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Rebels come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own goals and agenda.  In the months & years following the Battle of Yavin the Rebellion transformed from small hap-hazard cells spread across the galaxy, into the Rebel Alliance.  The Rebel Alliance became an organised political and military force that would threaten the evil galactic Empire.

But not every Rebel is a team player.

Not everyone that is anti-Imperial agrees with the Rebel Alliance.

Members of the Justice Action Network, or JAN, prefer the direct approach.  No politics.  No military structure.  Just one agenda.  Hit the Empire and hit them hard!

The JAN are, simply put, a terrorist group (as described in the Lords of the Expanse Box Set published by West End Games), with an anti-Imperial agenda.

Sithspawn Speaks:

The JAN as described here are not affiliated with the JAN of the Tapani Sector.  Unlike the Tapani JAN, the group led by Riddick and are merely a group of disgruntled ex-Rebels who have decided to 'go it alone' in their war against the Empire.



Character Type ex-convict
Race near-Human
Age 30
Quote "It's pitch black in here!"

[ No introduction available ] 

Capsule:  Riddick was serving a sentence in the spice mines of Kessel before he joined up with the Rebel Alliance.  Little is known about his history, or his physiology.  He appears human but has excellent night-vision and a very high stamina, beyond most human standard, and he is not Garbarian.  He escaped the Kessel prison along with Bail Ohmar, Star and Leviathan.  Bail Ohamr, in his rage that the Rebel Alliance had set up the prison break, and his capture before that, without letting him in on the plan formed his own branch of the JAN, with Riddick as his partner.  Riddick also helped recruit the Coynite Soth into the JAN.

Bail Ohmar has recently re-joined the Warriors of Gar Rebel faction, or more precisely, offered his services to the Force Alliance.  Bail parted company with the JAN on good terms and may well be back.  This now leaves Riddick the leader of this branch of the JAN.

Quirks / Odd abilities: has pet names for his sun-glasses.


Soth the Destroyer

Character Type Warrior
Race Coynite
Age 50
Quote "They will all drown in lakes of blood."

"I am Soth the Destroyer........, Does the Empire really think they can quash the thirst for revenge in my heart.  Do they think the galaxy is blind to their crimes.  The Empire will pay.  The Empire will burn.  The Empire will be destroyed."

Dodge 4D Survival 3D Beast Riding 2D+1
Melee 6D Metallurgy 2D+2 Beast Riding: Tris 3D
      5D Starship Gunnery 3D
Hide/Sneak 3D+1 Brawl 8D+2 Forging 4D
Search 3D+1 Stamina 7D+2    
Intimidation 4D        

Force Points: 2

Equipment: Coynite Armour, Sat'skar (Coynite Sword), Dagger

Special Abilities: Sneak +1D, Brawling +1D, Claws (damage: Str +1D+2), Indimidation +1D

Capsule:  The Empire broke him and made him mad.  A school. Children, young and innocent. The Empire fire-bombed it, making out it was a rebel attack to drive the public against the rebellion. Soth tried to stop the bomb, but too late. The school was destroyed and many died. Soth himself was badly burned. His beautiful fur and his long mane gone. A bald Coynite is treated as an outcast, a freak.  It didnít stop there. The Empire tried to pin the explosion on him. He had no defense and the court proceedings were a sham. Soth cracked in Court. He tore the restraining chains from his wrists and ankles. The security field was not strong enough to hold him. Neither were the Stormtroopers with their petty guns. Soth destroyed the court. Cremated it. Burnt it to the ground.  Soth vowed never to stop his onslaught upon the Empire.




Character Type Outlaw
Race Tusken Raider
Age 35
Quote [no translation available]


" [ No translation available ] " 


Blaster 6D     Beast Riding 4D
Dodge 4D     Repulsorlift Op. 5D
Melee 6D     Starship Piloting 2D+1
Bargain 4D Brawl 5D Demolition 3D
Hide/Sneak 4D     Repulsorlift Rep. 3D+1

Equipment: Blaster Carbine, Gaffi stick, grenades, landspeeder.

Capsule:  Bantha-Man has recently been working as a Bounty hunter for Guild D-X Wildcats.  This work came to an end when he met his old friend Bail Ohmar, while Minhg was trying to persuade Ohmar to join the Guild.  D-X Wildcats have had setback after setback, including having their licence revoked at one point.  Bantha-Man has never been a fan of the Empire.  It was an Imperial squad that killed his beloved Bantha while merely searching for a couple of droids.  Bantha-Man rarely speaks, which is good because no one he ever speaks to can understand him anyway.  He has now left the bounty hunting profession to join his old friend.

Score two for Bail Ohmar.  That's the second D-X Wildcat member he has poached, and Minhgs old ally, Gizmo, is most likely next on the agenda.

Quirks / Odd abilities: can build wicked sand-castles, knows how to tap-dance.



Character Type Holonet Reporter
Race Human
Age 25
Quote "Can I have a statement."

[ No skills or introduction available ] 

Capsule:  Star was a reporter secretly working for the Rebel Alliance.  She would do her best to report on the Empires evil doings.  Though most of her reports were censored before broadcast.  She has been secretly working on an underground newsnet supported by the Rebel Alliance.  The Empire had been getting suspicious of Stars reports when they caught her in the company of Leviathan, a known Rebel.  She was arrested and sentenced to Kessel.  While on Kessel she met Riddick who helped he to survive, and eventually help  her to freedom.  She still reports on the underground newsnet with a regular feature, Stars War.  Her hatred of the Empire has grown and she fully support Riddicka and Bail Ohmar in their JAN activities.

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