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D6 Stamina Points


At the start of the adventure have every character roll their Stamina. This becomes their STAMINA POINTS. I usually set a minimum to this total equaling the number of 'pips' the character has in their Stamina code.

eg. 3D = 9, 4D+2 = 14.

The Wild Die does not count for this roll.

2)  Taking Damage

When characters take damage roll the damage and characters Strength (plus any armour) as usual.

Subtract the PC's Strength roll from the Damage. This becomes the DAMAGE POINTS. If this is 0 or less then the character has received no damage and may continue with their actions (I've never bothered with stun rules here).

Subtract the DAMAGE POINTS from the PC's STAMINA POINTS to get a new STAMINA POINT total.

If character has 0 or less STAMINA POINTS the character is Incapacitated.

If character has -12 or less STAMINA POINTS they are Mortally Wounded. Use the published rules or GM discretion to determine if that character dies.

If the character is reduced to -20 STAMINA POINTS then they are killed.


3)  Repercussions

Characters taking damage lose all their following actions.


4)  Repercussion continued

Characters taking 5+ Damage Points fall to the floor and must make an easy Dexterity roll to hold onto their weapon or whatever item was in their hand.


5)  Lightsabre's

Lightsabre's will ALWAYS inflict 1 point of damage regardless of the character Strength roll.


Stun Damage

Only blaster with a damage rating below 7D may have Stun Settings with the exception of Stun specific weapons such as a Riot Gun.

If the stun damage of the weapon is greater that the PC's strength resistance then the PC is stunned for a number of rounds equal to the difference between damage & Strength rolls.

ie. Strength roll = 10, Stun damage roll =15, the character would be stunned for 5 rounds.

Stunned characters fall prone and cannot act.