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Alien Races


Digit are an odd dragon-like race.  They are very rare and usually encountered in remote spaceport bars trading information for a drink.  The exact nature and origin of Digit is unknown.  No one knows their home world and due to their odd defence system, teleportation, no one has ever been able to study one.  Their natural ability to teleport is an odd ability that xeno-biologists believe could have only developed due to an extreme threat, possible predator, in their natural environment.  Though how their teleport ability actually works is still a mystery.

Physical Description:  Digit appear as small, squat, slightly tubby dragons.  Their skin is almost rubber rather than scales confusing xeno-biologists as to whether they are mammal or reptilian.  Digit have a thin tail and folded wings.  It is very rare a digit will be seen extending it's wings leaving many to believe that they cannot fly.  This is not the case, in fact they are very agile whilst in the air.

Cultures:  If Digit cultures do exist they are unknown.  No two Digit have ever been seen together.  It is not even known how Digit reproduce, or even if there are more than one.

Personality Most digit tend to be cynical and sarcastic.  Their language is usually offensive and derogatory.

Language:  Unknown, though all encountered speak Basic.

Example names:  Digit

Age:  Unknown

Species Stats

Dex: 1D+1 Know 3D Mech: 1D

Perc: 3D Str: 2D+1 Tech: 1D+1

Species Abilities

Bite As an unarmed strike Digit may use it's bite attack, Damage Str+1

Flying  Digit can fly (but rarely do so because they can't be bothered).

Teleport  A Digit may teleport as a Reaction.  Teleport is an automatic defence.  So long as the Digit is aware of the attack they may teleport before any other action.  There is no known way of blocking a Digit from Teleporting and they may use this ability without restriction.

Story Factors  Racial secrecy.  Digit will never talk of their home world or culture.  They will not put themselves in unnecessary danger and will always Teleport at the hint of any physical threat.


Moogie is a common household pet, usually found in middle-class homes of the Core Worlds and Mid Rim.  The Moogie has no natural habitat and cannot be found in the wild.  Moogie were genetically created by Lurrian genetic engineers to fill the niche market of domestic pets for children. 

Moogie stand no more than sixteen inches high, have small feet and hands, with no arms.  Moogie have blue fur which is light in colour when young gradually turning to a dark blue as the Moogie grows old.  Moogie have a life expectancy of around six years.  Moogie are loving creatures and reports of vicious Moogie tend to be exaggerated or totally unfounded.  They have no teeth or claws and can always be trusted even with young children.

Moogie trade has become big business in recent years with even large corporations of the corporate sector investing in Moogie breeding.  Terror Corporation, most commonly linked with weapon manufacture, were recently fined by the Imperial Bureau of Non-Sentient Animal Care for unsanctioned breeding of Moogie along with other charges of animal cruelty and tampering with the Moogie genetic code in breach of the Lurrian copyright.

Personality Moogie are loving and friendly, especially with young children.  They love to play and laugh, giggling when their tummy is tickled.

Language:  None, though they can mimic a few words.

Example names:  Moog, Moo-Moo, Blue

Age:  Child 1-6 months; adult 7 months - 6 years; old 6years +

Species Traits

Dex: 1D+1

Perc: 1D+2

Str: 1D


Jackal are bipedal canines with a thin brown fur, long bodies and long face. Jackals always appear to be growling, and this is in fact true, but is down to their aggressive nature rather than any physical trait. 

Cultures:  Jackal are a mongrel species hailing from no fixed abode.  Their clans have seemingly roamed the galaxy for several millennia.  Jackal DNA is very close to that of Bothans with scientists believing that the Jackal are either an off-shoot of Bothans or the result of Bothans cross breeding with another species many thousands of years ago.  Jackal have no sense of culture or pride and no official records exist of Jackal history.  Each Jackal clan is ruled by the Prime, often the strongest of the clan.  Jackal Prime is determined by rite of combat, with no honour involved.

The Jackal are natural predators and a mercenary race.  Several hundred years before the Clone Wars Jackal settled on a small moon in the Mid Rim.  Soon Jackal were bidding for the big contracts against even the Mercenary Guild of Coyn.  Then, after several altercations, they out-bid the Mandalorians for a mercenary contract.  The Mandalore declared war on the Jackal, a war the disorganised Jackal were not prepared for.  The Jackal world was destroyed, literally, with only a few small pockets of Jackal escaping.  Over the following years the Mandalorians would kill Jackal whenever they were encountered leaving the race on the verge of extinction.  When the Jedi wiped out the Mandalorians they were doing the Jackal a great favour.  Since the Clone Wars Jackal numbers have grown again.  Usually operating in small groups of three or four starships most Jackal encountered during the rule of the Empire will be pirates.

Personality The Jackal are nasty and bad tempered bullies, especially the Jackal Prime.  Subordinates often become withdrawn and shy around the Prime.  

Language:  Basic, Mongrel (a mix of Basic and Bothan)

Example names:  Juno, Jax, Kaa, Ruuf

Age:  Child 1-5; young adult 6-10; adult 11-30; middle age 31-38; old 39-45; venerable 46+ 

Species Traits

Dex: 2D+2 Know 1D Mech: 2D+1

Perc: 1D Str: 2D+2 Tech: 2D+1

Species Abilities

Bite As an unarmed strike a Jackal may use it's bite attack Damage: Str +2


May the Force be with you...


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