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Castle Bloodaxe 

Medieval Great Hall / Throne Room

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Optional Special Rules

Curtains - unless characters are adjacent, these block LOS but do not hinder movement.  Adjacent characters may be attacked as normal and still provoke AOO.

Primitive Doors - immune to Override and Door Gimmick.  Characters with Override may hold a door closed if adjacent.

Balcony - the steps lead up to the balcony, with the exposed area indicated by orange lines.  This line cannot be crossed unless a character has flight.  Large characters cannot end their move across the orange line.  Characters separated by the orange line are not considered adjacent.



The Medieval Castle Bloodaxe is located on the planet Gar, Beyond the Blood Drift.  The Great Hall is one of the oldest remaining parts of the castle and is used by Queen Bloodaxe as her Throne Room to welcome guests, hold court, and as a banquet hall.  Ancient tapestries and suits of armour decorate the cold stone room, the room lit by candle light.  The Queens throne dominates the room at it's far end.  A high balcony runs around the edge of the room with stairs at either end.



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