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D6 Alcohol Rules

Star Wars RPG Drinking rules

Each drink has a die rating. After a drink a character rolls his/her Stamina vs the drink rating.

If the character fails they get -1D to all skills and attributes until the effect wear off.

For each drink beyond the first the damage is combined. eg. for a drink with a 4D rating you would roll 4D after the first glass, 4D+4 after the second, 4D+8 after the third and so on.

Remember that a character who fails a Stamina check has -1D to his next check. Failed checks are cumulative until the character has 0D Stamina. So a character with 5D Stamina would have to fail 5 rolls before passing out. But if he had 3D Dexterity he would not be able to walk after 3 failed rolls! Some fun can be had with these rules.


JVT Cantina Drinks list

Beers, Ales & brew     Wines & Spirits    
Sullustan Ale 1D+2 2 credits Corellian Whiskey 3D+1 4 credits
Rodian Ale 1D 2 credits Corellian Brandy 3D 4 credits
Dark Gar Brew 3D+2 1 credit Sullustan Gin 4D 5 credits
Gar Strongarm Cider 4D+2 1 credit Vintage Bespin Port 5D 9 credits
Smugglers Ale 2D 1 credit Lum 7D 10 credits
Mandalore Brew 2D+2 5 credits Klaa Blood Wine 4D+2 6 credits
Ryll Beer 1D+2 2 credits Hoojib's Revenge 4D 4 credits
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster * 5D+2 5 credits Tatooine Sunburn 3D+1 2 credits
Other drinks          
Super Nova  5D 3 credits Twi'lek Twister  3D+2 1 credit
Shaven Wookiee  4D+1 2 credits Aldis Mist  3D 1 credit
Pink Lizard Thunderbolt  4D+2 4 credits Bloody Rancor  4D 2 credits
Dreaded Death Star  5D+1 4 credits      
Impeial Cola   2 credits      
Galactic Soda   2 credits      
Fizzi-glug   1 credit      


"Torm here, hungry. No problem. The JVT Cantina offers a nice range of dishes. Just check out our dishes of the day menu or have a look at our regular menu."

Galactic Food dishes

Bantha Burger 2 credits Bantha Platter 6 credits
Bantha Balti (mild) 7 credits Bantha Balti (hot) 8 credits
Dewback ribs (6) 3 credits Dewback ribs (10) 4 credits
Hapes Cluster 15 credits Calamari Squid 8 credits
Klaa Gagh (served live) 3 credits Twi'le Rock Pie 5 credits
Thyferra Bugs 5 credits Ithorian Stew 7 credits
Ganjunko Pie 6 credits Dagobah Hot Pot 6 credits


Tobacco & Chewing weed

Brand Type Cost per pack
Pyt Quarren Chewing weed 2 credits
Golden Bantha Cigarette brand 3 credits
Ambassadors Coruscant cigars 5 credits
Yavin Blue Leaf * Chewing Weed 3 credits
Sabre Rakes Fine Tapani Cigars 10 credits

* See Galaxy Guide: Yavin & Bespin for Blue Leaf stats.