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Okay, it doesn't happen that often in a RPG, but it can happen.  Now there's already a 'RPG Guide to Sex' available on the net, but that tends to deal with mainly the after effects, disease, babies.  Here is a simple set of rules to decide if two consensual partners had a good night.


It's simple.  Each character rolls their Sexual Prowess against a difficulty number to see if they pleased their partner.

Sexual Prowess = 1D20 + Constitution Mod

First, each character get to choose their own Libido Rating.  This is their attitude towards sex, choosing a rating between 0-5


Libido Rating
No sexual desire 0
Low sex drive 1
Enjoy sex 2
Promiscuous 3
High libido 4
Star Whore 5


DC = Sexual Encounter DC - Partners Libido Rating

eg. Sex with a Casual Partner (DC 15) who has a high Libibo (4) = DC 11

Sexual Encounter DC

Long term partner 5
Partner 10
Casual partner 15
One night stand 20
Orgy / Prostitute 25



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