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D6 Gambling


"Well hello there, did we just meet over on Aldis.  Anyway, I'm Tarrant Ford, and I'm the best card shark this side of the colonies.  You want proof?  Well pull up a stool and deal out a hand of sabacc, you do have the creds to back up that bet, don't you?"


You will need a Sabacc deck to use these rules, or a normal deck of cards.

If you have no Sabacc deck use regular playing cards, remember to include the Jokers. Red cards are positive numbers, Black cards are negative numbers. Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13 & Ace=14, Jokers=0 (the Idiot card).

How it works

Determine how much money each Gambler is willing to put up.

Deal each character 3 cards from your Sabacc deck.

Roll you characters Gambling skill.

Add the skill roll and the card total together and consult the following results chart which is in order of highest hand.

Idiots Array dealt a 2, 3 & the Idiot Card
Pure Sabacc dealt a total of 23
Pure Sabacc rolled 23
Pure Sabacc Roll + cards = 23
Sabacc Highest total of Cards + Roll

 Bomb Out - this is an automatic loss and the loser must pay DOUBLE.

(this rule only applies in casino's)

Bomb Out - Dealt a total of 0

Bomb Out - Cards + Roll = 0



Star Wars Roulette

"Well here's another game for all you gamblers out there, Star Wars Roulette."

For this you will need a D100, or 2D10 to get the same result.

The Gambler makes there bet, choosing a number between 1 & 100 and declaring how many credits they are putting down. 

Now roll that D100 to see who wins.  This is the Target Number.

Wait for it... it's not over yet.  You see, that gambler PC stands a better chance of winning that some lowly RPG player, right?

Roll the Gamblers GAMBLING Skill, and consult the table below to determine winning and the odds.


Gamblers Skill roll Win if within # of Target Number Winning Odds
n/a Exact Number Chosen 10-1
Easy (6-10) within 3 5-1
Moderate (11-15) within 5 4-1
Difficult (16-10) within 8 3-1
Very Difficult (21-30) within 12 2-1
Heroic (31+) within 15 Evens

eg. Tarrant Ford chooses the number 30.  Tarrant rolls his Gambling and rolls 18.  Tarrant needs to be within 8 to win, so any number between 22 & 38 wins.  The Roulette comes up 34.  This is within Tarrants range, he wins.  Because the number is within 5 of his chosen number Tarrant gets 4-1 odds, winning his credits back plus four times that amount.