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Haliat Perfume

Availability: 2

Haliat perfume is specially designed to react to male hormones, making the individual more susceptible to persuasion.  Only a small amount of perfume is needed to gain the required effect, lasting for several hours.  A bottle contains enough perfume for 50 uses.

Cost: 150 credits per bottle

Game effects: Gives females a +3 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Gather Information checks against males for 1D4 hours.  50 uses.



Kedran Lip Smear

Availability: 2, R

Kedran Lip smear, or lip stick, gives the promiscuous scoundrel a hidden weapon in intimate encounters.  A resistant smear is first applied to your lips, with the Kedran lip smear on top.  When kissing the lip smear applies stun damage.

Cost: 200 credits

Game effects: Stun damage, Fort Save DC 15 to resist.







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