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Imperial Prison Barge THX-1138





280 (this includes cell block guards & warden)

Prisoners  3,200
Scale Capital
Length 250 meters   (thanks to Deck for calculating the length)
Hyperdrive  x 2
Backup  x 15
Nav  limited (Astrogation difficulties + 1 level)
Speed  4
Hull  3D+2
Maneuver 1D+2
Shield  1D
Weapons 12 Laser Cannons
  FC: 2D Dam: 4D
Carried Craft 6 TIE fighters


D20 Stats

Hyperdrive Multiplier x 2
Hyperdrive Backup x 15
Max Speed Attack


 16 (-4 size, +10 Armour)
Shield Points  200
Hull Points 400   DR 20
Weapons 12 Turret Laser Canon (6 left, 6 right)) 

fire control +4 

damage 4D10x2 

 The THX-1138 Prison Barge was designed by the renown starship designer Lira Wessex, who is more commonly associated with the design of the Imperial class Star Destroyer. The cost of running a Star Destroyer makes them impractical ships for the mere transport of prisoners, hence the Prison Barge was developed. The THX-1138 takes account of standard Imperial starship builds in itsí construction. The ship is comprised of ten standard prison cell block levels (see Death Star Companion; page 72), an external TIE fighter rack capable of carrying six TIE fighters, engineering section, and the Bridge section virtually mirroring that of the Nebulan-B Frigate. The vessel is equipped with 12 light laser cannons for defensive capabilities to compliment itís starfighter compliment. One interesting point of this vessel is the way the gravity shifts depending upon the area of the ship you are in.

Each Cell Block is commonly manned by the usual 24 security troops along with a Prison Warden. The on duty number of troops is often less than this on long journeys where the troops must work around a shift.

Each cell is high security with magnetically sealed doors making escape very difficult.  Each prison level is monitored from a security station. On the event of a prison break that can not be contained by the security troops each level can be sealed off and flooded with toxic gas (Stamina: Very Difficult or fall unconscious; failing a Stamina: Easy causes death).


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