Update 05/12/2017

Update to Heroclix fan page

  Guide to Heroclix rarity


Update 24/11/2017

While waiting for the latest Harley Quinn Heroclix I thought I'd take the war to the X-Men

March of the Sentinels!

Update 28/10/2017

October Gaming - Shadowrun Crossfire, Star Trek Ascendancy, Ticket to Ride (with Pumpkin trains) and The Mighty Thor Heroclix


Update 23/09/2017

HEROCLIX - The Mighty Thor


Update 16/09/2017


Dealpool's Merc Jet prize

Green Arrow, Bat-Knight, Batman, Ace the Bat Hound & Court of Owls Apprentice

Update 26/08/2017

Played my first games of Doctor Who Exterminate!
Daleks vs Cybermen - great fun.


The big announcement from FFG this week was Star Wars Legion, a new 28mm wargame due early next year.


And DC Heroclix - Elseworlds finally hit the store in the UK.

I got lucky and pulled Green Arrow (from The Knight Returns) Chase figure


Update 11/08/2017
While waiting for the UK release of Heroclix: Elseworlds I went silly with Oni Hulk

Update 29/07/2017

Warhammer 40K - 8th Edition
Astra Militarum & Tyranids vs Deathwatch & Eldar

Update 27/07/2017

Tyranid Genestealers spotted approaching the Starglass Sector

Update 15/07/2017

Very lucky with Heroclix@ What If?  Two booster sealed, pulled
Cosmic Spider-Man and Goblin King!

Update 02/07/2017

Played my first game of Warhammer 40K 8th Edition.  So great to play 40K again,
seeing my Orks rampaging across the battlefield.   I didn't get to use my new Morkanaut
but it's standing by ready.

Also picked up some more Heroclix: What If?

Update 28/06/2017

Preparing for first 40K 8th Ed. game

Update 12/06/2017

Heroclix What If? set released

Heroclix Convention Exclusives


TMNT: Rocksteady & Bebop


Update 12/06/2017

Board Game reviews updated

Update 25/05/2017

Doctor Who: Exterminate!  Cybermen

Using Microverse Daleks


Update 14/05/2017

Heroclix - Defender/Avenger War Pre-Release

And I won TMNT Pizza Face prize figure

And for the role-players, look out for the new Paranoia RPG


Update 09/05/2017

Heroclix - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 set released (sorry, no pictures yet)

No real gaming news as of late, so here's me in the actual TARDIS at BBC Wales


Only just got hold of Fin Fang Foom Heroclix, but it's awesome.



Recent gaming - Heroclix, Eclipse & Star Wars Armada



Gaming, gaming and gaming


Thunderbirds Board Game


    Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu @ Stourbridge Wargamers


Steampunk Rally
A great game.  And I've gone two for two, so I'm obviously biased.

Firefly - Love the series, love the game


Black Fleet - great pirate fun


Star Wars X-Wing - The Lambda Class Shuttle is quickly becoming one of my favourite ships

Yes, this is me in the TARDIS