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D20 House Rules

  • Character Creation - Roll 4D6 six times, discarding lowest die on each roll.  Lowest score is then replaced by an 18.  Attributes may then be applied as the player wishes.
  • Rolling for Vitality - when 'leveling up' a character may re-roll their vitality die until they score a minimum of half the die maximum eg. D10 = minimum 5.  CON modifier is then applied.
  • Rebel Era Jedi - Jedi Guardian/Consular only at GM discretion.
  • Gutree - Ugavine's stat's are used for the Gutree species replacing those from the WOTC web enhancement.
  • Attacks of Opportunity - These are not used.
  • Dodge Feat - The Dodge Feat grants +1 to Defense against all attacks, not from just a single attacker.
  • Defense - A character may choose to roll 1D20 for their Defense to replace the automatic '+10'.  This roll must always be made before the attackers roll.
  • Damage Reduction - Damage Reduction applies to Vitality damage.
  • Epic Levels - Characters may continue to gain levels past level 20.
  • Treat Injury/Force Healing - See table below
  • Warrior Dice - See below
  • Starship Defense - A Starships '+10' is replaced by the characters Piloting skill.
  • Experience Points - XP are awarded as a percentage at a rate at GM discretion.
  • Have Fun - By order of the Sithspawn!


Warrior Dice - This is basically the Action Dice rule from D20 Modern & Stargate RPG. Characters start each adventure with 3 Warrior Dice plus extra equal to their WIS modifier. Characters get awarded extra Warrior Dice during play for good actions and role-play. Each Warrior Die is a D6 that can be added onto any roll, or to convert a threat into a critical hit. Warrior Dice are not carried over from one adventure to another.

Treat Injury / Heal Self / Heal Another - We have increased the wounds or Vitality that are recovered in order to help speed up game play. It gets boring if players spend every adventure searching for a Bacta Tank.
The Force Vitality Cost obviously only applies to Force Healing.  When making the skill check the character must state if they are intending to recover Wounds or Vitality.  This roll may be made once per hour or at GM discretion.

Total of skill roll Wounds Recovered Vitality Recovered Force Vitality Cost
10-14   1D4 0
15-19 1D6 2D6 1 / 0
20-29 2D6 4D6 2 / 0
30+ Full Full 4 / 0





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It should be noted that some players use the picture of a famous movie or comic character to represent their character in-game.  No copyright infringement is intended on any such character.