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D6 Martial Arts


The Warriors of Gar have experimented with several versions of Martial Arts for WEGs D6 system.  These are the current D6 Martial Arts used by the Warriors of Gar.

Brawl - the character must declare his action then make a successful Brawl on his target.

Martial Arts - if the attacker hits his target he then rolls his Martial Arts skill (Dexterity).

Damage - If the Martial Arts skill was successful the character rolls the damage for the move.  A failed Martial Arts roll means only normal brawl damage is rolled.


Karate Punch / Kick

Difficulty: Easy (10)

Damage: Str +1D

Notes: none


Roundhouse Kick

Difficulty: Opp. Martial Arts

Damage: Str +1D+2


Sweep Kick

Difficulty: Opp. Jumping

Damage: Str +2

Notes: Target prone unless their Strength was double the damage.


Drop Kick

Difficulty: Easy (10)

Damage: Str. Only

Notes: Opponent knocked backwards 1D meters


Sweet Chin Music (High Kick)

Difficulty: Opp. Martial Arts +5

Damage: Str +3D

Notes: Target may be no more than 2 feet taller than attacker.


Tera Kasi Speed Attack

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate (10 / 15)

Effects: Brawl +1D / +2D


Tera Kasi Chain Starter

Difficulty: Very Difficult (25)

Damage: Str +1D20

Notes: Combo of moves.


Tera Kasi Unarmed Parry

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate (10 / 15)

Effect: Brawl Parry +1D / +2D


Unarmed Disarm

Difficulty: 10 (knock weapon from hand)

15 (Take opponents weapon)

+10 if Lightsabre


Melee: Sideswing

Difficulty: Easy (10)

Damage: +1D


Melee: Thrust

Difficulty: Easy (10)

Effect: Melee +1D


Melee: Two-handed attack

Difficulty: Moderate (15)

Effect: Melee +1D


Melee: Tera Kasi Web of Death

Difficulty: Moderate (15)

Damage: +2D (or parry +2D)


Melee: Tera Kasi Parry

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate (10 / 15)

Effect: Melee Parry +1D / +2D


Melee: Disarm

Difficulty: 10 (knock weapon from hand)

16 if Lightsabre


Racial specific Martial Arts can be assigned regular moves

Eg. Wookiee Wrruushi Martial Arts

Wrruushi Ryyk Blade Reaper Melee: Sideswing

Wrruushi Ryyk Blade Attack Melee: Thrust

Wrruushi Ryyk Blade Jungle Melee: Tera Kasi Parry

Wrruushi Gorilla Slap Punch / Kick

Wrruushi Storm Tera Kasi Speed Attack