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Star Trek Away-Team

Klingons on their quest in The Great Tribble Hunt


Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls


DC Elseworlds


Marvel What If?

That was a very lucky couple of boosters in our Pre-Release!


Heroclix Regionals at Waylands Forge, Birmingham

Had a great day.  Won three games, finished 9th (out of 28) and qualified for the Nationals. 
Got my pick of prizes and selected Bat-Knight.

As well as the Bat-Knight I was also awarded a Tokens set.

My Team - Jakeem Thunder, Green Lantern, Renet Tilley & Mr. Mxyzptlk



Joker's Wild!



Prizes - Captain America, Namor and Spider-Man 


New DC Justice League monthly OP kit; Firestorm, The Atom & Aquaman

A couple of new favourites; Spider-Punk and Psider-Gwen

Includes Devil Dinosaur, Superior Spider-Man and Old Man Spider (Chase)


Civil War Week 2; Tigra, Bullseye, Daredevil, Yellow Jacket, Battlestar, Cobolt Man,
Spider-Man, Wasp, Vision, Ms. Marvel

Here are the figures I came away with from the recent Civil War Story-Line Organised Play event - Week 1.
Pro-Registration were my strongest figures.  The Taskmaster and Venom combo was superb, and I'm always happy to get a figure of She-Hulk, one of my favourite characters since collecting the John Byrne comics.  Yellowjacket was lucky, but did KO my bounty, Captain America.

I had a bad game with Anti-Registration.  Aside from Spider-Woman a bit of a boring selection.
A weakened Hercules, while solid for his points, is not what Hercules should be.

And finally the two Neutral characters.  Not so fussed with Goldust Goldbug, but Plunderer is pretty solid and a fun support piece.  Plunderer also has the Pirate keyword, so I already have my 300pt pirate team planned with Plunderer, Nebula, Nightcrawler and Star-Lord.

Storyline Organised Play - 23/07/2016

A couple of recent OP Kits including Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, Shroud, Lex Luthor, Captain Cold and Sinestro.


Guardians of the Galaxy Monthly OP Kit



Uncanny X-Men Pre-release


Brave & the Bold OP Kit Flash & Green Lantern


Gallery of some favourite Heroclix from my collection

Spider-Punk &
Civil War
Civil War
Civil War
Grand Prizes
Black Cat, Silk, Spider-Girl Superior Spider-Man Tarantula Superior Foes of Spider-Man
Civil War
Civil War
Civil War
World's finest
A few recent prize figures; High Evolutionary, Grandmaster, Kang and Batman. GCPD Cruiser and Batmobile Iron Maiden Vampire Batman
Collector, Vandal Savage, Gorr the God Butcher, Bizarro Flash Justice League Team Base Batman/Superman Robot & Brimstone Gen13 Team Base
Batman vs Superman The Fatal Five Justice League All-Stars Superman/Wonder Woman

And just because, here's Zombie Galactus.


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