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D6 Starfighter Combat

I have incorporated the Starfighter maneuvers from the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook by WEGs into my game.  Whereas before a pilot had three skills to declare (Evade, fire, angle shields), now they have an extra action, Maneuver.

Initiative.  The pilot being tailed must declare his actions first as he is the one at the disadvantage.  the results of any maneuvers are resolved before any other actions take place.  So just because Wedge declares gunnery it doesn't necessarily mean there will be a TIE to shoot at when he gets a chance.  This skill is also used if a Maneuver is performed in a difficult terrain eg. flying through a space city, flying through an asteroid belt



Maneuver Difficulty Effect
The Break  Difficult  Lose Tail
Reverse Throttle Hop  Very Difficult  Target Can not BREAK
Scissors  Difficult  To become Attacker
Decelerate / Tallon Roll Difficult To become/remain Attacker
Over-Speed Difficult Speed +2
Bluff / Con Roll Con: Opp. Perc Lose Tail
Repair (astromechs only) S/ship Rep: 20 Repair a system (Not Hull)
Use the force : Enhance Skills Control: 10/15/20 Piloting or Gunnery +1D/+2D/+3D
Use the force : Affect mind Ctl: 15; Sen: Opposed Perc;

Alt: 15

Opponent Loses all actions


The Difficulty Numbers for each Maneuver depend greatly on the type of craft being piloted.  Sharp maneuvers in an A-Wing are a lot easier than in a B-Wing.  So for the difficulty number for a desired craft see the table below.

These Maneuver difficulties can also be used when assigning difficulty numbers for a craft performing maneuvers such as avoiding asteroids or maneuvering down a tight valley.


Difficulty Numbers

  Easy Moderate Difficult Very difficult
X-Wing 12 14 17 24
A-Wing 11 12 14 18
Y-Wing 13 16 20 30
B-Wing 14 18 22 34
TIE fighter 13 16 18 26
TIE Bomber 14 18 22 34
TIE Interceptor 12 14 16 22
Stock Light Freighter 15 20 28 46
Z-95 Headhunter 14 18 19 28
Imperial Shuttle 14 18 22 34

Difficulty numbers calculated based on Maneuver difficulties in Star Warriors game.