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DROIDS - A Race to the Finish

Characters based on the classic DROIDS cartoon episode A Race to the finish.  Okay, this scenario doesn't really reflect the story of that episode one bit, where Boba Fett is pursuing Thall Joben in the Boota Speeder Race.  But it makes for an interesting scenario.


    mini stats
Player 1 R2-D2 R2-D2 as Mini
  C-3PO C-3PO as Mini
  Thall Joben Luke Skywalker, Rebel as Mini
  Jord Dusat Rebel Pilot as Mini
  Kea Moll Rebel Commando as Mini
Player 2 Tig Fromm   Rodian Mercenary
  Vlix   Gamorrean Guard
  Boba Fett Boba Fett as Mini

Map Tatooine Streets
Winning  To defeat your opponent
Special Rules Boba Fett - Betrayal

If Boba Fett rolls a '1' for any attack he immediately ends his turn and joins Player 1s squad the the rest of the skirmish.


Star Wars - Miniature Battlefront

This idea is based off the Battlefront computer game.  In the game you get reinforcements from your command posts.

Choose a marker to represent a Command Post.  The number of command posts is up to you, three or four should be enough.

At the end of a round, if a player has a character adjacent to a Command Post he gains +5 points of reinforcements from that post.  He may bring on the reinforcements immediately, or wait another round to try and buy a more expensive character.  Should a player end a round without a character next to the relevant Command Post all reinforcement points for that post are lost.  If an opponent moves adjacent to the post neither side gains any points, but current points are not lost but cannot be spent.


Variant 1: "Wipe them out, all of them!"  First side to eliminate the other.

Variant 2: "Just hold 'em off for a few more seconds."  First side to control all Command Posts at the end of a round.

Varient 3: "Stand by, stand by..."  There is a set number of rounds, at the end of the final round the winner is the one to control the most Command Posts.  On a tie the winner is the one with the highest point total of characters still in play.


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