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D20 Stats

Example names:  Seuck, Teulk

Age:  Child 1-2; young adult 3-5; adult 6-30; middle age 31-35; old 35-40; venerable 41+ 

Species Traits

Ability Modifiers: +12 Strength, +8 Constitution, -6 Intelligence, -6 Wisdom, -6 Charisma

Medium Sized: No modifier

Speed:  Base Speed 14.

Species Abilities

Sure footed - gain a +3 vs. any Bantha Rush attacks.

Brawl - Due to a DiTriCons Strength call unarmed attacks can cause critical hits on a 20.

Blood sucker - A DiTriCon, upon making a successful Brawl attack suck blood from it's victim.  Victim must Make a Fortitude Save DC the DiTriCons Strength code or take a further 2D10 damage as well as the brawl damage.

Blood Drinker - After making a successful grapple the DiTriCon can choose to use it's head suckers to drink the blood of it's victim.  Characters must make opposed Strength rolls.  If the DiTricon wins it's victim takes 4D10 (+ Str mod) damage.  The Victim may make a Fortitude save DC 30 for half damage.  This is considered a full round action and the DiTriCon leaves itself prone and loses it's Dex modifier to Defense.

Weaknesses - The blood suckers on the front of a DiTriCons head are very sensitive, but still very strong.  If a character lands a Critical on a DiTriCon they can forego the damage to the DiTriCons wounds to make an attack against it's head suckers.  The DiTriCon will be stunned (in pain) for 1D4 rounds, then flee, unless it's attackers persist with their attack.  If the DiTricon is still attacked it must make a Fortitude save DC 30 to continue fighting.  An aimed attack at -4 may be made against the head suckers ONLY if attempting to free a victim from it's grasp.  All other attempts to attack the head suckers without landing a critical will meet with failure.



D6 Stats

  Min Max
Dexterity 1D 2D
Knowledge 1D 2D+2
Mechanical 1D 2D+2
Perception 1D 2D+2
Strength 8D 18D
Technical 1D 2D+1




Special Abilities / traits

DiTriCon require specific living conditions.  They must consume blood through the suction pads over their body, the ends of their three fingers or via the wide trunks on the front of their head.  They can not process meat an must consume a vegetable diet.  The consumption of meat can make the DiTriCon violently sick causing it to vomit and excrete blood from it's pores.  Additionally DiTriCon  breathe ammonia.  Photosynthesis works differently for the plants within the Tri-Star cluster.  They still absorb Carbon Dioxide, but produce ammonia gas, which sustains the strange life from this system.  

The DiTriCon can survive out of this environment for prolonged periods sustaining itself solely on blood.  However, this does not make them too popular when they decide to feed in public.

Telepathy.  DiTriCon naturally communicate via telepathy and can communicate this way with most species providing they are willing.  THIS IS NOT A FORCE POWER.

Dark Side.  Although most DiTriCon should be treated as Dark Side creatures due to their killing ways and lack of morals, it should be noted that their intelligence is so little that they would probably have little to no understanding of good and evil.  Nevertheless, without lowering the Strength code I would not recommend that they be allowed as player-characters.



Story Factors

DiTriCon are a slave race to the Triadsalkt.  Any rouge DiTriCon will find itself out of it's natural living conditions and will require a large amount of blood to sustain itself.  They will often be employed by high profile crime syndicates and given jobs of assassination.  It is rare that they survive long before being killed by local governments of the Empire who have no use for this species.  The Empire sees the DiTriCons' great strength more as a danger than an asset to be exploited.


DiTriCon Starships

These strange vessels are a mess of twisted metal grafted onto a living creature.  These giant creatures can not move through space on their own and rely on engines grafted onto their body.  They also have no hyperspace capability and move from system to system via a network of Hyper-Gates operated by the Triadstalkt.   These Hyper-Gates can not be operated in every system though.  They draw energy from the systems sun.  If it is not strong enough they must travel to the next system using their Ion Drives.  These journey's, traveling star to star can take years. 

Inside these vessels have minimal facilities.  They also hold mush liquid, the corridors being half full of murky swamp water.  It is not unknown for a three Triadstalkt to be present on a DiTriCon starship.

Living Zone This area offers minimal facilities for the DiTriCon's to eat and sleep. 
Breeding Chamber DiTriCon's are an asexual species.  Every 3 years a DiTriCon will give birth, laying a large slime covered egg.  This egg must then hibernate for a further six months.  The Breeding Chamber allows eggs to be kept at optimal temperatures.  Due to the long journey times of DiTriCon starships a Breeding Chamber is essential.
Food storage Zone Again, due to long journey times of DiTricon's voyages they must carry a great deal of food.  This will often be replenished along the way if possible.
Command Deck & Brain Chamber At least one DiTriCon can be found on the command deck at all times, regardless of the length of the journey.  The controls are knobby growths that jut from a crude computer panel. This computer panel will have maybe one screen giving very basic information (speed, fuel, cargo). The controls connect directly to the ships brain, located below the Command deck.  The Brain Chamber is huge, the giant brain measuring at least ten meters in diameter is surrounded by a series of catwalks.  Thousands of tendrils connect the brain to the ship and command deck controls.  This is always guarded at it is the most obvious way to disable a DiTriCon starship.
Engineering Deck This is very basic, except for the Hyper-Gate energiser.  The Ion drive is crude, and the life support system relies more on the creatures skin/hull integrity than anything else.  The Hyper-Gate Energiser when activated draws power from a star, then projects a beam before the ship creating a tear in Space/Time allowing the vessel to cross great distances instantly.
Docking Bay The Docking Bay located at the bas of the body of the ship is more of a maw.  DiTriCon ships have no weapons, but they do have a very strong Tractor Beam capable of drawing most starfighter scale ships into one of their many bays.


D6 starship stats

Craft DiTriCon Starship
Type Personnel Cruiser
Scale Capital
Crew 6
Passengers 24
Consumables 5 years
Cost not available for sale
Hyperdrive Multiplier none
Hyperdrive Backup none




Hull 12D
Shields 0D
Tractor Beam FC: 3D Strength: 8D