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Across the galaxy nearly every culture has legends on unspeakable evil.  Stories of serial killers who have seemingly killed from beyond the grave.  These crazed monsters have shown almost supernatural strength and abilities as they carve their path of terror, usually through a deserted log cabin occupied by a group of screaming teenagers.

The Slasher Serial Killer can come in all shapes and sizes, but always has a quench for blood.  They can be quick-lipped sarcastic beings, or huge silent hulks, often with their own sadistic method of killing their victims.


To qualify to become a Slasher a character must fulfill the following criteria: 

Dark Side Points: 6+

Base Attack Bonus: +6

Feats: Weapon focus

Skills: Intimidation - 6 ranks

Game Information

Vitality: (1D12 + Constitution modifier) x 3 (recalculate vitality based on this for All levels)

Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Knowledge, Listen, Move Silently, Pilot, Search, Spot, Survival

Skill Points at each level: 2 +Intelligence modifier

Class Features

Starting Feat: All Weapon Feats

Motive:  A Slasher serial killer will always have a source of power that motivates their killing spree, which can often be interpreted as screaming teenage girls in revealing clothes.  The Slasher gains a +1 bonus to all attacks and +3 to Intimidation checks against his chosen group.  Examples of motive groups: Imperials, Jawa's, Teenagers.  The motive can also be a time of year, or a particular day, eg. Tapani Day (the day he was originally thought killed).  There must always be some connection behind the motive.

Slasher Tough:  A Slasher serial killer is extremely resilient to pain and damage.  The Slashers Constitution score increases by +2 at 3rd level, and a further +2 at 6th and 9th levels.  The Slashers new constitution modifier now applies to all related skills including wounds and vitality. 

Reincarnation:  A true Slasher never dies.  At 4th level the Slasher becomes virtually immortal.  Should the Slasher be killed they will rise from the grave at a later date.  This is often when an event related to their Motive is triggered, eg. It's Tapani Day, or an Imperial Jawa teenager runs over their grave.

Bonus Feat:  The Slasher gains a Bonus Feat.  Choose any Feat from the Soldier Bonus Feats or one from the list below.

Level Base Attack Fort. save Ref. save Will save Special Defence bonus Reputation
1 +1 +0 +0 +2 Starting Feats, Motive +1 +1
2 +2 +0 +0 +2 Bonus Feat +2 +2
3 +3 +1 +1 +3 Slasher Tough +2 +2 +2
4 +3 +1 +1 +3 Reincarnation, Bonus Feat +2 +3
5 +4 +2 +2 +4 Bonus Feat +3 +3
6 +4 +2 +2 +4 Slasher Tough +4 +3 +4
7 +5 +3 +3 +5 Bonus Feat +3 +4
8 +6 +3 +3 +5 Bonus Feat +4 +5
9 +6 +4 +4 +6 Slasher Tough +6 +4 +5
10 +7 +4 +4 +6 Bonus Feat +5 +6


Uber-Bad Guy Walk
Prerequisies: Intimidation 9 Ranks, DSP 6+
When chasing hapless victims you can always keep up by just walking. Your victim could be an Olympic runner, but every time they glance over your shoulder you're THERE!
With this Feat the bad guy's speed code matches whoever he is chasing.

Ranged Trip Attack
Prerequisites: Uber-Bad Guy Walk
1/day per every 5 levels
When you are stalking your victim they will trip over for no apparent reason.
The Bad Guy simply states he wants to use this Feat, then the target must make a Reflex save DC15 + Bad guys Intimidation modifier.

Blank Intimidating Stare
Prerequisites: DSP 8+, Frighful Presence
1/day per four level of PrC UberBadGuy
Even though your face has no visible expression on it, and you actually look like you'd rather be somewhere else right now, anybody you encounter will be suddenly and immensely scared, and usually begins screaming hysterically. Often they will fall over and put their hands in front of their faces. To avoid requires a will save of 15+bad guys DSP's.

Evil Laugh
You have a steriotypical evil laugh. As a full round action you can go Muwahhahahahah and intimidate all do gooders and helpless girls in white tops out in the rain. Victems must be teenagers or no talent actors posing as them and must been within sight. Works well with Uber-bad guy walk.

Evil Laugh of Doom
Prequisite: Evil Laugh
Your evil laugh can now be heard by the do-gooders no matter where you are, eliminating the range promblems. This also acts as a sonar, so you can ememrge right in front of them without being able to see where the helpless victem is.

The Freaky Close Up
Prerequisites: Uber-Bad Guy Walk
1/day every three levels
As a full-round action, you can ask for a close-up action shot of your face as you stalk your prey. This usually results in terror for the girls in white tops you are chasing, causing much screaming.
Will Save - DC 15 + cha modifier or she is stunned for one round, usually enough time to begin to hurt her, but also usually enough time for you to get distracted by one of the red-shirt side characters who attempts to come to her rescue.

Her Freaky Close Up
Prerequisites: Uber-Bad Guy Walk, The Freaky Close Up, DSP 8+
1/day every five levels
As a full-round action you can ask for a close-up action shot of your prey - this must be a young, innocent white-topped girl in the rain. For some reason this scares her more than a close-up of your freaky visage causing her to really scream her lungs out and fall over in fear.
Will save DC 20 + cha modifier - or stunned for 1d4 rounds - hopefully enough time to finish off her screaming permanently, cuz by now it's really beginning to tic you off.

Aura of Logical Suppression
Prerequisites: Frightful Presence, Uber Bad-Guy Walk
Benefit: Whenever a target or group of targets (2 per point of Charisma modifier) who have been under the influence of the UberBadGuy's Frightful Presence in the last (1 hour/5 levels), the targets must make a Will Save (12 + Intimidation Modifier) or be compelled to do something totally illogical to do in their situation that would serve the UBG's purpose. The effect wears out after the death of one person under it's effect.
1/day per 5 levels
Let's Split Up!: The party must split up into single persons. Anyone not affected by the Aura of Logical Suppression will either join one of the people or not join at all and continue as they would. Each person must go in a direction or route not currently being taken by another.
Let's Go to this Way You Guys, I Think This is the Way Out!: Despite the obvious probability that the OBG has covered the exits and/or the fact they have no idea how to navigate the house/abandoned amusement park/campground the group is at, the group is compelled to go to a location that is in open view of the OBG, and the OBG gains a +5 bonus to all hide checks within a 15 meter radius around the square chosen. Anyone not affected by the Aura of Logical Suppression will either join the rest of the group, or not join at all and continue as they would.
The group, despite all evidence that one of their compatriots is dead, continues to search and make as much noise as possible to "make sure", which provides the listed bonus to the OBG's Listen check. Also, while yelling, the group takes a -1 per yeller penalty to their own Listen checks.

Do You Guys Hear Anything? No? Okay!
Prerequisites: Aura of Logical Suppression, Move Silently 8 Ranks
Benefit: While under the effects of Aura of Logical Suppression, the group's senses are dulled as the OBG approaches. The penalty to Spot and Listen is equal to the OBG's Charisma modifier. The OBG also gains a +2 bonus to Initiative when he does attack.
Use 1/day every 5 levels.

Weapon from the air
1/day every two levels
Somehow the UBG always manages to have the same weapon throughout the entire scene - even if previously the weapon has been knocked from his grasp or otherwise lost. And, to make matters worse, said weapon is always dripping with a red substance, possibly blood.
Whenever UBG loses his weapon, he can roll a Sleight of Hand check - DC 15 - to regain his weapon - somehow!

Sick Wit
Prerequisites: 6+ DSP, ability to speak
1/day for every 5 levels you get to make some lame sick joke at your victims expense. When chasing victim and player/GM come out with a sick joke 'in-character' they may choose to activate this Feat. Upon doing so they gain +1 circumstance bonus onto all checks this round, including Defense.

Signature Kill
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (melee or thrown slashing or piercing weapon), Sick Wit
Benefit: Once a day for every 3 levels the UBG may make a signature kill with his chosen weapon by making a coup-de-gras as full round action. This kill is some sort of over-the-top gory attack that creates an intimidating mess for other would-be victims. The UBG may make a Frightening Presence check from this body's location, even if he isn't there, with a +1 bonus to the check for every round afterward he spends in "presentation" of the body.
The UBG must remain within 100 meters of the body in order for this ability to work.

Quantum Displacement
Prerequisite: Uber-Bad Guy Walk, Ranged Trip Attack
With this ability, the Bad Guy (tm) can appear anywhere he chooses in the good guy's path or trail.

Example 1: Zylo the scoundrel shoots the Uber-Bad Guy, who falls over as if dead. He then immediately hops in his airspeeder and zips away. Just as he reaches cruising altitude and starts to relax, the Bad Guy grabs him...from the back seat!

Example 2: Quardie the fringer is being chased by the Bad Guy. Quardie reaches the safety of his land speeder just as the Bad Guy reaches him, but manages to speed away. Quardie, thinking he's safe, turns the corner, and the Bad Guy is...right in front of him!

This feat also allows for temporal paradox, alowing the Bad Guy to temporarily be in two places at once. Note: cannot be used to double oneself to make multiple attacks against the same person or group of people. But it is usefull for escaping from those pesky cul-de-sacs from which there is no escape.

Infinite Ammo
You may fire your weapon continuously, regardless of the number of shots remaining in your power pack/magazine.
Prerequisites: Appropriate weapon proficiency
Benefit: You can shoot all day long and never run out of ammo. This even applies to thrown weapons. Even if you only have one throwing knife or grenade, you can still pull one out when needed.

You can pick up a large ranged weapon that normally requires two-hands to fire and wield it single-handed.
Prerequisites: There must be a big gun lying around.
Benefit: You suffer no penalities to attack when wielding a two-handed weapon using only one hand.

Improved Uber-Wield
You can pick up a large, huge or gargantuan ranged weapon that normally requires a vehicle mount and wield it with two hands.
Prerequisites: There must be a really big gun lying around.
Benefit: You suffer no penalties to attack when wielding an emplacement weapon with no mount, bipod or tripod.

Hide Under A Table
You can hide under tables, counter-tops, bookshelves, etc. and remain unseen by your enemies, even in bright light or broad daylight.
Prerequisites: Hide 10 ranks
Benefit: If an enemy spots you at any time, and there is a table or table-like object nearby, you may instantly dive under the object and hide as a move action. While under the table, enemy Spot checks suffer a -20 penalty. If you move out from under the table and get spotted, you may attempt a Reflex Save (DC 25) to duck back under it before the enemy can take action.
Normal: If you tried to hide under a table without this feat, you'd probably get shot up pretty bad.

The Old "Revolving Door" Trick
You have the uncanny ability to enter one doorway and exit from another non-adjacent door.
Prerequisites: Bluff 8 ranks, Dodge
Benefit: If you find yourself in a long hallway that has several doors, you may duck into one door and emerge from another door. The door you emerge from does not need to be anywhere near the door you entered in. You must take a double move action to use this feat.
Special: If enemies are actively pursuing you, they are also affected by this feat. The GM should randomly determine which door the enemies exit from.

Lights Out:
The UBG has the ability to completely turn off all lighting in the haunted house/haunted mine/haunted anything. Whenever a screaming, running teenager tries to turn on a light in whatever room they enter, it will not turn on - even if the lightbulbs are brand new! This effect lasts until at least two redshirt side characters have perished.

Uber Lights Out:
Prereq's: Lights Out
The same as the previous, except now, for some unknown reason, the screaming teens don't even think about turning the lights on. Now they just wander around the darkened room, searching for clues, looking scared. This effect lasts the entire time said party of teens is in the room or area.

Lock The Doors
Prerequisite: None
With an act of will, you can disable any door as if you had 15 ranks of Disable Device. No mater how many time your victim pushes the "Open" button, or how hard they turn the handle, the door refuses to operate.

Ironically, this power dissipates and the door mechanism reverts to normal operation as soon as the Bad Guy declares an attack (ranged, ranged touch, melee, or melee touch) against the victim, or gets within range of a melee touch attack.


With thanks to the Holonet @

Contributors: IzVenjari (Blank Intimidating Stare, The Freaky Close Up, Her Freaky Close Up, Weapon from the air, Lights Out, Uber Lights Out), Kanner Ra'an (Evil Laugh, Evil Laugh of Doom), Rostek (Aura of Logical Suppression, Do You Guys Hear Anything? No? Okay!, Signature Kill), Ash DuQuennes (Quantum Displacement, Lock The Doors), johnnyputrid (Infinite Ammo, Uber-Wield, Improved Uber-Wield, Hide Under A Table, The Old "Revolving Door" Trick), Sithspawn (Uber Bad Guy Walk, Ranged Trip Attack, Sick wit).



The Ronto

The story starts on the distant agricultural world of Garil where Garrik Windrider lived and worked as a farmer in a small community on a Ronto farm.  When the Empire arrived there planets government put up no resistance.  Soon after the foodstuffs were being sold to the Empire, but at a reduced cost.  On top of that the Imperial levied heavy taxes making traders very unwelcome on Garil.  Some of the local farmer tried to petition the Empire for more money, but this led to several prominent figures disappearing in the middle of the night.  It was Garrik Windrider who formed the first Rebel band on Garil, and  it was he who led the first attack on an Imperial outpost on the world.  At first these rebels were laughed at by the Empire, but Garriks attacks got bolder.  The Empire stuck back.  Garrik was attacking a cargo transport, unbeknownst it was a trap.  His rebel allies were wiped out.  Garrik, managed to escape the initial trap and flee into the hills.  It is believed that he met a group of teenager, who just laughed at this farmer with a  gun.  Garrik hid in a barn, but Imperial Stormtroopers were not far behind.  They Stormtoopers questioned the teenagers, threatening them with life on Kessel.  One of the teenagers, a deranged girl, panicked and started crying.  She pointed to Garrik in the barn.  When Garrik Windrider was dragged from the barn he was barely alive due to the Stormtrooper attack, but all that repeated in his mind was that screaming girl who had betrayed his location to the Empire.

It was at this time that an Imperial Inquisitor named Nexix was overseeing experiments to try and create a super-soldier for the Empire.  All of his experiments so far had poor results, but he had high hopes for his next subject, Garrik Windrider.  The perfect irony, thought Nexix, turning a rebel terrorist into the Empires best weapon.  However, the experiments were far from successful.  Garrik's body was subjected to vile mutations, until eventually Inquisitor Nexix deemed this experiment a failure and ordered Garrik to be terminated.  As the spherical black interrogator droid approached to give that fatal injection Garrik broke free of his restraints.  In a rage he destroyed everything that got in his path, the droid and Stormtroopers included, taking one of the helmets to cover his mutated face, all the time he all he could hear was the screaming.  Screaming.  It was the fault of the screaming.  The screaming must be silenced!  Garrik returned to his farm, now run by Imperial farm-droids.. The the screaming filling his head he went berserk, trashing the farm.  In the process the herd of Ronto's broke, and Garrik was caught in the stampede.  He should have been dead.  But he wasn't.  He killed every last one of the beasts, but it didn't stop the screaming.  The Ronto-Killer, as the holonet news would refer to him, made his way to the hills where the local teenagers hang out.  There the killing started.  They screamed as he killed them.  But the screams had to be silenced.  The Ronto legend was born.

Officially the records show that the killer was apprehended an executed by the Empire.  Unofficially Inquisition and Ubiqtorate records show that the body of the Ronto was never recovered.

The Empire calls them copy-cats, but every few years the killings start up again. 


D20 stats


Adult Male Human, Fringer 3/Soldier 4/ Slasher 5

Init +5 (+1 Dex, +4 Bonus); Def 20 (+1 Dex, +9 Class); Spd 10m;

VP/WP 384/19; Atk +11/+5 melee (1d6+1, sickle), +11/+5 ranged (by weapon);

SQ Barter, Jury-rig +2; SV Fort +13, Ref +6, Will +7; SZ M; FP: 0; Rep: +1;

Str 13 (+1), Dex 12 (+1), Con 19 (+4), Int 11 (+0), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 12 (+1).


            Skills: Climb +7 (+1 Str, +6 ranks), Demolitions +4 (+4 ranks), Handle Animal +9 (+1 Cha, +5 ranks, +3 misc), Hide +3 (+1 Dex, +2 ranks), Intimidate +12 (+1 Cha, +11 ranks), Jump +5 (+1 Str, +4 ranks), Listen +6 (+1 Wis, +3 ranks, +2 misc), Pilot +2 (+1 Dex, +1 ranks), Profession (Farmer) +3 (+1 Wis, +2 ranks), Read/Write Basic, Repair +2 (+2 ranks), Ride +5 (+1 Dex, +4 ranks), Search +6 (+6 ranks), Speak Basic, Spot +7 (+1 Wis, +4 ranks, +2 misc), Survival +7 (+1 Wis, +6 ranks), Swim +3 (+1 Str, +2 ranks), Treat Injury +5 (+1 Wis, +4 ranks)

            Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Endurance, Great Cleave, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Skill Emphasis (Handle Animal), Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster rifles, heavy weapons, primitive weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons), Uber Bad Guy Walk, The Freaky Close-Up, Uber Wield, Lock the Doors