constant vigilance.

Apartments themselves vary but will usually have a large living area, a well equipped kitchen, a large en-suite master bedroom and a guest bedroom.


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