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Look out for the Gartoons throughout Sithspawns Lair.  

Meet the characters of the Warriors of Gar and see what they have to say for themselves.

Bossko B. Viper Dr. Ugavine PHENOM
Jo'din Northstar Taurus Tetris Bloodaxe Bail Ohmar
MINION KANE Dodo Stormtrooper
Aztec Garbacca Vicious Vile Darth Vader
Lexon Lexgar Terri Lexgar Dee Von Zarachkas Bom Bad the Gungan
Cole Cash DAX Savant Taboo
Bantha-Man Tarrant Ford Jo'din Northstar Soth
Ithorian Rodian Ivan Darkhammer Grim Battleaxe (D&D PC)


Also look out for animated Gartoons throughout the 'Lair

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