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Alien Race: Transhodian

Transhodians can accurately be described as near-Trandoshans.  They are an off-shoot race that came from Trandoshan colonists several millennia ago.  Transhodians have gained much greater technology than their cousins.  This is a combination of their intelligence and trading.  Most of the Transhodian high technology is reserved for military purposes, including personal cloaking devices and teleportation devices.  Transhodian Special Forces are some of the best warriors in the galaxy, in part due to their advanced technology.  They are also renown for their mastery of the Tera Kasi Martial Arts form.

There are two well known Transhodians in the galaxy.  The first is the Time Bandits own Bossko B.  Bossko B. is the lunatic who is just the coolest dude in the galaxy.  The second is a far less likeable character, the infamous assassin Nish.  Nish charges One Million Credits per hit and has not yet failed.  Due to his diplomatic ties, along with skill and credits, Nish has evaded capture of Galactic authorities (although this may have something to do with being in regular employ by the Empire).

Physical Description:  Transhodians are a reptilian race very similar in appearance to Trandoshans.  the ridges on their heads tend to be less prominent, and despite having only three fingers the same as Trandoshans they are still very dexterous with weapons and tools.

Cultures:  The Transhodians have remarkably few cultural traits.  The few religious members of their race tend to be shamans or spiritualists, though Jedi were not unheard of before the days of the Empire.  The only obvious cultural observations are military ones.  Public holidays on Trashodan, their homeworld, are usually celebrated with military displays and marches.

Personality  Transhodian personalities are as varied as human.  With the recent anti-alien policies of the Empire this has made many Transhodian spacers very nervous, and therefore aggressive.  Female Transhodians can be as equally aggressive as the males.  

Language:  Basic, Dosh

Example names:  Nish, Bossko

Age:  Child 1-8; young adult 8-14; adult 15-45; middle age 46-60; old 61-70; venerable 71+ 

Species Traits

Ability Modifiers:  +1 Strength, -1 Wisdom, -1 charisma

Medium Sized: No modifier

Speed:  Base Speed 14.

Species Abilities

Swim  Transhodians can breath just as easily under water and gain a +3 bonus onto all swimming checks.  Should they swim deeper than 200 meters they must depressurise themselves when returning to 200 meters.  The time to depressurise is 1/2 the time they spent below 200 meters.  Failing to depressurise causes 4D10 Wounds (not vitality).

Acid Spit  1/day a Transhodian may spit up an acidic venom from their throat.  The maximum range is 3 meters and this counts as a ranged attack with a -4 attach penalty.  The character can get a DSP for using this attack as it considered vile, disgusting and painful.  Damage 2D8, Critical 20.