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Planet Log: Caldon

Planet Caldon
Type Terrestrial
Terrain Barren
Temperature Temperate
Hydosphere Moderate
Atmosphere Type I (breathable)
Gravity Standard
Length of Day 26 hours
Length of Year 380
Sapient Species None
Planet Function Colony
Tech Level Space
Population 500 million
Spaceport Primary - Caledonia, several others
Government Competing States
Major Exports High Tech - starships
Major Imports raw materials, foodstuffs, luxury items
System Caldedonian
Star Cal


Planet Overview

The planet Caldon is located just off the Hydian Way in the Expanse Region on the approach to Malastaire.  The Planet Caldon is a large planet.  Despite having large oceans it's land masses are dry and all much higher than sea level.  There are three major continents, the largest being Caledonia, followed by the western continent made up of the countries Tatoir and Geminus, and the northern Anton.  The other major country is Fridgia, a collection of islands to the south and too small to be referred to as a continent.  

The planet Caldon has several countries and several small independent states.  The largest and most significant country is Caledonia.  Caledonia controls planetary defense and space security.  The Caledonian government is a rich one primarily due to their starship construction industry. This industry cannot rival Kuat, Sluis Van or Tallon, but is impressive nevertheless. 

Government of Caldon is a tentative subject.  Prime Minister Yakkik, of the Caledonian Front, tends to speak on planetary affairs.  Officially, from the Imperial perspective, Governor Marcus runs Caldon from his seat on Anton.  Several of the small states do speak out on planetary affairs but are often ignored by Caledonia & Anton.  Tatoir and Fridgia have no interest in global politics while Geminus has no contact with anyone. 



Caldon, the Empire and politics

When the Empire came to they insisted that an Imperial Governor be assigned to the planet.  The Caledonia government, then led by Prime Minister Alfred Rancor, refused.  The Empire did not take such refusal kindly and blockaded the world.  The planet fell under Imperial martial law except for the city of Maychest, capital city of Caledonia and seat of the government.  Maychest was protected by an impassable force-field.  Negotiations failed, but when Imperial forces were required elsewhere their forces were pulled away from Caldon except for the country of Anton, which remains under Imperial martial law.  Prime Minister Yakkik is now Prime Minister of Caledonia.  He has made some peace with the Empire, and while an Imperial force is visibly present in Caledonia the numbers are not high enough to be considered and occupying force.

Caldon's major asset is it's location.  A new hyper-route was discovered several years ago, now called the Hydian/Rimma Cross.  This hyper-route connects the Hydian Way to the Rimma Trade route at their mid points in the Expanse region.  This knocks over 8 hours off journeys from Malastair to the Colonies and Tapani Sector.

Prime Minister Yakkik

Species: Yakora

D6 stats - Dex: 1D; Know: 3D; Mech: 1D; Perc: 3D+1; Str: 2D+2; Tech: 1D

Bureaucracy: 7D, Cultues 5D, Bargain 7D, Command 6D



The Continents

Caledonia, Anton, Fridgia, Tatoir, Geminus


Caledonia is by far the largest of the continents.  There are three major cities on Caledonia, Maychest, Capital City and Caledonia City Spaceport.  The land is dry and harsh with communities relying on man-made rivers and reservoirs, yet the temperature is moderate and not like you would expect in a desert.  Areas of Caledonia are mountainous, with several volcanos still active, most notably Mount Cal next to Caledonia City Spaceport.  Most of the towns are small and remote.  Travel by speeder can take several days and shuttles do not travel to every town.

City of Maychest

Maychest is the capital of Caledonia, though most off-worlders do not realise this.  Maychest has restricted access and is protected by a powerful energy shield that can withstand any bombardment.  Passing the barrier requires fees and extensive background checks.  Maychest is a relatively new city and is classed as high society.  Maychest is a dull quiet place.  Most city blocks have four floors, and the road network is laid out in a grid with the government buildings in the centre.  Local police are strict and possession of firearms is prohibited.  There are few parks in Maychest and unless you live there, work there or have business with the government, there is no reason to go to Maychest.

Places of Interest

Chansu's Dojo

Located on the corner of 1st and 23rd Street this is one of the most prestigious Dojo's in the sector.  The owner, Chansu, is a master of Martial Arts and firearms.  Secretly Chansu is a supporter of the Rebel Alliance using the Dojo as a safe house.  So far the Empire has no reason to suspect Chansu of Rebel ties but are alert to an individual with such combat skills.  Chansu is only a small man.  He will always greet you with a smile and a bow and welcome into his home, the Dojo that is.

Chansu D6 stats

Dex: 5D; Know: 3D; Mech: 3D; Perc: 2D+1; Str: 2D+2; Tech: 2D

Blaster 12D, Dodge 9D, Melee 12D, Melee Parry 14D+2, Martial Arts 15D, Streetwise 4D, Cultures 4D, Repulsorlift Op. 6D, Starship Piloting 7D, Hide/Sneak 5D Brawl 16D, Climb/Jump 6D, Stamina 6D, Security 4D, First Aid 5D

Caledonia City Spaceport

This is the unofficial capital of Caldon.  Most space traffic lands here.  In recent years building work has expanded the spaceport greatly.  Walkways intertwine and stretch overhead and planning permission has recently been given to construct several starship docking towers like those found on Byblos.  The spaceport has a vast array of cultures and a great night-life.

Caledonia City Spaceport is built at the foot of Mount Cal, an active volcano.  Five years before ANH the volcano erupted killing thousands of people.  To this end a giant for field has been constructed to the North-West where the mountain lies.  The volcano has erupted again, only that time the shield did it's job and saved the City.

Capital City

During the Empire small rule of the planet where they failed to take command of the City of Maychest it was decided to designate a new capital.  Extensive building work was started to expand one of the larger towns.  This was renamed Capital City and was to be the Imperial Governor seat of power.  When the Empire pulled out of Caledonia construction on Capital City stopped.  Contractors went bankrupt due to non-payment from the Empire and the city was left partially built.  Nowadays the partial build city blocks are home to pirates criminals.  For a short time a Dark Side adept by the name of Dai'Oahl rose to a level on infamy on the planet before his criminal reign was cut short by member of Team 7.

The Restricted Zone

The Northen pole of Caldon is a strange place.  The Northern pole is a dense and dangerous jungle.  The entire zone is restricted and protected by an energy barrier.  The barrier is not totally effective.  holes have started to appear in the shield and the stone wall at the base of the shield has stated to crumble and develop holes.  The foliage is carnivorous and monstrous creatures lurch in the darkness.  The tree cover blots out the sun from ground level leaving most of the jungle in darkness.  Those strong in the force have sworn they have felt ripples of the Dark Side in the zone and it is believed that it was the Jedi who originally restricted the zone.




Anton is under strict Imperial Martial Law.  Travel to Anton without the proper authorisation documents is grounds for immediate imprisonment.  Even though the Empire has officially left Caldon they still maintain no less than four full garrisons on Anton.  Life on Anton for the population is hard.  Governor Shelby is a strict woman.  She is fully aware that she is hidden away on Caldon because of her sex.  This drives her harder to prove she is the woman the Empire needs.  




To the south lies the Firdgian strip, a collection of islands.  Due to Caldon axis the southern area of the planet is cold, and Fridgia is no exception.  Ice and snow covers all of the country, but it's government have used this to their advantage by promoting winter sports activities.  Fridgia is now the most popular holiday resort on Caldon.  The major cities are even host to some of the galaxies finest fashion stores.  Several prestigious holiday resorts have become renown for being the favourite holiday spot for several of the galaxies most famous holovid stars.




Like Caledonia Tatoir is a dry barren land.  Populations on Tatoir are small and remote, with no major cities.  Tatoir has only minor involvement with planetary affairs, but is often the cause of most government disputes.  Tatoir is run by the Hutts.  Which Hutt in particular owns the country is still a mystery, although Jabba the Hutt certainly has some influence there.  It is believed that Tatoir is where the pirate frigate The Phoenix was constructed, against all galactic laws.




This coutry borders with only Tatoir.  While travel to Tatoir is permitted, it is advised that you do not cross the borders to Geminus.  EVER!  Geminus is ruled by the mysterious race known as the Medusai.  As far as can be determined Geminus has a population of zero.  No Medusai has been seen on Geminus is many years, though this does not mean they are not watching.  The land starts as desert to the north, but becomes more temperate in the south with rocky grasslands.  There are a few remains of stone and clay wall settlements, but the Medusai do not accept trespassers.




Caldagon, Maladagon, Shaldon, Zaladagon

Nine moons orbit the planet Caldon, some contain life while others are just rock.  The primary moons are Caldagon, Maladagon, Shaldon and Zaladagon.


The innermost satellite is a rocky moon with mountains and some plant life.  Caldon Sector Security (C.S.S.) use this moon as a base of operations.  The primary C.S.S. spaceport is located here.  Due to it's secure nature passage to Caldagon is strictly monitored.


This is lush forestry moon with wide grass plains.  For many years the tourist industry were the only ones to take advantage of this moon.  Recently the Caledonian Corporation, a government funded starship building business, has relocated to the moon of Maladagon.  Although the Caldon government will not authorise the building of starship construction factories they have permitted the head offices to be build with several 'show room' landing bays.


This is a harsh small moon completely covered with a dense jungle.  The moon of Shaldon does not fall under the protection of the C.S.S. so travel to this moon is not recommended.  The jungle makes life hard, as does the fact that dinosaurs also roam the surface of this moon.  The dinosaurs vary from harmless herbivores to ferocious carnivores resembling the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  

The dinosaurs are still not the only threat on Shaldon.  The small moon is host to several Droid Cities.  These cities are run by an populated by unrepentant droids.  It is rumoured that in infamous Kligson built these cities, but evidence of that is lacking.  Many of the droids are harmless, but some are deadly and dislike organics.  The most amazing of these droids are the dino-droids.  These are giant machines, some designed for war while others as rudimentary transports.  Each dino-droid has independent thought, although the droid brain can be overrided if you have clearance, and the dino-droid operated as a vehicle. 

Shaldons legacy continues into the far future.  In millions of years time the planet Caldon will be long dead, but the moon Shaldon will be host to a sprawling metropolis known as Crix City.  The droid cities and dinosaurs have long gone and the universe itself is nearing the end of existence.  Here in Crix City are the last remnants of a thousand civilisations.  Law is gone and disorder reigns, to those that care.  Thousand story tower blocks rule the Crix City skyline.  Of these tower blocks one small inoffensive building holds a secret.  Well, it would be a secret if they didn't have their named scrawled across the side.  Crix City is home to the Time Bandits.  This group of the Warriors of Gar are possibly the universes last hope at survival.  Now THAT is scary!


The ninth moon is off limits to all travelers with a warning boy cautioning all who would approach the moon.  The moon exerts a powerful gravitational force.  Once a starship touches the moons atmosphere it will not have the thrust to break orbit.

The moon itself is a rock forestry world.  The moon can actually look a pleasant place, but do not let that fool you.  Zaladagon is evil.  Not just an evil place, the moon is evil, a living Dark Side entity.  Zaladagon can control it's own landscape.  Zaladagon can raise or level mountains at a whim.  In the days of the Empire the truth behind Zaladagons Dark Side nature has been forgotten.  Zaladagon now simply exists feeding off those foolish enough to fly to close.