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Planet Log: Korriban



Type Terrestrial
Terrain Mountains, canyons, dry riverbeds, tombs, ruins
Temperature Cold & Dry
Hydosphere Arid
Gravity Heavy
Length of Day 28 hours
Length of Year 780 days
Sapient Species none
Planet Function Sith Tomb
Tech Level N/a
Population None
Spaceport None
Government None
Major Exports Evil relics
Major Imports None
System/Star Horuset


Sithspawn speaks

The planet Korriban.  World of the Sith.  The information presented here is not official.  This is the planet Korriban as it exists in the Warriors of Gar universe.


The Sith Holocron welcomes you to the Dark Side...

You are not yet worthy to open the Holocron

Many millennia ago the planet of Korriban was considered the homeworld of the Sith.  The dry rocky planet has long been extinct of that evil order but their legacy has left behind thousands of ancient monuments, mausoleums and tombs.

Imperial presence

Although the Emperor's agents have looted many powerful ancient artifacts it is believed that many may still be hidden in long forgotten tombs.  The Empire maintains a patrol of the Korriban system with a System Patrol Craft under the command of Captain Kobol.  The Empire also maintains a small orbital space station with minimal crew with a compliment of twelve TIE starfighters.  The station also falls under Captain Kobols command.


Captain Kobol

Character Type Imperial Captain
Race Human
Age 40
Quote "No one passes this blockade under my watch."
Starship System Patrol Craft - Ironclaw IV
GM ID Ugavine

"Do you think I don't know what is down there?  Do you think I don't know about the Sith?  The monsters?  I know.  I've been down there.  No one should know the terrors of Korriban."

Blaster 6D Bureaucracy 7D Astrogation 5D+2
Dodge 5D Planetary Systems 6D Starship Piloting 5D
Sith Lore 4D+1 Starship Gunnery 5D
Bargain 4D Stamina 3D+2 Security 4D
Command 7D Computers 3D+1
Search 4D+1  

Capsule: Kobol was a lieutenant when he was first assigned to Korriban.  He was a junior officer part of a detachment sent down to Korriban to escort a research team.  At the time he thought the job was a waste of Imperial resources, until the third day of the expedition.  On the third day several of the 'experts' disappeared.  Shortly after the Imperial platoon was under attack by forces unknown.  Creatures that refused to die from even heavy blaster fire, and more.  Several officers almost seemed to become possessed.  Over half the platoon were wiped out with Kobol himself suffering serious injury.  When Kobol attainted the rank of Captain he requested to be posted to Kobol patrol.  This was a position the Imperial command were happy to grant the request.  Most officers would find such duty tedious, but Kobol had to return.  Kobol had to make sure that no one went to the planet Korriban.  Knowing the torments and monsters that await even the the most prepared traveler Captain Kobol knows it is his duty to stop them.  

Captain Kobol is a strict man who still suffers nightmares from his ordeal on Korriban those many years ago.  While he may often be perceived as your regular Imperial officer Captain Kobol has a great fear of what he sees as the supernatural.



The Valley of the Dead

For millennia the Sith were buried in elaborate mausoleums in the Valley of the dead.  These giant tombs are carved into the canyon walls and protected with powerful ancient magics.  Ancient Sith Spirits haunt the Valley of the Dead and Dark Side cults still worship their long dead masters.


Cult of the Devoted

Kiela (with orange cowl) is the High Priest of the Devoted, a Dark Side cult worshipping the ancient Sith Spirits.  Though the numbers in his cult are low the Sith spirits that haunt korriban tolerate their presence.  The same cannot be said for some of the monsters that roam the dark recesses of the planet.  The Cult of the Devoted must keep a constant vigil for the dark entities that would do more than rip apart their bodies, but tear into their very soul.  Kiela is a devoted man who sticks ridgedly to the rituals of the order.  His number one cleric is Stigmarten (in the green cloak).  Stigmarten is hungry for power.  He is not interested in leading the cult, but seeks to unlock the remaining tombs and learn their dark secrets.

Era:  +1 years after the Battle of Yavin


Agents of the Emperor, though not Imperials in general, automatically gain +1 Sympathy to the Cult of the Devoted.  Gaining Sympathy from the Cult usually requires some kind of service or sacrifice.

Joining the Cult of the Devoted

Visiting the planet Korriban is forbidden under Imperial Law and it's location deleted from most star charts.  Therefore there are very few candidates to join the Cult.  Those few that do get the option of joining the Cult must undergo a series of tests of loyalty and devotion to the Sith and the Dark Side.

Leaving the Cult of the Devoted

Very few get the chance to leave the cult.  Leaving the planet is all but impossible.  Though the cult may not actively hunt down those who leave them, the Sith Spirits who they worship may well do.  All Sympathy is lost to those that leave the cult.



The Tomb of Lord Bloodaxe

The records of the Sith Lord Bloodaxe are contradictory.  Some say he lived 4000 years ago, other say he lived 10,000 years ago.  Either way he was an immensely powerful and evil man, though not considered one the the major Sith Lords.  If his statues can be believed he was a tall well built human.  Lord Bloodaxe terrorised the galaxy before being hunted down and finally defeated by the Jedi.  His spirit rests in a smaller tomb in the Valley of the Dead that had yet to be disturbed until The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious, sent his apprentice Darth Maul to retrieve the ancient artifacts from the tomb.  To the anger of the Dark Lord, Darth Maul was unable to retrieve the relics.  It would appear that Lord Bloodaxe's ancient sorcery was powerful indeed.  Only a blood descendant can break the protection of the tomb.

The spirit of Lord Bloodaxe does not haunt the tomb for he was utterly destroyed by the Jedi.  However, his tomb is not undefended.  Many traps await unwary explorers, and zombies raised through Sith Sorcery still roam the tomb.  If anyone were to break into the Inner Sanctum they will find the resting place of Lord Bloodaxe surrounded by a small moat of blood with three powerful relics atop his sarcophagus .  There is a Sphere of Darkness surrounding the sarcophagus that can only be passed by a pure-blood Bloodaxe.


The Relics

The Blood Axe

This is the weapon of Lord Bloodaxe.  Lord Bloodaxe would be seen slewing through his enemies swinging the Blood Axe high.  The Blood Axe was forged with ancient magic in a forge mixed with the blood of 100 Jedi.  In the final incantation Lord Bloodaxe spilt his own blood sealing the Blood Axe with a fate that would only allow a pure blood Bloodaxe wield the weapon.

Skill to use Melee: Axe
Cost if available on Blackmarket price would be in the region of 750,000 cr.
Type slashing Melee
D20 Group Melee Weapons
D20 damage 4D8 + Force Point loss (see below)
D6 damage Str + 4D + Force Point loss (see below)
Availability 4, X (Unique)
Game Notes The Bloodaxe is a medium sized axe that can be swung single-handed.  It's high damage comes more from the Sith Runes than the actual design of the weapon.

If a target is hit, and takes damage, from the Bloodaxe they lose 1 Force Point.  A target can only lose 1 Force Point per combat round and there is no other loss once their Force Points are reduced to zero. 

GM Notes The Bloodaxe should be in the Tomb of Bloodaxe on Korriban, however it is not.  It's whereabouts are unknown.

The Blood Axe can only be wielded by a pure-blood Bloodaxe.  Anyone other than a Bloodaxe who picks up the Blood Axe receives 10D damage.


The Blood Ruby

A simple but effective Sith talisman.  Not worn by Lord Bloodaxe, rather it would have been worn by his most prized henchman or even servile creature.  The Talisman makes it's wearer invisible to the force.  They cannot be sensed or harmed by the force in any way.

The 50mm Blood Ruby is clasped in the center of a silver disc 110mm in diameter carved with Sith runes.

Skill to use None
Cost if available on Blackmarket price would be in the region of 750,000 cr.
Type Sith Talisman
Availability 4, X (Unique)
Game Notes While wearing the Blood Ruby the wearer cannot use Force Skills or spend Force or Character Points.  The wearer is immune to all force attacks.  

D6 notes: If hit by a Lightsabre by a Jedi using Lightsabre Combat the wear only receives the regular 5D damage.

D20 Notes: Jedi lose their increased Lightsabre damage against the wearer of the Blood Ruby.

GM Notes The Blood Ruby is almost indestructible.  It can be destroyed if the ruby is struck hard by a Sith Sword.


The Gauntlet of Bloodaxe

This is the most powerful and painfully destructive artifact that Lord Bloodaxe ever constructed and wielded in combat.  The Gauntlet gives it's wear the ability to use advance telekinesis against a victims blood.  By will alone the wearer of the Gauntlet can command their opponents blood to boil or burst through their skin.  Either way killing them in the most evil and painful manner.

Skill to use Alter
Cost if available on Blackmarket price would be in the region of 3 million cr.
Type Force Weapon
D20 damage Treat as Force Grip (see below)
D6 damage Treat as Telekinetic Kill (see below)
Availability 4, X (Unique)
Game Notes The Gauntlet of Bloodaxe gives a bonus onto the Alter skill, or even grants non-force users the ability.

D6:  Gives Alter +5D.  When used for Telekinetic Kill only roll Alter vs. targets Perception (Not Control).  Non-Force users are treated as if they have Alter 5D.

D20: Gives Force Grip +10 bonus.  When using Force Grip with the Gauntlet the wielder takes no Vitality loss.  Non-Force users are treated as if they have a Force Grip +10 ranks (+skill modifier).

GM Notes The Gauntlet of Bloodaxe can only be worn by a pure-blood Bloodaxe.  Anyone else putting on the gauntlet receives 10D damage per round until it is removed.  The Gauntlet is indestructible.



Other locations of Interest on Korriban

Monument to Darth Ravage

This is an interesting monument in the fact that it still stands.  Darth Ravage was a powerful Sith Master that survived the Battle of Ruusan.  Darth Ravage led a break-away Sith Order not subscribing to Darth Bane's Rule of Two.  Despite being classed as a renegade it is a testament to his powers that his monument has been allowed to stay.  Even Darth Sidious chosen to let the monument stand.  The monument itself is an odd twisted form and not a figure of the Sith Master.  It's is crafted from enchanted black marble carved with runes of unknown meaning.

GM Note: The Spirit of Darth Ravage, if it still exists, is not on Korriban.


The Tomb of Sinister

Lord Sinister was always in the shadow of Dark Lord of the Sith Viscera.  He took his time, honed his powers and let the Dark Lord take all the risks.  Eventually Viscera met his death at the hands of the Jedi and Lord Sinister was able to take his rightful place as Dark Lord of the Sith.  Lord Sinister's reign as the Dark Lord was short lived, and Lord sinister has held onto that rage into the afterlife.  Any who dare enter the Tomb of Sinister will be easy pickings to the Dark Lord.

Treat Dark Lord Sinister as a Sith Spirit.

See Dark Side Sourcebook for stats: Force Adept 2, Soldier 3, Sith Warrior 3, Sith Lord 4.


The Staff of Vile

This item is more a curse than anything else and could be found nearly anywhere on Korriban.  The Staff of Vile is not very impressive.  It is a one meter apparently wooden staff encrust with silver trim, with a bust of the Sith Warrior Vicious Vile on one end.  The staff is triggered if picked up.  The bust becomes animated and will talk incessantly, often with lewd and disparaging remarks about the persons sexuality.  This staff is imbued with some of the life essence of Vicious Vile, a Sith Warrior renown for his vulgar language and non-stop talking.  No matter what the character does they will not be able to rid themselves of the staff.  The staff an levitate and move of it's own accord, and has unlimited teleport powers (itself only) so cannot be buried.  Nor can the staff be harmed in any way.

Effects D20

1st check - After a Day the character that triggered the staff must make a Will save DC 10.  Failing the roll means the character suffers a temporary -1 to all Wisdom checks.

2nd & 3rd checks - After 1D6 days the character must make another Will save DC 15.  Failing the roll and the character takes -1 permanent Wisdom damage.  Due to the non-stop talking keeping the character awake they must also make a Fort save DC20 or suffer temporary -2 to all Attributes

4th check - After a further 1D6 days the character must make a final Will save DC20.  If the roll is failed the character goes mad suffering from dementia.  The character takes another permanent -1 Wisdom and gain the Insanity Feat

Insanity Feat

Did you see that film last night with thingy in?.  You know, he used to play what's it in thingy-bob?  Did I tell you about Albert?  He's my pet blue invisible flying aardvark who likes to eat cheese.

Prerequisites:  Character must have sustained some kind of mental trauma.

Benefits:  Gain +4 bonus to Bluff: confusion.  This allows you to bluff people (though this isn't done consciously) by talking a load of rubbish.  Suffer -4 to all Diplomacy checks because people just think you're mad.


Effects D6

1st check - After a Day the character that triggered the staff must make a Willpower roll Difficulty:10. Failing the roll means the character suffers a temporary -1pip to all Perception skill checks.

2nd & 3rd checks - After 1D6 days the character must make another save, Willpower roll Difficulty:15.  Failing the roll and the character takes -1pip permanent Perception damage (applied to Attribute and all skills).  Due to the non-stop talking keeping the character awake they must also make a Stamina check Difficulty:20 or suffer temporary -1D to all Attributes

4th check - After a further 1D6 days the character must make a final Willpower roll, Difficulty:20.  If the roll is failed the character goes mad suffering from dementia.  The character takes another permanent -1pip Perception damage.  They character goes mad.  They gain +2D onto Con (Confusion) rolls, and suffer -2D on Bargain & Command.