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The Chakram is the thrown weapon used by Xena: Warrior Princess. 

Several targets can be attacked each round through a single throw.  Roll attack at each target applying multiple action penalties as normal.  The Chakram will return to it's owner at the end of the combat round.  Catching the Chakram is a free action.

A target wishing to catch the Chakram must roll their Dexterity vs. double the attack roll, or roll Alter: Easy & Sense equal to the attack roll.

Item Chakram
Skill to use Chakram (Dex)
Scale Character
Damage Str +2D+2
Cost Not available for sale
Availability 4, R
Construct difficulty Forging: 70

Cost to construct: 1,000 credits (must have access to a forge)



A Disrupter is a vile and deadly weapon capable of disintegrating it's target.  Although the weapon only has a short range  it's power output is considerable.  The energy beam slowly disrupts it's targets molecular structure, to living beings this is extremely painful.  Disruptors are used primarily by mercenaries and pirates who are callous enough not to care about their victims pain.

Item Disruptor
Skill to use Blaster
Scale Character
Damage 2D Stamina Points*, no Strength resistance.  If a double is rolled the target is instantly disintergrated!!!

otherwise 6D+2

Range Short only: 0 - 15 meters
Game Notes

GM Note: You may allow PC's a Survival: 30 to survive but be Mortally Wounded.

If not a double deduct the score from target characters Stamina Point total.  If a character is Incapacitated they are disintegrated!

Warning: A disruptor is a vicious weapon that causes the target great pain and brutal damage.  This weapon gives a Dark Side Point each time it is used on a living target. 

Cost 3,000 credits

* using Sithspawn's damage rules



This is much like a Thermal Detonator but with a bit of a 'kick'.  As if Thermal Detonators were not destructive enough, the effects of Nitro-9 can be truly devastating.  It is rare that one can be thrown to a safe distance.  Nitro-9 is even more unstable than a Thermal Detonator and it's effects cannot be dulled with the Juggle Grenades Class feature of Knights of the Pink Bit.  A canister of Nitro-9 has a small fuse that can be set to 5, 10 or 15 seconds (1, 2 or 3 combat rounds).  It has been known that the simple motion of throwing Nitro-9 is enough to set it off.  Nitro-9 has a 20 meter blast radius.

Skill to use grenades
Cost not available for sale
Type energy
D20 Group Simple Weapons
D20 damage 10D10
D6 damage 15D
Availability 3, X
Game Notes Nitro-9, much like a thermal detonator, is very unstable.  On the roll of a '1' (or Wild '1' in D6) re-roll.  On another roll of a '1' it explodes for no apparent reason.



The Incinerator is a powerful Heavy Repeating Blaster Rifle.  Most of it's casing is stripped down to make the weapon as light as possible, but it is still nevertheless a large bulky and very heavy weapon.  The Incinerator was never designed with a Tripod, like the more popular E-Web, and it's higher price makes the Incinerator a less desirable weapon for military forces.  The Incinerator is an impressive and devastating weapon though the numbers produced are very small.  On the Black Market Incinerators can go for over 30,000 credits.

Model Global Corp. Type III Heavy Repeating Blaster Rifle
Skill to use Heavy Weapons
Cost 15,000 credits
Type energy
D20 Group Heavy Weapons
D20 damage 8D8
D6 damage 10D
Availability 3, X
Game Notes The Incinerator must be wielded two-handed.  Minimum Str of 4D (or 17 in D20) is required to wield this weapon.



Developed by Rebel infiltrators a s a weapon to be easily carried and hidden, as well as being deadly when used to it's full extent.  The yo-yo does not use string, but an ultra fine and strong garrote wire.  Once wrapped around the targets neck a small energy pulse energises the wire.  A button on the yo-yo also extends spikes making the yo-yo a dangerous weapon if wielded correctly.

Skill to use Yo-yo (Dex)
Cost 350 credits
Availability 4, X
Difficulty to use spiked yo-yo: 

D6 Difficulty: 10

D20 DC - targets Defence

Garrote wire:

D6 Difficulty: 15

D20 DC - targets Defence +4

D6 Damage spikes: 5D
garrotte: 10D
D20 Damage spikes: 2D8
garrote: 8D8


Energy Shield (D6)

Worn on the wrist much like a watch, when activated a circular energy shield is produced with a one meter diameter.  The Energy Shield is very strong, with the charge lasting for 24 hours.  It take 6 hours to recharge the shield if drained.

Model UGV Wrist Shield
Skill to use Melee Parry
Cost 7,000 credits
Availability 2, R
Cover 2/3 cover; Full cover for small targets (eg. Jawa, Ugnaughts)
Shield Strength 7D
Game Notes In Melee the Shield gives the wielder +1D onto Melee Parry.

Against projectile weapons the shield gives Dodge +1D.  If still hits roll 1D, on a 1 or 2 the target is still hit, on a 3-6 the shield is hit.  Apply damage to the Shield.

If the damage is higher than the shield it is rendered inoperable.  It will require a Armour Repair: 15 to fix.  If the damage is ever twice the shields then the shield is permanantly destroyed.


bubble-gum gun

An odd weapon that exists simple for the fact that it requires no license to possess.  The bulky bubble shaped gun emits blobs of sticky bubble gum trapping opponents.

Type Bubble-gum gun
Skill to use Blaster
Cost 1,200 credits
Availability 2
Game Notes If a target is hit they must make a Strength roll to break free.  Difficulty 15 (D20 DC 15).




Coruscant Ambassador V12 Landspeeder

This is a most elegant and exquisite landspeeder, a sports speeder often purchased by glamorous holovid stars.  The Ambassador V12 is a very fast luxury speeder.  The engine performance is superb, it's bodywork hand-crafted, rather than droid crafted, and it's interior has those luxury items, such as leather seats and plush carpet, that you don't get with most models.  The Ambassador is an elite purchase with very few making it out to the Mid or Outer Rim territories but with many found on worlds such as Coruscant, Corellia and the Tapani Sector.


Craft Coruscant Ambassador V12
Type Luxury Landspeeder
Availability 2
Scale Speeder
Crew 1
Passengers 3
Cost 20,000 new (8,000 second-hand)
Maneuverability 1D+2


Body Strength 2D+1



Aurrorro-Tang 'Box' Landspeeder

The Aurrorro-Tang hail from the planet Tang Rock, Beyond the Blood Drift, and have been innovators of repulsor technology for centuries.  The 'Box' speeder is the most simple design for an affordable reliable landspeeder.  It is the reliability of the Box speeder that has been it's strong selling point.  Sales of the Box speeder have spread throughout the galaxy, especially to some of the harsh Outer Rim Worlds where the Box Speeders ruggedness is required.  


Craft Aurrorro-Tang 'Box' Landspeeder
Type Landspeeder
Availability 1
Scale Speeder
Crew 1
Passengers 5
Cost 6,000 new (500 second-hand)
Maneuverability 1D


Body Strength 3D



Space Bike

A Space Bike is little more than an engine with a seat.  Designed on the same principle as a swoop, the space bike has a minimal repulsor engine is aid it's take-off, and has powerful rocket thrusts for propulsion.  The bike is fitted with small lateral thrusters to aid in maneuverability but has no stabilisers.  Neither does the space bike have any life support systems, meaning it's rider is required to wear a vacuum suit, and a high quality one is recommended.  Due to it relatively small mass and large rocket engine output Space Bikes tend to be extremely fast and many people have died from crashes due to underestimating a Space Bikes capabilities.

Space Bikes can be purchased from most major spaceports and space stations.  Space Bikes are frequently used as quick and cheap modes of transport in space colonies such as Arkan IV.

As a military vehicle the Space Bike is useless as it does not support the energy requirements a weapons system would require


Craft Ugavine Jr. Space Bike II
Type Space Bike
Availability 2, R
Scale Starfighter
Crew 1
Passengers none
Consumables none
Cost 15,000 new (4,000 second-hand)
Hyperdrive Multiplier none
Hyperdrive Backup none
Maneuverability 4D


Hull 1D+2
Shields none



Hoverboard - type I

The type I hoverboard was originally conceived as a means of troops personal transport but it never took off. Most military units found the method of transport undignified.  The type I hoverboard is a quite large for what it is and is complete with rocket jets for extra propulsion.  The body of the hoverboards is armoured allowing skilled operators to use the board itself.

Model Type I Hoverboard
Skill to use Repulsorlift: Hoverboard (Mech)
Cost 7,000 credits
Availability 3, R
Flight Ceiling 50 feet
Crew 1
Speed 3D
Body 4D
Maneuvre 6D


Hoverboard - type II (lightweight)

This is the more frequently available hoverboard and can be purchased from nearly any spaceport or childs toy store.  Gangs of 'boarders, teenagers mostly, can often be found hanging around spaceports or malls causing trouble as they dodge between local townspeople.

Model Type II Hoverboard
Skill to use Repulsorlift: Hoverboard (Mech)
Cost 300 credits
Availability 1
Flight Ceiling 6 feet
Crew 1
Speed 1D+2
Body 1D+2
Maneuvre 4D



Other Items



The Map-O-Matic has been around for centuries, most frequently used by Republic Scouts.  During the time of the Empire Rebel infiltrators often use the Map-O-Matic.  During this period, with the lack of Scouts in the galaxy, the sales have dropped with few companies actually producing this device.  The two most common versions are produced by the Togorians and the Nosferartau.  The Nosferartau version is the most common, and the cheapest.  Although cheaper it is the most accurate, but also unreliable.  The Togorian model is more expensive, an although it does not have the range of the Nosferartau model it is more reliable are rarely breaks down.

What the Map-O-Matic does is perform a quick scan of the immediate area then shows the area as a hologram.  Small details are not shown, but most often walls and large furniture is detailed.

Model Nosferartau Map-O-Matic
Skill to use Scanner (Mech)
Cost 500 credits
Availability 2
Game Notes The Map-O-Matic has a radius of 15 meters.  It is Very Easy to use but how exact the display is at GM discretion.


rocket boots

Often worn as a safety device by mountaineers, or by deep space workers.  Rocket boots are precisely that.  They have enough lift for a small sustained flight.

Model K-Mart Rocket Boots
Skill to use Rocket Boots (Mech)
Cost 600 credits
Availability 2


Repulsor beam

This is a small hand held device.  Often used in shops and factories for stacking or un-stacking high shelves.  the Repulsor beam has 

Model UGV Repulsor Beam
Skill to use Repulsor Beam Op. (Dex)
Cost 250 credits
Availability 1
GM Notes I have chosen to list this as a Dexterity skill as it is an aimed device rather than a vehicle.


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