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Kuat Drive Yards Royal Funeral Barge

Type Kuat Drive Yards transport
Crew 4 (min2)
Passengers 10 + 6 Chapels of Rest
Size Starfighter - Tiny
Consumables 3 months
Cost 750,000 credits (new)
Cargo 150 metric tons 

D6 stats












Turret Cannon


Fire Control




D20 stats

Hyperdrive Multiplier x 1
Hyperdrive Backup x 12
Max Speed Attack (4 squares)
Initiative +2
Maneuverability +2


18 (+2 size, +6 Armour)
Shield Points None
Hull Points 100 DR 10
Weapons Turret Laser Cannon

fire control +4  

damage 4d10x2 

Kuat Drive Yards had been producing the large Funeral Barges for many years, for carrying the many dead back home after great conflicts. The Royal Funeral Barge was designed to carry up to six coffins but with more dignity and grace than in the mass barges. The Royal has become synonymous for carrying the bodies of the rich and famous. The body of a planetary leader will often be transported aboard the Kuat Drive Yards Royal Funeral Barge. ‘Dignity and grace even beyond the grave’ was Kuats selling phrase.

The major problem encountered with the Royal is not so much down to poor engineering, but down to it’s infrequent use. A King or Queen may purchase the Royal, but it will be sitting idle until their death. As with all machines, under use can be just as harmful as overuse. So it is not uncommon for the Royal to break down on the one occasion it is used.

The interior is dull and somber, though Kuat Drive Yards does accept special orders for the Royal. Not all races are sad about death, and it has been known for the interior of the Royal to be painted and decorated in bright reds and golds.

The ship is divided into four sections, the Bridge, Passengers, Mortuary and Engine Room. The Bridge is pretty standard for a Kuat vessel, as is the Engineering. The Passenger cabins an lounge are quite basic. There is also a small ‘chapel’, for those whose religion desires. The Mortuary is cold. The coffin of the deceased is placed on a ‘stasis table’. This is not a full suspended animation, rather a system that preserves the body from decomposition should the journey be a long one.


The Tapani Mourning Company

Tapani Mourning, based on Procopia, has been running a small fleet of the Kuat Drive Yards Royal Funeral Barges for many years on a ‘for hire’ basis. Whereas the Lords and Ladies of Tapani will have no doubt already purchased their own transport for such unpleasant affairs, not everyone can afford such a starship. Therefore Tapani mourning make their ships available at a reduced rate for hire by the less well off Knights, Barons or even citizens who need to hire transport in such unhappy times. Tapani Mourning are well respected for their courteous and professional conduct. Their starships are kept immaculate and in top notch condition. A crew and pall bearers, human or droid, are available if required.

Secrets of Tapani Mourning

Unknown to many staff, with the exception of the engineers and techs and high management, The Tapani Mourning Company is a legitimate business owned by the Guile Syndicate. This criminal syndicate operates from the Core Worlds and along the Rimma Trade Route. Guile Syndicate are not a violent group, but rather specialise in illicit goods, smuggling and information. All of the Tapani Mourning Royal Funeral Barges are fitting with numerous surveillance and recording devices, well hidden and disguised from passengers. The Knights and Lords who use this service may let slip pieces of information that could be useful, such as who was the suspected assassin or names of beneficiaries. The Barges are also a perfect method of smuggling goods in and out of the Sector without incurring too many security checks. Guile have even been known to arrange funerals.


Pall Bearer Droid

Type: Cybot Galactica P4 Pall Bearer Droid

These droids have been on the market for many years. The P4 is the latest model with increased stability. Visually the P4 looks similar to a black 3PO protocol droid. The major physical difference is the boosted lifting capacity of these droids. Outside of their normal operation it is rare to see one of these droids as they are considered ‘bad taste’ if used for other functions. In recent years street-slang tends to refer to Pall Bearers as ‘Death-Droids.’ 

D6 stats

















Furnace Op.



Humanoid body (two legs & two heavy-lifter arms)


Visual & auditory sensors


Story idea: The PC's have the misfortune of traveling back to Tapani with the coffin of a prestigious noble who was killed (by whatever means) out of the Sector. During the journey the Barge has engine difficulties and must stop for repairs (either at a nearby world or repaired by PC’s). While working on the ship the PC’s discover several of the guile Syndicates surveillance devices. Have the PC’s now set themselves up as a threat to Tapani Mournings secret? The PC’s problem is that they don’t know that the criminal syndicate is involved.


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