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Star Wars Miniatures - Optional Rules

AT-AT House Rules

  • AT-AT Driver (from FU) gains the ability AT-AT Driver - if within 6 squares of the AT-AT the AT-AT may spend a move action to move 1 square backwards or sideways.
  • AT-AT gains Massive (like the DDM Colossal Red Dragon) - ignores walls when moving, can end it's move in a wall.
  • DR20 save 11, on a failed save it only has DR10.
  • Save vs. STOMP is made BEFORE entering the square of a character with the EMPLACEMENT Special Ability.


  • Windows can only be destroyed using Satchel charge
  • Characters adjacent to a window can shoot 'out' of the window.
  • Line of Sight can be drawn to adjacent characters behind a window, but the window does provide cover.
  • If both characters are adjacent with a window between them they both receive cover, including characters with Melee.

Grapple/force back

  • Only adjacent characters may Grapple.
  • Grapple may only be performed on a characters own turn.
  • Grapple 'Replaces Attacks'
  • Characters with 'Damage 0' may Grapple.
  • An Attack roll is required for a Grapple.
  • If the Attack roll hits the target is moved one square to an adjacent vacant space (so cannot be forced onto cover or rough terrain or diagonally)
  • This movement does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.
  • The target may be moved into a pit but gets to make a Save 11.  If this save fails the target is defeated.  Characters that 'Avoid Defeat' by any means remain on their original space.
  • Only characters of equal base size or smaller may be Grappled.

I considered not allowing characters with Flight to be Grappled into a pit, but hey, that's how Boba Fett is defeated in Return of the Jedi.



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