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Planet Log: Aqua Sphere



Planet Aqua-Sphere
Type Terrestrial
Terrain Ocean
Temperature Temperate
Hydosphere Saturated
Atmosphere Type I (breathable)
Gravity Standard
Length of Day 24 hours
Length of Year 350 days
Sapient Species Aquatta
Planet Function Homeworld
Tech Level Special
Population 2 million
Spaceport None
Government Tribal
Major Exports None
Major Imports None
System Unknown
Star Unknown



The Aqua-Sphere is located in an unknown far off galaxy but is accessible via a Stargate.  

The entire planet is a made of water.  There is no planet core, no ocean bed.  The gravity near the core is great, the waters dark.  

Although there are no islands on the Aqua-Sphere there are many coral reefs, some large enough for visitors to mistake them as islands.  The Stargate is (was) located in such an island.

The number of satellites orbiting the Aqua-Sphere varies.  Each of these satellites are also made entirely from water.  Occasionally the satellites will collide and join, or break up into smaller salellites.


The Healing Cave

The coral on the Aqua-Sphere has special healing properties, especially in large quantities.  The healing cave is a large coral island and the location of the Stargate.  Wounded or ill Aquatta need only spend a day in the cave to return to full health.  Other wounded or ill races spending time in the cave may also benefit.  The health of characters spending time in the cave will not worsen due to Natural Healing rolls, additionally characters get +1 onto their Natural Healing roll.


Rebel Stargate mission to the Aqua-Shpere

It was discovered that the Terror Corporation from the Corporate Sector are also running a Stargate team, although with more profitable, and possibly sinister, intentions.  Terror Corp. were trying to capture Aquatta technology.  The floating platform base used by Terror Corp. was expending waste chemicals into the oceans that were poisonous to the Aquatta.  When the Rebels turned up they decided to help the Aquatta and end Terror corps. operations on the Aqua-Sphere.  The mining platform was captured after Rebel reinforcements led by Major Lexon Lexgar arrived.  Unfortunately the Healing Cave was destroyed by Terror when trying to capture some of the Rebels.  The Stargate fortunately survived.


The Dark Sphere

While visiting the Aqua-Sphere the Rebels heard rumours of the existence of a sister world, the Dark Sphere.  It is said that the Dark Sphere is a place of evil, it's oceans black, and thick as oil.  The Aquatta say that all records of the Dark Sphere have bee destroyed, though they still live in fear that their evil brethren may one day return.






The Aquatta

Dexterity 2D 4D
Knowledge 1D+2 4D
Mechanical 2D 4D
Perception 2D 4D
Strength 1D+1 4D+2
Technical 1D 3D+1

Force skills: Control 1D, Sense 1D, Alter 1D 

These are NEVER any higher without training from a Jedi Master.  These skills are subconscious and most Aquatta do not realise they have these abilities.

Aquatta, the Aqua-Sphere and the Force

The Aquatta are a symbiotic race with their planet and the force.  They can feel changes in the Oceans of the Aqua-Sphere from hundreds of miles away, just as a Jedi senses ripples in the force.  The Aquatta also exist as an extension of the force, and as such are governed by its 'rules'.  The Aquatta are a peaceful race for they fear that they may become like the beings of their sister world, the Dark Sphere.

Physically the Aquatta in their natural state appear as nothing but water except to the most sensitive scanners.  If they wish they may form into humanoid shape of equal mass in order to better communicate with other races.

The Aquatta exist in tribes spread across the oceans.  Leaders are elected slightly differently in each tribe, although the most tribes have a kind of democracy where their leader is voted in.  


Dark Side Aquatta

As long as the balance remains in favour of the Light side, a Dark Side Aquatta can not exist.  As soon as an Aquatta receives a Dark Side Point they revert to their natural state and are treated as Mortally Wounded, dying within several rounds.


Aquatta Technology

Until recently the Aquatta have had little need of weapons and technology.  Terror Corp were not the first invaders to their world though, so the Aquatta have had to learn to defend themselves.

Aquatta Staff

Skill: Melee

Damage: Str +1D+2 (under water Str +2D+2)


Vehicle Mounted Plasma Cannon

Scale: Character

Skill: Heavy Weapons

Damage: 5D (under water 6D)


Aquatta Sub-marine

Type Aquatta Sub-Marine
Scale Walker
Crew 30
Passengers 80

Plasma Cannon

Fire Control: 3D

Damage: 5D (6D in water)

The Aquatta Sub-marine is a large vessel designed for transporting whole tribes of Aquatta.  With recent invasions by people such as the Terror Corporation the Aquatta have armed these vessels.