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The Razor's Edge

Item The Razor's Edge
Skill to Use Armour Weapons: Razor's Edge (s)
Scale Character
Damage 7D
Description The Razor's Edge is a variation on the ancient Sith Lanvarok.  The Launcher is worn on the wrist.  The Laucher incorporates a mini scanner/computer with a 30m radius.  The wielder designates his targets on the computer display then launches the mini razor sharp disc.  The disc electronically homes in it's targets.

Roll the Users skill dice.  Multiple targets incur multiple action penalties.

A random spray of discs can be fired with a skill of 5D per disc with targets chosen at random.

Difficulty Shoot at a target - Easy: 10 

Deflect disc off walls to bounce round corner - Difficult: 20

Cost Razor Edge Wrist unit - 26,000 credits

Discs - 700 credits each

Availability 4, X (Rare and illegal)
Construct Difficulty* Weapon/Build Repair: 100; (A) Weapon Engineering: 20

Cost to Construct: 18,000 credits



Item Disruptor
Skill to use Blaster
Scale Character
Damage 2D * (using Sithspawn's damage rules)

otherwise 6D+2

Description * Roll 2D - on a double the target is instantly disintergrated!

GM Note: You may allow PC's a Survival: 30 to survive but be Mortally Wounded.

If not a double deduct the score from target characters Stamina Point total.  If a character is Incapacitated they are disintegrated!

Warning: A disruptor is a vicious weapon that causes the target great pain and brutal damage.  This weapon gives a Dark Side Point each time it is used on a living target. 

Cost 3,000 credits


Gravin's Blaster

Item Modified Heavy Blaster Pistol
Skill to use Blaster (Melee for the laser sword)
Scale Character
Damage Blaster: 5D

Laser Sword: Str +1D+2

Disruptor: 2D (see disrupter above)

Description Gravin's blaster was modified by the rebel Nosferartau tech Uggy.  Gravin wanted something special and high tech with lots of gadgets.  The Aurro-Tang love gadgets.  So Uggy, with holovids of secret agents in mind made a few modifications.

Blaster - regular heavy blaster

Laser sword - Ignites from the top of the gun

Shield - Str: 7D - a 1m diameter shield.

Disruptor - for getting through those tough doors (Warning: Could give a DSP)

Comlink - built into the butt of the gun

Laser sight - gives Blaster +2

Holo-recorder - built into the sight

Cost Not available for sale
Construct Difficulty* Weapon Build/Repair: 80

Cost to construct: 8,000 credits, 15,000 credits with Disruptor

* See Sithspawn's Home-Brew Rules


Xena's Chakram

Item Chakram
Skill to use Chakram
Scale Character
Damage Str +2D+2
Description The Chakram is the thrown weapon used by Xena: Warrior Princess.

Several targets can be attacked each round through a single throw.

Roll attack at each target applying multiple action penalties as normal.  The Chakram will return to it's owner at the end of the combat round.  Cataching the Chakram is a free action.

A target wishing to catch the Chakram must roll their Dexterity vs. double the attack roll, or roll Alter: Easy & Sense equal to the attack roll.

Cost Not available for sale
Construct difficulty Forging: 70

Cost to construct: 1,000 credits (must have access to a forge)


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