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Gar 'Blade-Wing' Starfighter


Type Gar 'Blade-Wing' Starfighter
Crew 1
Passengers 1
Size Tiny
Consumables 1 day
Cost 119,500 credits
Cargo 50 kg


Hyperdrive Multiplier None
Max Speed Attack (7 squares)
Initiative +2
Maneuverability +2


22 (+2 size, +10 Armour)
Shield Points 10
Hull Points 120   DR 5
Weapons Laser Canon (forward)  

fire control +4  

damage 4d10x2 

  Concussion Missile [ 8 ] (forward)  

fire control +4  damage 8D10x2

The Gar-Blade Starfighter was produced for over a Millennia and used throughout the Blood Drift Sector.  Originally designed as a starfighter for planetary defense the Gar-Blade eventually gained notoriety when King Grimgar of Gar used them as the major starfighter in his starfleet.  

Over the years the Gar-Blade has undergone many changes to it's specifications with an assortment of versions of the starfighter produced, some with improved scanners for recon missions and some even fitted with limited Hyperdrives.

When Gar eventually fell into it's Dark Age production of the Gar-Blade did not cease, instead it moved to the Sector shipyards on the Capital world of Archeron.  Here the Gar-Blade would serve as the primary defense starfighter for the Blood Emperors starfleet.

The Clone Wars

Production of the Gar-Blade eventually ended a few years before the Clone Wars, but's there was more to it's legacy.  The Trade Federation held many worlds throughout The Blood Drift,  bringing many skirmishes to the sector during the Clone Wars.  During the Wars both sides made use of the Gar-Blade.  But with such high attrition on both sides the number of Gar-Blade starfighters was decimated.

The Empire

Nowadays it is rare to come across the Gar-Blade Starfighter.  Only in distant systems Beyond the Blood Drift will you find a handful of these starfighters serving private militia or pirates.  The Gar-Blade was a champion of it's day, but alas it's glory days have passed.


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